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Read an adorable saying for single people:


If you're still single,

it means that God isn't ready to share you yet.



I thought it was cute....  :)

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God sure does love those single people :)
Not going to lie, this totally turned me back into the softie that I use to be hahahaha

You know its funny. When I was up North working in a town dominated by men, I got lonely and depressed. I met this other guy and he told me that there were times in a relationship when he just wished that he was single again.


Still, I guess being single isn't all that bad.

that is a good explanation
i think that with this reflexion i can understand what i have to do. If God or the Universe, or Love Magick isnt' ready to share me it's because we have lots of things to work out together and maybe i am too obsessed in having somebody for myself instead of sharing myself with the love i have within. To enjoy it inside me, to enjoy myself. To give me the chance of looking inside me and make contact with the forces of nature. With the reality withdrawn from language. With the inner truth of emotions, sensations, visions, voices, colors, sounds, let myself breathe and be receptive. I am always receiving something. I am always alive, every time i breathe i receive life for free. Every time i look around me i see doorways to a different destiny. I am always receiving. Lovers are just a little tiny part of life that i have magnified as if they were all that is worth living. When i see almost every marriage couple as resignated to grief each other.

Wow! Amazing quote.


I read a quote that I would like to share, too! 


It says:


"If you're still single, then know that God is writting the prefect love story for you"


Lots of love :)

Love this quote & DV' s one! Sweeet 

It's nice, and it's true, but if you are single, as yourself " am I making myself ready to be shared? "

A lot of single people have hang ups about their relationship status, believing that there is something wrong with them, or that nobody wants them, or lamenting their single status; and this just creates more of that.

If you want love, you have to BE love and be loveABLE and then it will come into your world.

Start now, appreciating yourself and your positive qualities, and also appreciating the good points of your life right now. When you make this a habit, it sends out a real energy of contentment out into the Universe, which is very magnetic. What you are in effect saying is;

" Universe, I am enjoying life and I realise that I have so much going for me.....send me more of the same, " and that is when the love comes in. The Universe will then send you people of that particular vibration.....

.....Contented people who have a lot going for them as well, and want to share your life, and want you to share in theirs'.

As -  until recently - a perpetually single person that quote would never have resonated with me when I was so tired of being alone. It's hard to recognise your worth when all about you are co-creating so beautifully and seemingly effortlessly (it's a bit like Esther when she pretends to  read affirmation cards when out of alignment). It's hard to believe it could ever be you.  However, you are so right, if you can make the effort to try and appreciate the smallest thing about yourself, slowly you start to fall more in love with who you are and your own worth as an individual.  It's incredible what can happen from there. From there, reading that quote feels wonderful, it feels powerful and expectant and cute :)  Out of alignment it feels mocking.  From the right place though, amazing things can happen - I have true faith in that :)  Love how you describe the energy of contentment, I am going to bask in that for a while. Thank you!

If you're single, make a list of all of the positive things you have going for you in your life, WITHOUT a significant other.  It doesn't have to be love, it can be anything.  Any area of your life.  Keep on referring to these things and giving gratitude for them.  The idea is that by doing this, you will then start to attract more and more good things into your life, and create a 'flow of life' that way.  

First up, this takes your attention off what isn't working for you, and thus keeping on creating the same void that way.  Secondly, it creates a feeling of happiness inside you, because there is nothing better than feeling that your life is opening up for you.  And thirdly, it creates movement in all areas of your life, so you get the feeling of progress rather than stagnation.

All of these tend to then result in contentment........and the right person/people to share this way of life with.

(It can also be the same if you are unemployed: if you can give thanks for the life you have now (rather than focus on how bad it is) you will start to create a flow of good.  Unemployment is basically a period of your life which is slow-moving and crap, but has been pre-paved by such feelings towards the end of your employment.  The trick is to create some kind of existential movement in your life, and then good things come from that).

I really like that
First time in my life I've been single for so long and I have become so comfortable with it
I feel happy and I trust our universe that the right girl will come into my life when the time is right
I love me so much, more than I ever have in my life


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