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I...JUST...had...the BEST three days of my life EVER!!!!! 

Let me tell you what happened...

Ok so on tuesday morning... really earning in the morning, I was listening to Abe talk about everyyything from relationships to vortex to learning to remain OPEN to positivity (the valve thing)... I woke up around 4:30 am (kinda an early riser lol) and kept listening with my earphones... dozed off to sleep in between and woke up at 7:30 feeling sooo brand new, I was glowing. Oh glowing reminds me, I heard Abe talk about Inner Glow from flowing downstream... can't remember which youtube video it was, but I clearly remember she explained how people can literally glow and enlighten other souls around from breaking away from resistance.

Anyway, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I experienced soooo many miracles it was crazy... I made new friends, I found unexpected checks in my mail, my boss gave me an 98% on my appraisal (there's this unique system and 98 percent is actually 298% for any ordinary human being!!!) the kittens next door licked my face when I was holding them and talking with them... mannn! I made new friends! I went to a garage, I had a date night with my girls (lol nothing feels better than dinner with my friends!), I was given a free ticket to watch a movie, anddddddddddd.... I feel so super fantastic, I can't even begin to explain to you!

Yesterday, I had dinner with allllllllllllllllllll of the best people on the earth. Alllll of my bestfriends!! I have 11 best buds and I couldn't stop thanking EVERYTHING around me for that! Seeing them all around me... everyone... eating and drinking and happily chatting away.... my God, best feeling ever.

Btw, eating with ppl that you love, when they all are at a table full with delicious food, BEST FEELING EVER...is heaven on earth for me :D

Ooh and football on Tv... :D


Life is Magical... I feel so brand new... like a new born baby...

I'm so glad to be here...

I live in the magic of LIFE

I LOVE you all! :)


P.s.: Sorry I'm having trouble replying to your replies :S Ning is going Boing hehehehehe

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Hee hee I just read a subliminal DVD post before this and maybe Abraham Hicks should also put out subliminal CDs & DVDs!!!!!

Wow this is great news & I hope you have a fabulous weekend too & I bet you do!
Hey, Rose!

YAY!!!!! :D

I'm so happy for you, Sweetie! You rule! :O)

Keep tapping the power of your playfulness & appreciation. It's who you are, Wonderful! I'm so proud of you! :D

Sunshine & Blessings,
I had the same kind of day on Friday. Everything was just perfect from the start. I had really good food. I found two really great books that I've been looking for. I found two great ice cream/frozen yogurt places and I got the perfect father's day gift for my dad. Even that next morning of I felt utterly blissful waking up and the feeling lasted about an hour. While I was in that state I image all the wonderful things that I wanted to attract in my life.

I hope I get more days like that again!
RED ROSE!! I love that post!!!!!!!! :-D
Which methods did you use? Did you just visualise them or do you ask in your head or write them down?x
Your enthusiasm and happy vibes are definately infectious, thankyou so much for sharing this :D

I feel so good, just reading that!
Love this post, Rose!!!! Thank you. I can never get enough of hearing how magical this Universe is... brilliant!

Love, ziz
Hey Rose!

Me too! Something is in the air these days girl. For me the red letter day was Friday. It started badly, and got worse, and by lunchtime it was so farcically bad that I had to start laughing. And then loads of things started happening. One of my friends called me and we went to the local greasy spoon and had a lovely unhealthy chip lunch and a chat. And then one of the people who was angry at me that morning apologised and we had a laugh over it; then I chanced into a room to check something and got to sit in on the most incredible talk which I would never had had the chance to hear ordinarily. When I left that I got back to my desk and there was an envelope laying there which contained a permanent full time contract!!!! I was actually sitting there reading it when this guy called me to ask me if I fancied taking a drive out the country with him this weekend! Just before my boss left he gave me Wednesday off. Then I went to the pub and had a laugh with some friends. Saturday night I did as you did; went out for a lovely celebratory meal with a good friend and I agree with you Rose; eating good food with good friends is one of the best things in life. Today I had a lovely day with this lovely fella and my brother called me to say he is coming up to visit me next week and so I get to hang out with him and his two bonkers kids. Life is great; can't wait to see what next week brings! XXXX
Maybe this was a bit of subconscious impregnation going on: listening to positive things through headphones, and then falling back to sleep, with the message still in mind. This way, it sinks right into the deeper mind, because the interfering conscious mind is inactive and gets bypassed. Then as well, this post also shows the effect that a high feeling point can have. One positive thing after another, and happening so easily.

Wow u are really reviving some very old posts of mine :)


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