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[READINGS COMPLETED] Free Water Crystal Reading (Masaru Emoto) to guide you towards your best thought pattern

**Not doing any more of these readings :( I will do a reading for everyone that has posted up until this point **Hi Everyone, I''m a Certified Angel Card Reader and have recently purchased a new oracle deck and would love to try it out. Essentially you will get a message regarding which thought pattern would be best for you in this moment to focus on in order to help you move forward out of situations you don't want, or conversely into situations that you DO want. Anyone can participate, regardless of whether you've gotten another free reading from me or not. :)  It will point out the most useful thought pattern to you at the moment.

If you comment on this post, I will reply to your message with your helpful thought pattern and a little about your current situation, such as why it would help and where it's coming from.

Thanks so much!


Also, I've recently begun to take private clients. So message me at any time if you are interested in a longer reading. I know some people have asked me about it in the past.

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Hey Irina,

I would like to know my helpful thought pattern

Thanks <3

Hi Sarah,

Your thought pattern is:

Prayer - Essentially things have been rocky for you in certain areas of your life. You've been asking for help, maybe not directly, but by looking for certain options. And it seems like you are stuck in a pattern of "looking, looking, looking". The universe is providing you with the insights that you need, through your intuitive mind, but it's like you've chosen to obstruct your vision. There is something in the way, something that has been making you want to close your eyes and not see what you are being shown. So reflect why you do not want to see these answers, could it be that subconsciously you seek to maintain these patterns because you are scared of moving forward? Not knowing what kind of person you will become? Or maybe worrying that you are "not enough" to handle that which you so deeply desire. Reflect on that, meditate on being still. As you are in the present moment your intuitive vision will no longer be obstructed, and as you remain in the thought pattern of PRAYER, connecting to the divine and to the universe, then the answers will keep coming to you, only now you will clearly be able to see what it is you need to do based on thoughts you get, conversations you overhear, and sudden images that are made clear in your mind. You can be the powerful woman that you need to be. So keep an ongoing conversation with the divine/your higher self, let the information that you need flow to you, don't be afraid of what the answers are, they will help you not hurt you. The fact that the guidance and the messages that you need will be coming to you, is proof that you can handle what is to come. Prayer will give you the inner power that you desire and deserve.

Hope you found this useful,


Thankyou Irina xox

For the past few months I have been feeling more stuck in a rut than I felt before....with the same routine everyday looking for jobs, flats, changes in my life, anxiety, overeating. When I have been presented opportunities like job interviews...I do well while I'm there but when I get back home back to my comfort zone I feel so much better and really feel I want to be in the past as moving forward and being an adult is scary for me...so it's like I am delaying everything...my dream goal (and job) since being a child was (and still is) to become and actress and a singer/songwriter, dancer and so much more but I DON'T want to be famous and mivered by everyone, I just enjoy it. :) So, yeah I don't think I could handle fame I have been thinking a lot about meditating to connect to my higher self and this is another reminder to do it!

You can be the powerful woman that you need to be. So keep an ongoing conversation with the divine/your higher self, let the information that you need flow to you, don't be afraid of what the answers are, they will help you not hurt you. The fact that the guidance and the messages that you need will be coming to you, is proof that you can handle what is to come. Prayer will give you the inner power that you desire and deserve.

I really love this...it made me feel so positive & powerful when I read it!

Thankyou again .... I will be meditating daily to connect with my higher self and watch out for signs!!


Yes, you're afraid to sparkle.. But just do it, you'll learn that it's not so bad! No one can affect you unless you let them. So if you feel happy and comfortable within yourself, that will always be a great shield. Therefore once you reach that frame of mind, the negative aspects of fame won't be able to hurt you as you imagine they would.


Me too please, sounds interesting x

Your thought pattern is

Respect - it's time for you to stop disrespecting other people in the way of being annoyed by them or not feeling comfortable around them in certain social situations. Almost like isolating yourself, disrespecting yourself and others due to a lack of self love. You're being called to trust your heart and to respect your inner guidance. Love your family, friends, AND those around you at any given time. You know that you are worthy of self love, and therefore respect, but you fight it with a million reasons for why you're not worthy. This game with your mind and heart can go on forever, leading you to be disconnected and distracted from your true life purpose. Your life purpose is to choose and experience love. You know that you are worth the love that you seek for yourself, you deserve to get along with others and have loving relationships and friendships. It starts with you though. People will respect you and will want to spend time with you/love you if you, first and foremost, show respect and share a loving peaceful vibration towards them. This is your time to change your life around. And it will happen as you consciously choose to do this, it will require your patience and attention. Sometimes your outer circumstances will be blaring and hard to ignore and appear "awful". But don't worry, just breathe and guide your thoughts to a more loving place where you KNOW in your heart what kind of vibration you are supposed to be at. Your heart and inner guidance will lead you, so respect yourself and don't look for gurus or guidance in the outer sense. You know exactly what you need to do at this moment. BUT the current guidance is to offer the thought pattern and vibration of RESPECT, to yourself and others. :)

Hope this helped,


Thank you so much for taking the time to write this reading out for me :) I'm trying to see how it fits because I often feel I put myself and my needs first selfishly but I know I've not been thoughtful of my loved ones lately so I'm definitely finding this useful. Thank you again! x
Hi Irina, I would love to have one! Thank you!

Your thought pattern is:

Staying put in the cycles, both sunshine and windstorms of life, as stable as the Stonehenge stones. You have been getting rocked around your life due to your circumstances, but you don't need to be moved around this much. There are many things you cannot control, one of them being the weather and earth patterns, and so this relates to the emotional news or revelations that you may be forced to experience that you believe are part of your control, however they are not. So learn the loving detachment that comes from being grounded and allowing these things to happen as they are. You may think that this is a waste of time, yes that it's nice to be zen but taking action and trying to force/push things in the way that you want them to go is much more worthwhile.. You are being called to understand that this is not the case, staying still and allowing yourself to sit still in non-judgment as things that you have **NO** control over, happen, will expand your energy and make you a better manifestor. So chill out, sit still, and don't judge both the things that you do have control over and things that you don't. Make the courageous choice to see things differently, it really is all in your perspective. Things are not going wrong in your personal life within your work and even love relationships, it's exactly what needs to happen. Don't think of it as even destiny, or something to be changed, just see that it is happening. The peaceful watching of events will help you move past them. See things clearly, as they are, without judgment, and you will see the beauty of life as well as the connection between events/people/circumstances. This will also help your manifestation because you will be able to focus on what really matters, not the uncontrollable, but your choices within this changing, shifting world that you really have no full control over.

Hope this helps,


Hi Irina, I would like to know my helpful thought pattern too. Thank you.

Greetings Irina,

I would be grateful for a thought pattern reading.



marlena, your message is underneath this one just because of the placement of the messages! so you might have to go on the next page to get your reading if it's not showing up on this one. Thanks!

Ok, Angel - your helpful thought pattern is: 

Your thoughtpattern is to be stable within changing scenarios of life, like the Stonehenge. Recently or soon to be - someone has stirred, or newly stirred, your emotional feelings in a romantic sense which has almost brought you out of balance because you have these thoughts that keep moving away from where you would want them to be. You may be wondering if this person is worth it, trying to decide because you will be at a crossroads. You're getting a lot of intuitive feedback whether or not this is the person that is right for you. Just trust those feelings, and remember to stay stable and calm yourself during this period. The more you can focus on stability and even a diminished movement, the more insight you will be able to gain from this scenario. You may meet, or have met this person, through a social situation which may affect your thinking and opinion in a favorable way, because you think that if the person is well acknowledged in your circle or at least among people that share similar beliefs as you, that they are good for you - but this is not necessarily the case. So look to what comes up as you think about the person, don't push anything away as it is all valuable information. Don't ignore the bad to only focus on the good, look at the whole, and go towards the way that your inner heart tells you to go. In the past you let your emotions take you over, and you had no grounding stability, you made decisions from your ego/fear place/ since you were not connected to your higher being at the time, which caused you great pain. Avoid the pain and move forward to create better situations for yourself. Being still, paying attention to ALL thoughts and things that are brought up to your attention at this time about this romantic interest (that you may or may not have met yet) and your way forward will be guided.

Hope this helps,



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