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Does anyone else think weight is genetic? Just like your looks, tone of voice, height, hair and eye colour. So how much control do we have over our body really? I remember as a kid I never focused on weight or my body but looking back I was a chubby kid, yet I had friends really thin no matter what they ate and their family were the same. I really think genetically some people store more fat than others.

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Well, there's definitely some genetic component at play since people naturally have different body types. But genetics aren't an excuse and you can still get close to your ideal body.

Thanks Astro. I have been healthy eating and exercising the past few months but have gained weight! I posted about it in changing physical appearance group. I just don’t understand.

you are replacing fat cells with muscle cells. Muscle cells are heavier than fat cells.

You should find our your daily maintenance calories and start counting how much you eat. Exercise doesn't burn as many calories as people think. It's a lot easier (imo) to lose weight from eating less. Simply finding out your daily maintenance and then eating 500 calories or less. 

I have been consuming 1500 Cals a day.

Can be a result of genetics. There is some data out there that it could be the result of the microbiome in your gut. The digestive tract in humans varies from one person to another, but how much variation is unknown. At present it is thought there are at least 400 different species of bacteria in your GI tract, and an overpopulation of one (or underrepresentation of another) could cause a variety of issues, including weight gain.

At present, the one sure fire way to loose weight is to increase physical activity and decrease caloric intake. Don't know your age or your weight status, but you'd be wise to consult with your doc if you are looking for a large weight decrease or if you are under 20 or over 50 yrs of age. Extreme weight loss can put your body out of balance metabolically and then cause a host of other issues you don't want!

Good luck!

Genetics could have something to do with it, but I believe even genetics can be overcome.  Some people have managed to change their appearance with LOA.  I've heard of people losing weight instantly - instantaneous weightless, in church.  They reported their stories on the Sid Roth and the Supernatural show. 

There is also a new science called epigenetics - now they know that genes can be expressed in different ways and you can turn them on and off. 

A historical note- epigentics isn't really new. There were scientists who posed this decades ago. Look up Waddington's epigentic landscape. He proposed this back in the 1930's and people disregarded him. Always funny how things that were once disregarded somehow come back around into the mainstream.

Unfortunately, there is no way to scientifically test the power of the mind.  All I know is the author of The Secret claims she lost weight and maintains it using her beliefs.

Oh, and as far as I know, no gene has been discovered that defines the shape of life forms.  


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