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So, we all know where Esther and Jerry Hicks fit into the Law of Attraction. But, what about Eckhart Tolle's work? How does that work into the Law of Attraction? Is that to help quiet the garble in minds that are constantly thinking too often, and too much?

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I love it when Tolle says, you are not your thoughts, experiences, and emotions. Although thoughts are a useful tool, but you are much deeper than any thought can capture. He says to be in the Now, because it is primary and then it is easier to deal with the secondary. Obviously I am paraphrasing, but I think what he is saying is that when there is a time to meditate and visualize do that, but other times by staying present helps not to obsessed and get wrapped up in identifying yourself with what you want to attract (which is secondary). The primary is that you are much grander then any thought or object.

This is just what I think he means, just my perception.
Hello Rhonda,

Not sure I understand your question. No, I'm not being obtuse, just looking for clarity. You see, in my view, everything is of the Law of Attraction. There is no separation. Did you bring Tolle's words and ideas into your life? Obviously you did or you would not be asking about them. That means you manifested them. You may not realize in the moment that that is what you were doing, but we receive nothing in our lives but that we manifested it on some level. The idea behind all of the LOA teaching is to get you to a place where you know you are doing it consciously, so that you make better feeling choices, and therefore create better manifestations for yourself. =)

Deep Peace,

Ross - Tolemac
I do read Tolle, I'm familiar with his words.. He changed my life, but so did Abraham. I was trying to put into perspective where the stillness of the mind fits into the Law of Attraction. After I read A New EArth a few years ago, my mind stopped being full of thoughts, and it cleared. It was purged of all my worries, doubts and thoughts. So then I noticed things began to happen,and I was wondering if that's when the Law of attraction began to work for me, but I didn't know that's what it was.

Not sure if u r still on here Rhonda but wanted to remark on your post. I  was searching a similiar question. I too REad a new earth and started putting his ideals into my everyday life and my life changed, then i stopped practicing it and all hell broke loose, OK and my life has been upside down, and now i am back to practicing his ways, and I feel much better. and things are more peaceful, but i had for a while practiced nothing, then was in search of help and started with the LOA and so i was searching trying to find out of there was a connection between the two phylosophies, IDK the seam totally opposite to me........

Hi Ronda,

LOA is working all the time and unfortunately for most people because our minds are full of negative interpretations and judgements we are also attracting more of that all the time. Where Eckarts work comes in to play is that once we learn to still our minds we can start to rid ourselves of the chatter and the pain body that keep on and on manifesting things we dont want. NOw with the mind stilled and the thoughts clear ....we can choose what we want, and we lproject more peace, calm and loving energies ...so our manifestations are clearer, more loving, more enjoyable and more precise.

So I think they fit in beautifully.

Love and light Gen
PRECISELY GEN!! I love Eckhart and declare myself his biggest and best fan. (That was my EGO speaking LOL!!!0
In Abraham-Hicks, "Ask an It Is Given," a process is mentioned, "Meditation." Like others, and you, have said here, it's all about clearing the mind. I think, for me, this is clearing out everything but the now.

One is more focused on "attracting" things, and Eckhart is more "spiritual enlightenment".... "Law of Attraction" is a concept from spirituality also that has evolved over the years to a more mainstream notion that people have more control over their life than previously understood.


Eckhart talks a bit about it in this video.... But generally speaking, he doesn't believe in "LoA".


Eckhart Tolle help refine LOA...

His teaching is far more larger then LOA. LOA is just a small fragment in his teaching.

Which part? Here it is.

“Life is the dancer and you are the dance.”

The rest of his teaching is about being a better you.

When you are a better person or a better dance then no doubt life will dance to it accordingly.

Peace be with you.


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