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I am trying to attract a lost love back and I have experienced positive results and negativity as well which has resulted in him not contacting me in over a week. I am starting to feel totally lost and in despair. I also tend to stalk his social media which makes me feel increasingly angry, frustrated and anxious which is the exact opposite of what I should be feeling. 

I've read through here that the more i try to let go of the outcome and trust in the universe that it will happen the sooner it will actually occur. This involves being busy and making your life fun etc. I know that the breakup occurred because of my intense negativity and my inability to be positive and focus on myself. I had actually lost all identity and motivation in the relationship because of the financial and work circumstances around us (we worked very closely together- we had a business together). I felt a lot of doubt about the relationship and that also manifested in a lot of arguments and issues between us. 

The breakup was absolutely horrendous and I honestly thought that i would never speak with him and vise versa. But as soon as I left (our home and the country we were in) the day after the breakup i decided to through myself into loa as a way to a)get over the intense horrible pain in my heart and what felt like my shattered soul and b)as a means of attracting him back and making him realize that we are meant to be together. 

The breakup occurred largely because another woman was in the picture as a result of him thinking I no longer wanted him (this had been going on for a few months so we were technically not together) or to be married to him after he had asked me in the pat 4 years of our relationship to marry him.

Initially I immediately blocked him on all social media but due to work i had to unblock him. I did not contact him at all until he initiated contact two weeks later. We ended up having a 1.5 hour chat about everything and I know we had both missed each other and were very glad that we were talking. In the conversation I took responsibility for my part in the last argument and apologized for my contribution to the issue. He did not apologize although he was insistent that I had perceived the issue with the other woman wrongly. Since then we've had a few phone conversations and exchanged text messages- all of which has been really short, positive and happy on my part. He noticed the difference about my mood and said he was so happy that I sounded happier and positive- something he would never expect. All of which I owe to the loa. 

Long story short, I would like to manifest a brand new romantic relationship with my love which is 100% loving, fulfilling, faithful and happy. I believe deeply that this is possible despite my fears of this other woman (which I know I am manifesting their closeness due to my jealousy and fears).

In the last 3-4 weeks I suddenly became sick and stopped my focus on the loa stuff which kept my vibe so high and amazing. And from there I noticed the drop off in his attention so that eventually we have not spoken or texted in the last 8 days. which to me feels like an eternity. As i became more insecure i noticed that he was online with her and they would speak (based on their activity and online status) and i became more and more insecure to the point that i was ready to give up. But something always tells me not to give up and keep trying. Is this wishful thinking? is this ego? or is this my soul telling me to not give up? I cannot seem to trust myself in this at all.

I would love some support, advice and guidance in this journey please!!! 

With all the love and gratitude in my heart


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“I am trying to attract a lost love back . . .”

I know you’re talking about a person, but feeling loved can come back within a couple minutes. The emotion of love does not come from them it comes from your focus and shifting your focus from what you don’t want to what you do want.

“. . . new romantic relationship with my love which is 100% loving, fulfilling and happy.”

Then you want to let them off the hook for how you feel. You no longer need them to be different or love you for you to feel loved, fulfilled and happy.

But then by that token we really don't need another person in our lives if we can have that love feeling alone without the other person...?

You don't need them, but you want to be with them. No need means you alway feel good, accept them as they are and allow them the freedom to be themselves and have the best relationship.

Ok. I am looking at what your saying. Rationally I understand what you are saying. But there is something in me that is resisting that wisdom. How can I get to a place where I don't need them???

i love Brian's reply! Here's a really great quote, hope it helps somehow:

Risultati immagini per the capacity to be alone is the capacity to love

This quote makes so much more sense to me than Brian's reply. For some reason I felt a sense of resistance to Brian's response. Maybe because I didn't truly grasp it. But this quote makes a lot more sense to me. Thank you so much! I am going to save this quote and meditate on it and ask the universe to support me in the path towards self love! 

How does all that you wrote feel to you?

I think this calls for a very simple back-to-the-basics. Your post is showing a lot of blame towards yourself, and fear. If you look on the Emotional Guidance Scale, you can find where you're at. Then find the feeling that is associated with your new relationship with your ex. 

Here's the first google link I found in case you aren't familiar with the scale: 


Can you see how far apart emotionally your current state is from your desired state? 

Work on climbing, feeling better. If you're at self blame, anger towards your ex will actually feel better. If you're jealous, frustration will feel better. Just move up the scale, bit by bit. How you do that will be personal to you, but everyone intuitively knows how to feel better, if they will first allow themselves to consciously recognize how they really feel right now. 

You can trust your emotional guidance more than you can trust anything else in the entire world. It will never fail you. If you feel bad, it means you're not close to where your desire manifested is. Feel better. You will get exponentially better results doing this than any kind of communication right now with your ex. Don't look at anything your ex is doing, I always say "keep your eyes on your own paper." Just work on feeling higher feelings. Forget what's going on, it's the manifestation of an old vibration and now that you're conscious of it, you can be different, so you can experience different. 

Wow! that link really shocked me. I have been consistently in the lower rung of that scale for so long. I have always been prone to the bottom of the scale to be honest. Your post TGP has given me so much to think about! thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I think part of the problem, looking at the scale is that I had no idea how to feel differently. I was stuck in the lower negative emotions and I associated him with feeling good, worthy, positive. But according to what Brian and Stephanie and your post I have complete responsibility AND know how to feel good without needing him. This is amazing to me and a new concept because I have always associated feeling good and self worth with achieving things/success. 

So really, I should be making a new thread/and joining threads about feeling good and what I can do to do everything I need to do to feel better now :) I really see what Brian meant when he said i should take the burn of my happiness off his shoulders! 

So much love!

Yes Brian's posts often shock me with exactly what I need to hear (I am all about the no-nonsense approach) and Stephanie always says things in the most visually-beautiful way possible. Also Graysen's posts shock me a lot too. I always find what I need here too! I wish you the very best in manifesting your desires!

Risultati immagini per when you are madly in love with someone do you know why that is? Because that person is a catalyst abraham quotes

Immagine correlata


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