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Face it.  You are never going to manifest what you want.  Why?  After all the time and effort you have put into it,you still haven't gotten what you want.




Because you aren't letting it go.  You are so focused on it, it is all you are thinking about, 24/7.


Let it go.  Accept where you are and what is going on. Live in a crappy house? Accept it.   Drive a junk car?  Accept it. Tired of being alone?  Accept it.


Embrace it.  Learn to love it.


Then, most likely, when you have totally let go, what you want will come.

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I know how do i LET GO of wanting a wonderious man in my life? because there is no wonderious man in my life.GRUMBLE GRUMBLE!!!

i am getting my body in shape, now 240 pounds. OH I feel so good in smaller cloths & can buy off thew rack. I am so GREATFUL!

got a new light weight wheerhchair, more then I ever expected. WOW a $3,000+ titanium chair for $125 used. Oh I am so GREATFUL!

not attracting women any more (was when 400 pounds). OH AM I GREATFUL!!!!!!!!!!!

got my new vehicle sort of in a twist of fate way the truck got a new to it motor so that is good enough for me. I am SO GREATFUL!!!!!

I let go today by watching Johnny English, it was a fun movie! Distraction, distraction, distraction works for me.

hey Les,

This happened to me 25 years ago. we tried so hard to have our first baby. we were desperate and then my sister gave burth to her son and i was so happy for her. I was not jalous i was so happy and i held that little baby in my arms and i felt so much love and a month later i was pregnant just like that. and now, 25 years later, i have 7 wonderful children.


I apologize in advance for asking, but this is a matter of confusion for me.  Once you send out the energy to manifest your desires you're to let go so the universe can take it's course, correct?  But if you are unemployed, for example, you need gainful employment to provide for you family - so, you search the want ads every day looking for a job.  That doesn't seem like exactly letting go to me.  People use vision boards so that their desires are there to help them focus on what they want, but is seeing them day after day really letting go?


I'm sincerely asking, because if I'm not grasping this and getting it wrong, I'd love to start doing it the correct and accepted way.    :)

That situation is a delicate balance. You can't be desperate or emotionally attached to what you want.  Think of it like planning a great vacation.  You daydream about it, it makes you happy.  Every so often you take a minute to have your little daydream, you feel great, you're smiling and at ease. You 'wake up', get back to what ever is going on in your life, not worried about it, not really thinking about it anymore.  You don't know when you are going to take the vacation,but you can be happy about it even though you don't really have any set plans or know when you will ever have the time or money to actually do it.

Then, boom, suddenly the time situation clears up and you find this great package advertised to the place you want to go.  Or even better, your company sends you on an all expenses paid training trip. (That is what happened to me)  Yes, I had to spend about 6 hours a day in classes 5 days a week, but everything else was great.  I didn't even have to pay for meals. That trip didn't cost me a cent, I got paid my normal rate and overtime, even for travel.

When I was looking for a job, I figured out what kind of job I wanted. I wanted to sit at a desk, no phones, no one bothering me, and do paperwork.  Then an ad sort of jumped out at me one day, so I applied.  It turned out to be EXACTLY what I wanted. 

I think the main thing is not to feel desperate.  There are jobs out there. Think about what kind of job you want, the rate of pay,etc.  Actually imagine doing this kind of job.  And relax.  Trust that the universe is scrounging around arranging this job to open up for you. One day soon you will notice an ad, and you are off to the (rat)races!


I think the key is, That you can not manifest out of desperation...However if you pick up that want ad and say I know I will find the perfect job. That is letting go of the desperation and letting the Universe help you find the job, there has to be some action on your part. As far as vision boards go they are a great tool for looking at the things you want and getting the good emotions of knowing they will be yours, focusing on things from a place of happiness manifest them, focusing on things from desperation/negitiveness will not, see the difference?

Love Light Laughter


Hi Grant, I agree with the others who have posted answere here.

Letting go means making peace with where you are so that you aren't in the 'desperate' vibe.

It also doesn't mean doing nothing. When you ask, the answer is given. So what does that look like?

Situations, people and information start coming to you to address your request. You must act on these to create what you have desired.

Life is like a conversation that way: You are asking, the Universe is answering, and you are responding. This goes on and on because you are continually refining your desires. Desire never stops. When you have the job nailed down, what will come next? Better job, more money, nicer this or that...whatever it is there will be another thing and another thing that you desire.



For myself, the thing to do is to begin to turn attention away from thoughts, which as Bashar offers, is a mechanism for telling you how and what HAS happened, not what or how something CAN happen.


Our thoughts tell us to search the want ads and knock on doors.


However, in interconnection and synchronicity, the thing to tune into is your impressions, impulses and intuition.


Like that, you set your intention to have a job, then as you are about to settle into doing the want ad search, you suddenly get an urge to go take a walk in the park, instead.


Now of course your head will tell you that this is foolishness and irresponsible to go indulge yourself in a casual walk through the park while you are unemployed. You "should" be looking for work...responsibly.


So, you shove the feeling aside and get down to it and while you may feel that you've done all you can, you come away empty handed again.


Meanwhile, if you'd taken the walk in the park, the individual who has the perfect job for you and was synchronously...non-locally drawn by your intention to be in that park, would have been there.


Our reality/universe knows what we want and tries to nudge us in the direction of these things. But often, we are so focused on our thinking and doing what it tells us to do, based on past experience, that we ignore or are unaware of how our "what" is inspiring our reality to offer us the "how" if we will but follow where it leads.


How we find fulfillment, is out of our hands in terms of our awareness, most often. Which is alright. As long as we know what we want, our reality, our universe, takes care of the how in ways we cannot foresee or imagine.


The same way that when you make the determination to walk across the room, the billions of details...muscle and tendon movement...blood flow and oxygen conversion and respiration and pulse etc., etc., etc...is all seen to and taken care of in one fluid expression.


If you had to mentally calculate and control the how of all of this, we'd never be able to cross the room with our singular focus of awareness. We'd be overwhelmed.


Trust. Follow the inner senses that compel you to do what may not make logical or rational sense in the moment and allow that you are following the bread crumbs to your heart's desires.





Joseph Murphy said : The principle reasons for failure are: Lack of confidence and too much effort. So yes, give up, quit trying sooooooooo hard and chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil out!!!!
Maybe being ready to give was all it took.


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