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Hi all, just thought I would share these two funny stories with you as I think the LOA has played a strange part in this but both things have happened so fast that I am not sure.  Now I think I may be a witch and am able to cast spells!!

Two days ago my friend and I (who is a total believer in LOA) were sitting out in the sun on our lunch breaks.  We work round the corner from each other and decided to sit on the steps of a solicitor's office.  We got talking about LOA, ghosts etc and I was telling her that my boyfriend doesn't believe in any of these things.  He says the only way he will believe in ghosts is if he ever sees one.  I then said that I have never seen or heard a ghost but I would like to because then I would have proof of an afterlife.   So together my friend and I said out loud to the Universe that we would like to experience a ghost at some point.  With ten minutes of this we heard someone running down the stairs we were sitting on and we could feel the vibration of them under our feet.  We both stopped talking mid sentence and looked round and up and down the stairs.  There was no one in sight, no one came out the office and no one went in.  We both looked at each other and said 'Did you hear and feel that' and we both said yes. 

Then today in work there is a big air conditioning machine that you plug in and it blows out freezing cold air round the room.  Usually I can't feel it (thank God) but today I could.  It was right on me and I was frozen solid.  Also my hair, skirt, papers etc were blowing everywhere.  Everyone else in the office loved having it on so I couldn't say anything.  But because of what happened with the ghost I decided to cast a spell!!! I repeated over and over in my mind 'A/C machine please break down'.  I was laughing to myself knowing it wouldn't happen but enjoyed doing it anyway.  I then headed for my lunch break.  When I came back an hour later it was off and I asked one of the girls what happened.  She told me it started leaking and is now broken!!! 

So is this all coincident or am I some sort of witch???  I don't really think I am a witch.  I am joking but it has been a strange week.  Would love to hear some thoughts on this.

I am off now to put a lottery ticket on and to summon up the love of my life in order to replace the boring boyfriend!!

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Hello Hannah,

LoA plays a part in everything, because it is everything. The entire universe vibrates. As you vibrate, you attract to you a match to that vibration. The stronger your vibration, which typically occurs due to your desire, the faster things happen to match that vibration. This is why some people were deemed magical and called witches, etc. You had a clear desire on both circumstances, and they manifested. That's how it works. There is nothing magical about it, even though it has the appearance of magic. We use those terms, because we didn't have any other way of describing these events.

We do now though. Your desire creates a vibration. The more you are allowing that vibration without any fear around around it, the faster it manifests. That is what LoA is. There is no such thing as coincidence. It all happens due to vibrational matching. =)

Bright Blessings,

Ross - Tolemac

Conscious Energy Healing

Conscious Energy Meditation

Thanks Tolmac.  Loved your response.  I am going to have so much fun with this now because I don't have any fear over the things I used to have fear over.  Although I definitely don't want a ghost in my house!!

This is scary, but very very inspiring to hear to learn the workings of the Law of Attraction. Thanks for sharing this.

Why buy a lottery ticket? Money is vague and undefined. Manifest something you know or feel and if money is the answer then it will come. So many people want to be rich but few people can really say why. Look around at how many rich people live miserable unhappy lives. Setting a true goal is the hardest part. Once you know your destination, multiple paths can appear to get you there.

Look around at how many rich people live beautiful, happy, glorious lives. =)

I second that. Every single 'rich' person I know is happy and fulfilled. Struggling to find one with with a miserable, unhappy life.

Apple, you may see the good but you also may not know the person very well. You can be rich and be happy but Rich doesn't make you happy. I have know many affluent people and the husbands work so much they are never home to enjoy their families. They and the wives are involved with other people because they have money from their spouse but don't get what they really want emotionally. All you have to do is look at actors, singers and sports figures to see how being rich is far from a guarantee that your going to be happy. 

Ah, that explains it, I don't know my friends very well, so they must really be miserable and unhappy underneath.
Great actors though, I'll give them that.

Not saying you are wrong, just a different perspective from a different set of experiences.

My point was, money does not make you happy. It's like frosting on a cake. It can enhance the taste of the cake but if the cake is burnt the frosting is not going to help.

No criticism intended.

Actually, it's a different set of experiences from a different perspective :)

Potatoes Pota'toes

Not quite...
Potatoes... Caviar...


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