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There are all number of unique traditions
and ways that inspire us to attain
some sort of Spiritual Identity~
There are all number of paths,
spiritual practices and disciplines
that help us to find the connection to our spiritual essence~
There are also many names of reference
to the all mighty divine
spoken by different belief systems
the Great Mystery, Spirit, God, all that is,
The Creator, the Source~
As we learn to follow Spiritual Guidance
we learn to tap into our inner pool of knowledge and wisdom~
As we learn to listen to the voice of intuition
we connect into our heart calling~

Ultimately each of us holds the power of choice~
in spite of any fear or indecision
that may temporarily cloud our judgement~
We can fight the changes that are occurring all around us
which may cause us great pain~
We can challenge the changes with resistance
which may create an uphill climb
of great challenges and obstacles~
We can live our life's in great fear or indecision~
which may cause tremendous upheaval in our life's~
or we can take the path of least resistance~
and celebrate the opportunities for rebirth
and embrace our sacred walk of life
with an open heart, and open mind and eyes wide open~

Within the sacred wheels of life
the dream seeds of hope, compassion love and light~
are taking root within the fertile ground all around us~
We can demonstrate trust and welcome
the new dream seeds of change~
It takes extreme courage to break through
old barriers of false beliefs
It takes courage to move into a new state of being~

We are entering into fertile ground of transformation~
It is essential in these trying times~
to embrace our faith, to retain courage~
to seek the knowledge of wisdom~
to hold our trust in the Divine Creator~
to give fully our gratitude for the lessons that help us to grow~
to express compassion to the world around us~
and to have an open heart~ that all things are possible
and nothing is impossible~
We are the creators of our destiny~

Find time to reflect upon your journey
Find time to listen and hear into the silence of your being~
from this place of inner peace~ make your choices, select your goals
and discover your heart calling~
Cultivate forgiveness and become your own best friend
Find and take time to discover your inner calling~
Take time for personal reflection~
Commune with your higher self~
Take time to reflect, to listen, and to hear within the silence of your Being~
From this sacred place
make your choices, select your goals
and discover your heart calling~
Allow yourself the freedom to break thru layers of resistance~
Liberate yourselves from fears and doubts
and embrace truth and insights
Own and know your inner truth~
You will know truth by the way it makes you feel~
Truth empowers you~
fear and doubt~ dis-empowers you~
Levels of insecurity and unworthiness~
dis-empowers you~
Many old emotions were bottled up deep inside~
as a protection mechanism~
Allow yourself to bring up old, stale
and out-moded emotions and feelings~
They no longer serve you well~
We no longer have to hold
old and stale Karmic debt and liability~
We have the power to release karmic ties and liability~
We hold the power deep inside~
that will empower our every need~
to succeed to our highest and greatest potential~
But first we must learn to unlock the doorway
of misguided energy~
We hold the key deep within our heart energy
Begin taking the steps to bring joy
and true satisfaction into your life~
Let your open heart
become the compass of your life line~

As Human Beings, one of our greatest gifts in life
are the opportunities to come aware
of the interconnectedness
and sacredness of all things
Acknowledging this deep truth
will shift the focus in our lives
from fear to love
from separateness to unity
from blame to empowerment~
from being victims of circumstance
to gaining a clearer understanding
of our responsibilities
upon the walk of life that we do~

If you could explore the very core of your heart
what is it that would bring you fulfillment~
What is it that would make you feel
whole and empowered~
Maybe it is hidden deep inside
a longing that you hold buried
under personal judgement~
or buried because of those who surround you~
Many fear the heart calling
because it may seem unrealistic,
unprofitable or not suitable for the way of life~
Give yourself the gift of time and space you need
to discover and re-define your heart calling
be patient, be open, be playful and joyful~
Celebrate the pathway of your spiritual destiny
by doing what makes you most happy
Doing what brings deep joy from within
If is from this sacred place within our hearts
that we offer our greatest gifts to the world~
It takes great courage and determination
to live a life filled
with authenticity and honor~
Your inner wisdom and truth will help you maintain
spiritual alignment and open the blessings
towards your sacred Journey~
Let your heart be the compass towards your sacred journey~

Let your life become your give-away~
Give away your limitations, your addictions,
your false beliefs
Give away all obstacles and fears
that do not support your well being~
Surround yourself in Gratitude
and be grateful and honored
to walk upon our beloved earth Mother~
at this great time of transformation and change~
And summon forth the gift of forgiveness~
as you freely let go of the bonds and cords that bind you~
to people, places, conditions and things
that no longer serve your highest and greatest interest~
Let yourself be nourished and replenished
as you full embrace courage and trust~
to walk your earth walk standing strong
within your Power~
for you are an incredible
and magnificent Human Being~
But first you must believe~
that all things are possible~
and nothing is impossible~

all life is sacred~
Affirm your commitment to walk in sacredness~

Find a way to see beyond the veils of limitations~
and begin to see things as they really are~
Begin to embracing every aspect of life~
with a new found passion of your Divine Potential~
Open your eyes to see beyond
the councils of limitation~
Lay down your shields of separation~
to the world around you~
to see the world in a new light
of expanded awareness
Move beyond all forms of limitation~
and know that everything is possible
and nothing is impossible~
It is all a state of mind~

Open yourselves to all the joys
that life has to offer you
Life is a game that we learn to play~
Begin to bring passion and excitement into your life's~
No matter where you find yourself~
No matter what you do~
remember to have fun~
Tune into the music of your Soul~
Listen for your sacred sounds~
Sing your song of life~
Sing your song with passion and fire~
Bring laughter into your life~
Dance your dance of life to your sacred sounds~
and embrace your body~
as if it is a cherished work of art~
Dance your rhythm in joy and happiness~
Dance in ecstasy of Divine Union
with your angel of light~
Dance as if no one is watching~
Set your Spirit free~

Contemplate the significance of your life~
Maybe it is time for to you seek patterns in life~
that will make you feel whole and complete~
There is a place of maturity that we come to know~
where we finally realize qualities of wholeness~
come from deep within ourselves~
No one can give us wholeness~
There will be people who come into your life's~
who reflect lessons and information that you need~
But it is up to you
to seek your truth from within~

Thru unified efforts of global awareness~
We will begin to consciously take action~
to co-create~a better world of love and light~
where darkness reigns no more~
Can-te Mitawa I-tahan ~from my heart
Kola Lena Cicu Welo
I gift these words to you my friends-~~
Apeya Wowastelaka~~~( with love~)
Blessings Redfoxsees

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