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In a lot of my dreams I dream of dead relatives being alive in my dreams.  What does this mean.  Has any one else had these kind of dreams.

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I have!


I lost 2 of my cousins last year, and one year after my female cousin died.... I had a dream of her.

She was bathed in beautiful white light, and I told her how beautiful she looked. THEN I remembered, "Oh no, she's dead!!!!" that's when I felt extreme panic for some reason. She reached to hug me, and I backed away scared.


She just laughed and said "oh dont be like that.. scared.. dont be scared of this"

Then I woke up crying..


I havent seen her again since then sadly, and I wish I had hugged her. =(




I dont know what they mean, but that was HER completely. I know that she was here, or I was there, whichever.. it was a very real visit.

I always do. They are like guardian angels. They visit in our dreams to say "hi" or to give you a message.
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I've always heard "When you dream of the dead you hear from the living"
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I've had dreams where relatives who had passed on appeared.  What would be significant to me, in terms of dream interpretation, was whether I realized they were dead when they appeared in the dream or only after waking.  If, in the dream, I see a dead relative and I am aware, in the dream itself, that they are dead, that would have a different significance than if it seemed normal that they were there and I did not have awareness that, in the waking world, they were gone.


For me, and each person's dreamscape is different, knowing a dead relative was appearing would mean I might be working something out with a projection of the person from my own mind.  If I do not know, in the dream, that I'm interacting with someone who is gone, the dream takes on a more of a medicine dream meaing for me personally.  The dream where it feels natural to interact with someone who has passed on is more spiritually significant in my own, personal dreamscape and is often a signal that the essence that was that person is reaching out, etherically, to help me in some way.

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I have these dreams all the time. Sometimes of people who I have not personally met. I always realize at some point that I am talking to a dead person and once that happens I look at them and cry and and can no longer talk to them. I constantly dream about my deceased grandparents and other deceased people. I did not know this was not normal.
Yeah im the same i did not think it was normal till I received so many replies from others who had the same dreams.  This made me feel much better that it was ok to have these dreams

I believe that our loved ones on the other side are very near, meaning the veil between the two worlds is very thin, and if you are going through something that is causing you stress or concern, they may try to offer their Love and support, when they feel they are needed.  You may be experiencing this by seeing them as "alive" and well.  It may benefit you if you would write down anything you remember in these dreams, as they may be sending you a message.


There is never anything to fear when they contact you.  They are all merged back to Source.....to Love, and everything they send to us is filled with Love.


Enjoy the moment!  And "re-member"!  :O)

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