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My boyfriend and I broke up a month ago and got back together last saturday, exactly a month after we broke up. Ours was a very beautiful relationship and he fell in love with me at first sight. He had a crush on me for a long time but didn't have the encourage to say it. Even after he told me , I never had any such feeling for him. But gradually we became close friends and a fight between us made me realise that I had fallen for him. though neither of us proposed eachother, we knew about eachothers feelings and we became couples. However we came from different religions which caused many problems between us.He was afrraid of hurting me in the end if our parents don't accept our relationship and he broke up with me. I was devastated but I knew we would eventually get back. I knew this relationship was worth a new chance and googled ways to get him back. Ihats when I came upon law of attraction and after reading many articles, I realised that I had used it in my life many times. I had even manifested our break-up because I was afraid he would leave me.

I decided that I am not going to give up on him and gave him space. I knew he still loved me and he wouldn't go to anyone else. I read many articles, saw videos by Leeor Alexandra, Veronica, downloaded Secret. I asked for my wish, wrote down my affirmations and let things go. I started focusing on myself and making myself happy.Thank fully I had my exams and was occupied most of the time. I started my day with gratitude for all the things in my life, including my boyfriend. I never called him ex. I never told my friends about our breakup and acted as if he was still my boyfriend. I started visualizing our life together. I focused on the feeling he gave me. There were days when I felt negative and I never pushed them away, I just let them pass. There were days when I felt like crying and I just let myself cry.

Whenever negative thoughts cropped up, I wrote them down in my diary and wrote their positives under them. In between I was in contact with my guy and we used to chat casually and through these chats I knew he still loved me. This increased my hope. As I stay away from home, he said he wanted to meet me when I came and we had planned things. I had this feeling in my mind that we would reunite when we meet. I heard about journaling and wrote down whatever I wanted. When he said he wanted to meet me, I had journaled how I wanted it to go in detail. I even have a pinterest board on our name which has everything I wish to have with him.

During the week before we were supposed to meet, I saw so many signs in my life. My roommate got back with her boyfriend, I started seeing repetitive numbers especially 11:11, there was more synchronisities, started seeing rainbows. Whenever I put my music on shuffle, our song used to come up first. I saw his nickname (which was a not a common one) in a book I read. Also the buses here have specific names and I saw his name on the bus I took home the day before we met. This increased my faith and I knew my desire was manifesting.

However I never kept a hope that we would patch up that day. He never showed any signs. He always told me he only saw me as a friend even though I knew it was very hard for him do so. Even on the day we met, he had messaged me the same. I never let them deter my hopes and we went out. We talked a lot. And exactly as I had written in my journal, he was staring at me the whole time I was talking. suddenly out of the blue, he promised to stay positive about our relationship having a future and to try for us. everything happened the way I had wanted. Also when we met we even saw a rainbow and I knew it was a good sign. Also when I visualised and affirmed, I always visualised having a new relationship. He has started trying for us and even said I was the biggest weakness in his life. I am so happy and I wish every one who is manifesting their goals, a very big good luck. You have the power to change your life and live it the way you want. If you have any doubts, I am really glad to help you.

Happy manifesting.



Hey guys.

Me and my boyfriend had some problems and we again went back to where we before patch up. As I told you, we both are from different religion, I had this fear in mind that he will leave. I had this thought in my mind just for a day and it happened exactly. My fear led to us separating. Also his parents are separated and unless every problems get solved, he doesnt want me to be burdened with his family problems. He doesnt want to go around as his girlfriend unless all his family problems are solved and his parents reunite. Both of us want his parents to reunite.

And yesterday I had the co stant thoughts that his mother is living together with them. Also I dreamt the same. All I know is that we both want to live with eachother. We both know we are perfect and the one for each other. Now I am trying to manifedt his parents back together which is what we both want. Can someone please give me some motivation. I know I have the power to change my situations and I did see quotes on not giving up on him. I even saw a rainbow on the day we got back. Also I have been seeing his name too.

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So happy for you!!! ❤️

thank you :)

YAY!!!! I'M SO HAPPY TO HEAR THIS! Best of luck to the both of you! <3


Thank You Leila.

You were a great source of inspiration for me.

OMG, I am so happy for you, my dear! <3 Seriously, I cannot stay in a place right now as if this had happened to me <3 Congratulations!

Your story seems to be one of the answers I had been looking for. It came as a confirmation that anything is possible. I still have mixed vibrations and don't trust myself too much, and I guess this is why he's not back yet, my thoughts and feelings don't help me too much, otherwise, he would have been back by now, but I've been getting better in the last 2 days or so. And I take your story as a clearer sign from the Universe that I am on the right path as well :D

I have also watched Veronica and Leeor Alexandra on YouTube, they are amazing <3 Right now, I'm trying to manifest a job, and I have applied to some companies and my phone just keeps ringing with job offers xD However, I have my eyes set on 2 companies and one of them called me yesterday, and I am having the interview next week, so wish me luck ^^ Also, I have seen repeating numbers, especially 111, 222, 333 and 777, and I think they are the luckiest angel numbers (someone correct me, please, if I am wrong). Even today, when I was going to another interview and I was on the bus, when I looked at the clock, it was 11:11 AM :) One day, when I woke up, I looked at the clock and it was 10:49 AM (or something like that), and I said in my mind "Next time I look at the clock, it will be 11:11", and guess what? When I next looked at the clock, it was indeed 11:11 AM :) And so much more. I guess the Universe is giving me job offers and a lot of other things to do to keep me busy and motivated and happy, so that it will bring my lover back in the most unexpected and beautiful way <3 I even saw his family name a lot, and I even came across a blog whose author had exactly the same name as his :D (I was googling for something, and I found that blog; it wasn't him, but another guy with the same name; and I also found out about the LOA while I was searching on the Internet for methods on how to get him back :D and I remembered then that I had the book the "The Secret" in my home, so I read it even twice; I also read "The Power" on the Internet, as well as some of Goddard's works).

Would you mind if we talked privately and if I gave you more details there about the signs that I've been encountering, so that you can help me a bit with my mixed thoughts and feelings?

However, I think soon enough, you and other members are going to read my story here as well. I just KNOW it's on its way, and I have to let it come to me ^^

And your story gives me even more hope, because you also spent almost 2 months with your guy, just like me, so everything is possible. And we can still communicate, since the communication lines are open, but we haven't done this for a few weeks, and I think we're not ready yet, but I feel that we will soon be ^^

Thanks a lot again for your wonderful story, and thanks to the Universe for leading me to your story! <3 Much love to you and everyone from here, and I hope everything will be very good with your guy! <3

I really want us to talk in private :)

of course you can message me. I will be glad to help you.


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