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Does anyone or know anyone who has used the L.O.A of to become famous?

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I will start the ball rolling then
Jim Carey is one
I hazily remember Fearne Cotton in the UK talking very positively & she's a bit of a (minor) celeb now.
I will see who else I can find.
Penelope Cruz:

CAPTAIN CORELLI'S MANDOLIN (2001) actress Penélope CRUZ knew from the age of five she was destined for movie stardom, according to her ex- ballet teacher.

Proud ANGELA GARRIDO remembers the Spanish beauty standing at the front of the her ballet class in a little white tutu declaring, "I am going to be a star." But her parents had to dig deep in their pockets to finance her three dance classes a week.

Garrido adds "It was blatantly obvious that she had a gift, something special. And her ambition was offset by a very sweet personality. She was almost timid, but when she walked into my studio her eyes would light up. She came alive when she was performing." (RM/WNSMI/RP)"


50 cent
50 Cent has said that he always knew he would grow up to be rich and famous.

The Get Rich or Die Tryin' star runs a successful business alongside acting in movies and forging a prosperous music career.

"I expected myself to be successful," Angry Ape quotes the rapper as saying. "Not this successful as fast, but I'm working, I'm ambitious and I'll always create new goals and challenge myself to accomplish them."

50 Cent went on to affirm that no matter what their background is, people should never let anything stand in the way of their ambitions.

"There are no excuses, if you allow yourself to let not winning be an option then you won't win," he added. "I spent a long period of time with nothing around to support my ideas but me."

And Snooki's saying ne same but not THAT famous YET.

Well I follow some celebs on twitter, most of them always tweet about how grateful they are, that my friend, is the loa in action. I'm not surprised at all that they just become more famous.

Yes.... I am famous.

I am known for my witty and profound commentary on the discontinuities and contrast of life, and my expressive humorous rants.


Again, "LoA" is "universal" and "used" for everything, as it is the organizing law of nature and the Universe itself. It is just that most people are not conscious of "LoA"....


So, the answer is, everybody "used" "LoA" to get famous... or to not be famous....


But to deliberately manifest fame? Well, that is just moi.  ;-)


hmm.. everybody is famous!! anyway.. yes.. oprah winfrey :D

Will Smith and Oprah come immediately to mind.

Yeah, Will's interviews on the subject are great.

Living life loving

Here is the specific link where Oprah talks about her experiences with LOA  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMrIBceXGXY

I'd like to be famous just to be able to meet famous people I like LOL, go to VIP stuff etc.. mm would be fun! although I'm not start struck at all but I do have a few good famous people I'd like to know privately.

 Sanaz Orouji,


do you want to know about people who have become famous using the L O A ?

Jim Carey is probably the best-known one and is a pretty accomplished manifester. He told a story on the Graham Norton Show about how he visualised getting a plum role in a film, and also quite literally the pay cheque he was going to receive.  He did this consistently every day for a few months, and then landed the role of Ace Ventura Pet Detective (think it was that film). I'm sure there are plenty of other examples, but that is the one which sticks out for me. The common thread through all successful famous people, is the belief that THEY ARE GIFTED AND SPECIAL (or words to that extent) and then the Universe guides them, by synchronicity, to the right people, places and opportunities. It's like a wave of energy which they send out in advance.


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