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I have a loa book https://www.amazon.com/Dissolve-Problem-Shifting-Physical-Reality-e... I wanna use the methods from. A method from the book is to realize for instance that if your having money troubles you only need really worry while directly deal with your finances. Your bills for example. Not 24/7 so you can be at peace.

But what if you can't afford food you'll be hungry most of the day and thus think about hunger and money a lot?

I'm going through some things that happened 24/7 I feel pain and people often do things to me nearly 24/7 even in my sleep.

How should I use the methods?

Also I get the feeling I should affirm and visualize winning the lottery. Which is weird cause I sort of think that the lotto is for the lazy and poor.

What do you guys think?
Should I allow winning the lotto?

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i think you just need to shift your perspective about things, those 'mean' people are only helping you to understand your desires, to shape them and to focus on them.

well allowing the lotto is such a funny thing!! :D me too i want to win it sometimes, why not? we are not lazy, we have worked so hard with our thoughts - our path is difficult cause it is not really accepted by society yet - and we are not poor, we just want to make our life easier, we are just wise haha.

here are some of d great Abe's videos about this topic - even if im sure you already know about these videos:




this free ebook too could help:



I started an experiment to see if I could dissolve my problems using the methods in the book I originally posted about. And the first day I tried I say my "attacks" lessen at least 50-90%. But the following days I couldn't feel the tools of the book. For example it said to feel neutral, feel as if you were in an alternate world without problems, and it had a meditation to feel the joy of a world without problems. I could do these things at the start of the experiment - meaning I felt the neutral feeling, I felt I was in a world without problems but, the joy was hard for me to allow. I could feel these feeling all day at first. 

Then there was "something"like static on a radio a sort of white noise/radio jamming frequency. I felt this on the same " wave length" as the neutralness and alternate world. In summary this something was pain! I felt physical pain in my body mostly around my head and chest area. So I stopped the experiment and said affirmations and visualized normally.

What do you make of this?

Shoul I try to perfect the technique and if so how?

And the thought that I should allow winning the lottery in my life has become so loud it's deafening. Lol So I've intended it using affirmations and visualization.

May someone please answer the above? Any help/reply is appreciated!

Please reply and I give you a cookie! Pretty please with sugar and a cherry on top!

If you really want to win d lotto you will win it, im sure!!

Big hugs!!

Risultati immagini per overwhelm abraham hicks quotes photo

Risultati immagini per overwhelm abraham hicks quotes photo

Risultati immagini per overwhelm abraham hicks quotes photo

What do you think of my experiment? Thank you for replying.

You're welcome. I think any technique is good as long as it makes you feel good or better. Anyway d technique that works better for me is to just do what i love to do, for example watching movies, going to the disco, walking & cuddling with my dog. Meditation is just doing anything with a loving awareness so you are free to use all d techniques in d world but we are here just to enjoy life so why should we complicate that by using some specific methods?!

Never stop dreaming dear!!

HAve you manifested things just doing what you enjoyed? 

sure!! i have almost always manifested what i needed and wanted

Could this in the above post have been chemicalization?

oh i did not know about this topic, soo helpful:



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