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Ex in new relationship while trying to manifest him back...is there hope?

My ex of about 2 yrs and I broke up 8 months ago. I was devastated and tried so hard to convince him we can make it work but he had his mind made up. The more I tried the more I pushed him away. I stopped trying for a few months but in Feb we spoke and decided to go see a show together. I was so excited to see him. We had a great time and didn't bring up anything about the break up but as the nite ended we ended up kissing then I ended up at his place and we got intimate. It was amazing but at the same time I knew it was a bad idea. Same thing happened twice more the following 2-3 wks but I felt like had become nothing but a booty call. He lost all respect for me as I lost all respect for myself because I was so desperately trying to hold on and get him back in anyway and I know this was a huge turn off. The last time I saw him he practically was kicking me out of his house and it made me feel like shit for sleeping over. I apologized for not leaving when he asked me to wake up but I was just too sleepy to wake up. He said we were cool but cut down on talking to me so I left him alone that week and stopped trying to reach out or make plans with him.

By the end of the week he messaged me. I asked him to spend the day together and he said maybe no promises. Basically leaving me as a back up plan in case nothing better comes up. Later in the day he says I can't see u today let's do it tomorrow. Here is where I made a decision that I needed to stop doing this to myself and regain some control. So I replied 'ok' and then decided to block him so I won't have the urge to contact him anymore and continue being the one who's trying to initiate contact or make plans just so he can get sex from his end while I continue breaking my own heart by allowing this.

I thought he would at least call or try to reach out somehow and he didn't even bother! This hurt me even more! He's started talking to some new girl who doesn't even live in the same country whom he added on fb two wks after we broke up! He's talking to her all the time and I guess this made it easy for him to forget about me because there is someone new. I'm so hurt.

I started watching countless videos on YouTube about the LoA and manifesting and visualizing and writing and reading numerous blogs about getting your ex back and even listening to affirmations and subliminal frequencies to get him back and trying to believe in the end result that we will be together bc I feel we never had a closure and I feel in my heart that we are not over. But at the same time I can't help but think he hates me, he no longer has feelings for me, no longer loves me, he thinks so low of me after what I did and my acts of desperation, he found someone better, he's never going to come back to me. I try to ignore the negative thoughts and think positive but can't help but think this is realistically what's happening and I wish I can just accept it and forget about him and move in but having so much trouble.

I'm living a fantasy world when I lie to myself and say there's hope, he's gonna come back, acting as if we are still together as some posts suggest and faking it til I make it, wasting my time day and nite reading these blogs and listening to these affirmations while he's moving on with someone else and completely forgot about me.

At some point I felt that all that I'm sending out to the universe, how can this even work if I have him blocked? Although there are countless other ways he could have reached out to me if he wanted to but he simply didn't care to. He was probably thinking finally she got the point and left me alone. I'll miss the sex though but she needs to move on so I'm gonna let her move on.

So I decided to unlock him after two months but did it on a day his favorite team was playing the championship match so I took a cute picture w a big smile supporting his team and sent it to him saying all the hype for tonite's match got me thinking of you, I'll bet you're super excited. Hope all is well and good luck to them. He only replied with a 'thanks' and hasn't said anything else since than. I kept him unblocked of course to show him that the lines of communication are open and I'm happy. But he's been to busy talking to this new girl to even think of asking me how I'm doing and today he flew out to go see her. I'm devastated. I was a bit at ease thinking he's just wasting time w this virtual long distance relationship but the fact that he flew out to go see her mean he's really into her and things are getting serious. It hurts so bad and I don't know what to do. I can't get him out of my head and I just want us to be together again.

Do you think there's hope? Please be honest with me. Or should I just give up and force myself to settle for anyone else just to forget him and move on? I've tried to meet and date others but have no interest in anyone I've met and still want him and no one else :( I love him so much and miss him so much. What should I do?

Sorry so long, I hope to get some helpful replies..

Thank you.

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there is no hope, there is sureness! as long as you visualize what you want & mantain your balance by feeling good you will achieve all your dreams.

blessings darling***

L'immagine può contenere: sMS

L'immagine può contenere: sMS

Thank you for your reply. I know you're right and I know that's what I should be doing but I can't help but feeling down, depressed, sad, and miserable. Having so much trouble trying to snap out of it!

“Do you think there's hope? Please be honest with me. Or should I just give up and force myself to settle for anyone else just to forget him and move on?”

Or you could take the third option: Focus on soothing yourself and think thoughts that help you feel better.

This whole post was about how someone else was making you feel. When your emotions are created from the thoughts you think about them. So when you think different thoughts, you will help yourself feel better.

This isn’t about your relationship with someone else, this is about your relationship with yourself.

You're right. But if I can get back the relationship with that someone else I wouldn't be feeling like this and that's what the initial intention of this post was supposed to be. I want to manifest him back but now that there's a new girl in the picture I'm kinda losing hope. Do you think I can still manifest him back somehow or have I lost him for good?

“But if I can get back the relationship with that someone else I wouldn't be feeling like this . . .”

That’s true, and also conditional. When you base your emotions on the conditions and others, then your emotions will forever be in a state of flux, going up and down, up and down, up and down depending on what’s happening. So you will be offering resistance to what you want and then slow everything down and keep yourself away from what you want because you need conditions to be different so you can feel better. But what you’re learning is how to focus your thoughts so you can feel better with yourself and your life right now. Then you allow yourself to have the relationship you want and free your partner from how you feel and no longer need them to be any particular way so that you can feel good, because you have shown yourself you can feel good unconditionally. Then your partner will appreciate the complete freedom you allow them because they are off the hook for how you feel. And that’s what everyone wants.

Yes it is possible, but only through feeling better regardless if you get back together. If you don’t need to get back together, you allow the greatest possibility for you or someone who is a match to what you want to get back together.

Brilliantly said Brian!

Honestly, I can understand why he's moved on, your so desperate, dependent and in need of his attention that you can't even maintain you're own sense of self. Attraction wise, you don't attract what you WANT you attract what you ARE, and its clear that you don't think highly of yourself. I don't mean to sound cruel but too many people walk around wanting their ex feeling like crap while failing to truly understand LOA. It's not just thinking positive and hoping that the ex will magically come back, it's about your relationship with yourself and how good you can be to yourself.

And you can feel better without the ex, your happiness isn't dependent on the ex even though you're making it so. Is there hope? Of course, but its all about you and how you feel about yourself than anything else, but right now you're your own worst enemy. Also, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS, looking at what he is doing is only making you feel worst which is not helping the cause. Loa is about feeling better not worst.

Good luck!

Much love,


You're absolutely correct about everything you've said. Thank you for your honesty. I need to stop this and focus on myself.

You're welcome, you deserve your own love and attention that you can only give yourself. Have self compassion, love and patience, that is what made my own journey easier. Its not always easy but it's not impossible. *hugs* 

Much love,



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