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I want to get my ex back,i know the law of attraction says to set out an intention believe it can happen and then to act on it, but when it comes to getting an ex back what exactly is the action required to do this

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Okay, the most successful way I have seen people manifest an ex back is this way:

1. Ask the universe to bring you your ex or someone even better back into your life.

2. Release this intention and then go out and have some fun. Do things that are so great that you occasionally think about your ex, but not dwell or constantly linger for your ex. This is the important key that I have seen in many manifestations of ex's. Moving on and having fun with life without your ex is what seems to raise vibrations high enough to draw people like an ex or someone better into your life.

3. Know that it is coming and that when it eventually comes you'll be ready to accept it.

The best thing about this, other than the success stories, is that you win either way! If he comes back, then great! If not, then at least you've moved on and you're having fun while potentially manifesting someone better :) . Seriously, if you look through many of the successful ex manifestation stories they have a common theme: the people moved on and had fun. They didn't dwell, constantly envision, or lingered for their ex. They moved on and continued to live their lives in a higher vibration.
excellent advice thanks
what about visualization, should i do that to or just not think about her at all and just move on?
Yes, visualize but don't overdo it. There's a difference between seeing yourself with her once or twice a week versus spending hours in your room doing nothing but daydreaming about her. One allows you to remain focus but let go while the other one brings about the idea that you don't have her.
hey there I'm not sure of the details of your relationship with her are but,this can be done more easily than you probably think.(don't rule out hooking up with someone better than her ) (ALSO IF YOU NEED MORE DETAILED ADVICE EMAIL ME)I consider myself an expert on this situation.

as for a bit of inspiration I got an ex back from a very rich pro football player while having not much money and living at my moms.I'm not saying that it was right i was young and didn't realize the damage I was causing at the time and I was caught cheating as well as just not being there like i should have been.I'm guessing you already tried begging her.(don't do that again it will most likely hurt you.)

I do agree with what Modesttreasure said .But, I would like to add a few things that worked for me.

I begged too much to get my ex back as I'm sure you most likely did (this makes you look and feel desperate.)which no matter how desperate you might feel you aren't.

I would suggest that you avoid your ex like the plague for a few days if not a week keep yourself busy to keep your mind off of her.I would also suggest that you go out with your friends if you can with a friend thats a girl asap.even on a non serious date if you can.

right now your bathing yourself in her rejection.when you shouldn't be there was a reason she was with you for the time that she was you were someone different then and that is the person she is attracted to not the sad depressed you.

what worked for me to get my ex back after a whole 2 months of agony was when i finally said to myself that i wasn't going to let the breakup rule my life.and having faith in myself to be happy with her or someone else and bam like magik she wanted me back.

Hey i gotta go if you happen to read my post or if anyone else does and needs advice or help you can email me at keeza333@gmail.com

good luk JIMI
Thanks for the additional info ;).
thanks again for the advice its been about 8 months so ive already accepted the break up and all that stuff and im focusing on me and last week she made contact with me and asking me why dont say hi to her anymore or look at her anymore because i have to see her every week at church,This has happened before and last time i messed it up and i had to start the process all over again so, when you get to that point where im at now whats the next step?
hey sorry I didn't see your thread was updated . I would say if you haven't already done so you should start dating other women . If you still want your ex back , then let her know that your seeing other chicks even if your not make her think so . She prolly already thinks that you are seeing someone else . So next time in church say hi to her . Let her know your happier than you are . Then if you want her back or not other fine ladies might see you talking to her and nothing makes ladies wanna hook up more than seeing you with another fine lady . Back when I was single I used to go out and meet a girl or two at a club or take a friend that was a girl with me to a club and walk around with one or two on each arm ,so other chicks would see me with them . Before you know it women will approach you .

Even if you don't know any chicks to go out with at least go out .You can always fake it till you make it . If you don't have a lady to go out with email me and I'll help you get one .

Jimi. You're joking, I hope.

I don't think any of that is in the law of attraction. That's not how it works. Fake it till you make it sends out a fake vibe. Only acting happy vibes a happy face sticker. You gotta work your way up the emotional scale until all of this seems real to you and your life really does change. It will lift your life, Jimi.
Actually, VibingOM, there is truth in faking something until you really feel it. Let me explain, if you want to be self-confident and you are not right now, fake it, force yourself to act self-confidently...it will come naturally sooner or later. Or if you are not happy right now, fake it anyway...smile to people, soon enough you will see joy around you. And that brings joy in you.

Act like you're having it right now, you can call it "fake it" but it works and it's not against LOA. You need to be more flexible, VO. LOA isn't dogma. There is not only one road to Rome.
Ok yes I am seeing another girl and my ex has seen me talking to her and shes keeps asking me about it.
Yea man there are other girls right now that are interested in me too but idk a big part of me just refuses to believe that my ex is not my soulmate and that were perfect for each other.


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