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I love reading success stories, and here are quite a few of them:


I love this story from that page about people manifesting the horse, despite of two possibilities they saw not working out, and then working out in a way, that they didn't think was possible:


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Great stuff! Thanks Ease! Check out Good News Network :)

Yes, they are great. :)

Thanks1 Happy success stories and a cornucopia of great ideas to consider! 

:) Yes, I love her website.

And of course this site http://www.thesecret.tv/all-stories/

Yes, thank you for sharing.

Thank you for sharing those links Easefirst! I especially like the first one


This is so true! Every person I know that I consider a great manifestor has exactly those traits. They are not even super-happy people. They are just... peaceful. And when I think about it, my greatest successes didn't come when I was super-happy but when I was completely at peace and had zero expectations. 

Great stuff!

:) That is a great page. Yes, I think when we feel peace, we are connected to the divine energy in us. What we call happy sometimes is just a nervous excitement with some hope elements instead of peaceful flow.

  Sometimes it is harder to let go of attachment when things we want are considered basic survival things like money, health, and safety. Of course, from broader view nothing is important in this game or dream we call life.

  I love her post, however there are no pointers there HOW to get to that state, where we take it easy, let go, and feel worthy...

I'm posting this in "Success" because I'm feeling very successful in the meantime, which I know is of the utmost importance for us! I posted this also on another board, but I'm feeling pretty giddy about the whole process!  So this is what I've learned and am mastering.....

I've come to believe that we often overthink it.  Right now I'm having a lot of fun with my new position/job/calling that I'm creating!  For me it's HERE!! Though it may not be in the physical reality yet, it TRULY IS HERE and will manifest any minute!

So in the mean time, I'm having lots of fun with writing it out, speaking it out, saying thank you prayers for it, seeing my new office and how I'm going to decorate and Feng Shui it, seeing the positive and warm response I'm going to receive on my video interview, being invited back for an in-person interview that I'm going to nail and feel a sense of comaraderie with the interview committee, and ultimately get offered the position and accept!  I imagine it all going EXCELLENTLY and lasting and them taking me for a tour, etc.   I find that every time I do this I have a smile on my face and I feel tingly! 

This is because I can literally feel my vibration raise (that's the tingling with excitement), and I feel giddy KNOWING it'll be here any minute.  In the meantime, I'm ENJOYING feeling it as though I've just gotten the call confirming it!  I've learned that when we stay in this space, there's nothing we could do to stop the greatness from coming!! 

Also......whenever any moment of doubt comes into your mind....pop it back out with an image in your mind of what your dream looks like!  I see myself in the place I want to be and if any contrary or questioning thought comes, I pop it right back out by asking myself "What am I manifesting?"  Then I IMMEDIATELY see my image of myself smiling exactly where I want to be!!  Extremely powerful stuff!! Enjoy!!  It's important for us to FEEL JOY in the meantime!  Feeling the opposite of JOY moves us farther from what we want.  Feeling JOY BRINGS US CLOSER TO IT!!  Have a Great Day everyone!!


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