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Hello everyone, I just want to share with you my little story here and maybe ask for some advice! 

So, first of all. I am attracting my ex girlfriend back, it's because I felt like she's the one. so far I've had many signs from the universe like seeing her name, people asking me about her constantly, sometimes dreams about her. 

LoA exists because it has been improving every aspect of my life, and big big thanks to abraham hicks who learned me how to be happy with myself! I've attracted one woman since using LoA :). 

My question here is, should I visualise my love sometimes? It feels great to do so, but I heard that it's not good thing to do. I told the universe what I want and it knows exactly, I feel like I'm in alignment with source all the time and found my vortex!!! 

I trust the universe fully and I'm thankful that I'm no longer desperate, needy for her & most importantly I don't miss her. I love her. 

Thank you for reading, I am very grateful to be here with you finally when I found the true happiness within me :). Thanks for any response, have a great day everyone!! 

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Thank you very much for your answer. Appreciate it a lot! I will try to get clear about my signs and I think you are absolutely right! We'll see what will happen in the future, I am very excited and enjoying all of this so much :). I will let the universe decide whether it's she or not, it has been much fun so far!

I just like to think about her and it makes me feel great always. I still love her and I think I am sending great vibration into the universe and after reading a lot of "succes ex back stories" here or on other forums, I am curious if I can attract her back too :). Thanks!

What are you going to tell the woman you've attracted? I guess imagine her finding someone else too she's as happy with as she is with you?
Yes, I did something like that. I imagined us being friends in the future, I imagined her helping me and she did afterwards. She really helped me and now we are good friends and I appreciate it. I wish that she will find love, she's great person and I explained her LoA and how it works. Now she's feeling much better than before :).
Oh ok! So you are not with her now?! Ah ooh I wish you AND her tons of love
Me and my ex are not in contact right now, we separated under bad conditions but it was all my mistake. I found my happiness now (my happiness was based on her which was mistake) and I still love her but I am letting it go and I'll let the Universe decide. I still get signs, when I feel like doing something (and feel Universe is speaking to me and I will feel it deep inside my heart) I will act. :) I am very happy at the moment! And thank You so much! Wish you best of luck too and have a nice day ;) enjoy your beautiful life!

I think it is important to know what you want.  I can't answer your particular question, but I would like to share something I heard that I think is very relevant.  A study found the best way to find your perfect mate is to ask out ten different women/men (depending on who you want to date per the study).  Don't date them to marry one of them, just go out with them and figure out which one you liked the most and why.  Then keep dating after that until you find someone that is better than the one you liked the most, and you will have found someone you will love to be with the rest of your life.  I just think this is a great way to figure out what you actually want.

I went out with over a hundred women before I found my wife.  Unfortunately, I didn't know about this trick so I had to date a lot, and even go through a divorce first.

I will try to avoid it as much as I can then, thank you.

Thank you for answering, maybe I will try it one day. I've dated a couple women but they seem to be all the same, To me, the girl must be "vibrating" something from within her, that's when I know it's her. You just know and this particular person is the one I really admired, liked and loved.

I think I know exactly what I am looking for :). Have a nice day!


Brodie, I'm insanely jealous of you right now although I'm also happy for you. I get mostly just offered sex I would LOVE to get to date 100 men & pick the best one. With my age (also am divorced but platonically) my weight (am gonna lose weight this year) and living in the UK AND only tending to meet men I like ONline it's unlikely anyway but well I'm happy for you. I wish this could have been how my life worked out but after 5 years single I know it's not gonna happen but I think I'm at the point where I care less than I did. I would have loved to have had what you had but I'm glad you got to have it. I also sometimes wonder about American men if they are more into dating than London ones. Never mind it's not a vent I'm genuinely happy for you & after trying to use LOA to get a boyfriend or even quality dates I've given up hope. But there's tons of other things I'm happy about in life.
I'm also a primary school teacher men are extremely rare. But I think I might turn into one of these happily single people. Having a date a week or a fortnight would have been well it was my dream then pick the best guy but I've given up now. I've made peace that it ain't gonna happen & ive pretty much given up on love after 5 years lokkkng and trying to manifest a boyfriend. But I'm at the point where I can be ok with this & happy for others.

I didn't meet the love of my life until I was happy to be by myself.  And then, I just had the strongest urge to find the love of my life, and then I did.  The first woman I dated after being divorced for three years.  And it was love at first sight.


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