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Is it true that resistance is actually fear of change? As if fear is trying to 'protect' you by blocking the changes which will benefit you (but you don't believe that they will).

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Resistance and/or fear only mean one thing...at that moment that you are feeling those negative emotions, you are focusing in a direction that your "true" or "higher' self would never focus upon.  Therefore, the negative feeling you feel is a "pinching off" of you from your "higher" or "true" self and what they know to be.  Your higher self knows what you want and how to get there the fastest.  All you have to do is tune in to your natural emotional "guidance system" and follow what feels good : )

Aaron, I like the " pinching off" description. The bigger the pinch the greater the pain.. OUCH! We pinch ourselves through doubt,guilt, shame ect.. we allow others to pinch through ridicule and condemnation. ALL lies.. every last one.

Yes. In context.


The forms of fear: guilt, doubt, worry, anxiety....


You could say, "I doubt I will win the lottery."... or you could say, "I fear I cannot win the lottery.", as silly as it sounds, because you may "fear" that you are wasting your $1 for the lottery ticket, because you see your $1 as a LIMITED supply that you don't want to waste on lottery tickets.


CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT... so "the only thing there is, is change." The question is whether one can "accept" it, flow with it, embrace it, love it, appreciate it... or RESIST.



Thank you Fred. And if you fear change in this way, then the resistance you have around it will block the good stuff which the Universe is sending your way.

Like anything else really. If you fear love, due to fear of getting hurt, for example, you will block many potentially good relationships coming your way.

Fear = resistance
Believing you are safe = acceptance = lack of fear, doubt, worry etc = allowing good stuff to come to you.

Desires only manifest when there are no fears present.

That doesn't mean that all fear is bad, or all fears are blocking desires.... If someone is threatening your life, fear can also be your salvation.... I guess you could say, don't resist fear either. ;)


I guess I can hang with this description.


 Normalcy Bias is a term( or condition) that affects most. Fear is paralyzing and causes confusion.

The subconscious mind serves truthful beliefs as well as false beliefs.In an instance of " protect" mode it may often be in error relative to an individuals programing. Conscious thought and intelligence aligns( attracts) us to the One Mind of All and courage and sound judgement are some of the many effects ..  A movie line in Karate Kid that I appreciate " Everything is Kung Fu"  :)

Great topic, I look forward to reading everyones comments 

Omg so perfect, thanks for sharing! 

Cool post!

I have noticed that when I am in the process of changing something the outside may not support me in the beginning. Whenever I decide to make a shift something comes up out of the blue. May be it is reflecting my fear of change or desire to stay in the familiar  zone . I then have to remember to persist until the resistance wears off. 

That's right, you need to work through the resistance first, and that includes fear, and negative beliefs which are already present in your mind and your vibration.  As you work through that with whatever LOA techniques you use, reality then starts to shift.  This can happen quite quickly as well; I always say about 3-4 days with gentle persistence.  This is why there seems to be a delay at first in you getting outside help and support but in truth it's only ever a short period of time away. 


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