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i used to do a lot of law of attraction abraham hicks and the secret. but as i went through the journey, i've learned and learned that in order to manifest easily instead of trying so hard to feel good so that your manifestations occur, you must embrace resistances in order to feel neutral about your manifestations. when you feel neutral and ordinary about your manifestations, then they come about.

but law of attraction using excitement and enthusiasm does work but it takes a lot of energy since you are repressing resistances. but law of attraction seem to work easily when you allow resistances into your consciousness and they will disappear eventually depending on how powerful the energy it has on you.

anyway, as i feel spiritually "awakened" or "enlightened", i just feel that i was forced into it. it was never my goal to be awakened. but here i am, suffering but cannot avoid it. the more avoid it, i know it's just going to haunt me. i'm in a transition place right now where i see that my life is unfair that i have to go through this while my family and people i know don't have to. 

i feel like the people i've had in my life no longer feels connected to me. i feel so alone...

anyway, are you enlightened? what was it like and what happened in your life afterwards?

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Exactly. =)

If you also believe that enlightenment is EASY, you will be able to achieve far more, than by buying into the misguided belief that it's painful.

I'm throwing in my two cents, which translates to my personal experience:

I found myself recently in a perception that some may call enlightment, but I prefer to recall "remembering", yest the purpose is the same.

What I can say is: yes, sometimes i felt like an island. I would speak my mind and people would call me deluded, because I showed hope and excitement instead of fear. 

But what I found is that when I felt REALLY in touch with my Higher existence, or enlightened, as you prefer to call it, I no longer felt like an island. What I knew mattered very little, I just wanted to love, and be.

So my personal experience tells me that what makes me feel different is my ego. We are not getting new knowledge in our spiritual path, we are remembering it. And some people do remember without budhism, or LOA. They just do. Talking about the unique merits of a practice and setting us apart from each other is as fruitless as discussing which religion is best. In the end of the day, ALL is God.

So, I guess feeling like an island or feeling suffering has nothing to do with enlightment. It is our reaction to it, maybe because feelings of unworthiness arise, and deep down we believe we need to be martyrs to deserve it. Seeing God is seeing love, plain and simple.And we are not special because we see Him. We just payed attention. In my personal experience, that is.

May you find peace and love.

I so identify with your experiences. I'm a person who at times just freaks out internally over contrast. I feel i get retarded manifestations like baked cookies I tried to order with missing ingredients that are required or extras that are completely unacceptable. I get 1 or 2 or maybe 3 of the whole picture, but somehow SOOOOO much contrast comes with it, icky old vibbing stuff, stuff I pushed against and gave attention to in the past cause it was so YUCKY...Maybe We should have a "How not to attract stuff we tend to feel totally YUCKY over again, over and over, how do we soften it complete and let it go forever?" thread.

Helpful thread, just what i needed!

"..law of attraction using excitement and enthusiasm does work but it takes a lot of energy"  not at all. Don't u notice that when you just once decided you want something and then do not dwell or obsess..it comes just like that! I really always recommend people check out Abraham's material.

i think Lorelei is just saying that if you are totally natural with your feelings (so if you don't force things with positivity) manifestations will naturally and effortlessly come. If you try to push something a bit, that's resistence. Excitement and enthusiasm are really amazing when they are natural, not when you feel them IN ORDER TO manifest something.

L'immagine può contenere: pianta, testo e natura

How does spiritual awakening happen - Abraham, love this helpful one:


Very helpful video by Russell Brand about letting sadness go:



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