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My boyfriend and I broke up two months ago and finally got back together this past weekend! :) Prior to our breakup I had never intentionally used the law of attraction and actually did not know much about it. I realized that a couple of my closest friends had been using LOA to manifest many of the things already in their lives, so I decided to try it out. I was so skeptical but gave it a shot. BOY DID IT WORK!

I also want to say that our breakup was terrible - I mean TERRIBLE. I honestly thought we were over for good from how terrible and downright evil we had been towards one another towards the end of the relationship, so I promise whatever the reason for the breakup, the law of attraction WILL work. 

So this is how I did it!

1. I cut off all contact. I blocked him on facebook, instagram, snapchat, everything. You personally don't have to do this, but for me, seeing his profile only made me obsessive and jealous and that will make you enter into a state of desperation which is not conducive with getting your ex back - it'll just create resistance.

2. I had to take a step back and assess and accept why we broke up. IT WAS ME! I was obsessive and crazy and had unrealistic expectations. I accused him of cheating and sent SO much negative energy towards the relationship. In the same way that you can manifest success in a relationship, you can also manifest a breakup, which, go figure, I did exactly that.

3. I took back control of my life and I focused 110% on ME! I already KNEW he was coming back so I focused all of my energy on becoming the best version of myself and being the person and the partner that I wanted to be. I got into shape, took care of myself, read a lot, spent time with my family and friends and focused on my career. I laughed a lot and developed a true love for my life. I put myself on a pedestal. I mentally created a beautiful gold pedestal and would get up on that pedestal, and envision myself as my most beautiful, happiest self. In this life, we only have ourselves and the sooner we begin loving and appreciating ourselves for everything we are, the happier we will be! I realize now that my lovely boyfriend was never able to make me happy because I wasn't happy with myself. When you are unhappy inside, nothing external can make you happy. But when you find happiness within your soul, that happiness will spill into every other aspect of your life. 

4. I lived my life in gratitude. I wrote in my gratitude journal every single morning and would take a walk outside each day and think of all the things I'm grateful for. I shifted my perspective to an abundance mindset. I saw all of the beautiful blessings in life and oh my goodness, the amount of love and generosity I experience from life now still amazes me. Just this morning, a stranger bought me coffee because he said that he could feel the love of life in my heart and wanted to do something kind for me. TRUST ME, people can feel your energy!

5. I visualized at least once a day. I visualized every single morning after writing in my gratitude journal, as my heart was in a good state, ideal for visualization. I also visualized if I felt like it throughout the day, but did not think too much about it. You do NOT have to visualize all the time for your manifestation to come to life! If anything, visualizing a lot could potentially be detrimental, as it could lead to feelings of desperation and lack. 

6. I sent him lots of loving thoughts and lived "as if." Whenever I would think of him I would tell him loving things and send him thoughts of love and warmth. I NEVER EVER sent him any negative thoughts. I believed he was already mine. I never called him my ex and only called him by his name or as "my boyfriend."

7. I let go. I KNOW. It's SO hard. But doing all of the work on myself and focusing on my own growth made me realize a few things: 

- I am not the only lucky one! My boyfriend was also lucky to have an amazing girlfriend like me! 

- If he is the one, then he is the one. If he is truly mine, then the universe will bring us back together.

I know it's hard, but you have to trust that the universe is doing the absolute best for you. 

So here's how everything went down. The week before we got back together, I knew that he'd be coming back soon. I have no idea how, but I knew. I changed his name in my phone back to the pet name I had called him and looked at a picture of him and spoke loving thoughts to it. I cut off all the other men I had been casually dating and told my friends and family that me and him were back together. I needed a favor from him that week so I casually texted him asking if he'd help me out. He happily obliged and asked me to get dinner.

He picked me up and could not stop staring at me. He said that I looked different - that it was like happiness was just radiating from me. At dinner, he also mentioned that I seemed a lot calmer and happier. Eventually, he broke down and told me that he missed me and couldn't imagine his life without me. I laughed it off and changed the topic. He brought it back up and said he missed me every single day of our breakup and thought of me non-stop. He said he constantly felt my presence around him and that being with me in person made him realize he doesn't want another day without me in his life. He asked me to please take him back and I said okay, maybe I kinda miss you, let's try again. We are now back together and honestly, we are so happy. Also the breakup was the best thing in the world because as much as I love him, it made me learn to love myself! I learned how amazing and wonderful I am and that I am the star of my own show, not him! 

Also, my boyfriend is not the kind of guy to EVER go back to an ex, or "try again" or anything like that. He is the most stubborn man in the WORLD. He is also not an emotional person, so I'm telling you that this was definitely the work of the universe. If I got him back, you can get your ex back too!

Also, I'm happy to answer any questions if anyone has them! Just remember, the universe is working FOR YOU!!

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Thanks! :) All of this is helpful. Did you mention this has been your first real experience with LOA? That's very impressive, you seem incredibly well versed in it - bravo! You'll never want to go back to creating by default. :)

So let me actually tell you my LOA story - it's a little weird but I believe the universe was preparing me for something bigger than myself.

I had heard the term "LOA" thrown around by a couple of my friends. The first one had been using it to attract a lot of women and for career success and but also used it for some things that are downright immoral and evil (getting revenge on people, things like that). I mostly found it amusing but didn't take it too seriously. Then I had an old friend come into my life very abruptly and we fell back into our friendship. He began to talk to me about consciousness and being awakened and I thought he was a little off, but I didn't let it affect our friendship. He also had talked about the law of attraction to me but I didn't believe it. I then started dating my current boyfriend and this friend left my life, saying that he felt bad energy there and that I need to stay away from my boyfriend - which actually, my friend was not wrong, my boyfriend HAS put me through a lot, and I am actually battling internally now regarding whether or not I want to continue this relationship with him. But anyway, a couple of months into dating, I began to feel depressed and anxious and had been reading Oprah's book "What I Know For Sure" and then had heard Oprah knew about LOA. I was like what is this thing that everyone is talking about? I started to learn more about it, and then when my boyfriend and I broke up, I decided to actively use it to get him back and threw myself into literature around LOA. One thing about me is if I want to know something, I will do ALL the research I can about it. But now, connecting the dots looking back, I can see how I actually manifested an unhealthy relationship, and my breakup, so I knew I could fix things! I also see how the universe was preparing me for this work with LOA. Just wanted to share. And YES! I love knowing that I have the power to create whatever reality I want! :) 


That's amazing! You definitely have a go-getter vibe! I love hearing people's stories, it's so funny how often they begin with "I never believed in it before". 

One of my fave things about deliberate creation is that everything can be transformed. Whenever I'm conflicted about a situation I remember a teaching that really inspired me that reminds me "You take yourself with you wherever you go. So stay or go, it doesn't really matter, make a decision and line up with it and as you raise your vibration everything around you will have to rise up to meet you where you are - it is law."

I LOVE that because it makes our job as simple (but still hard sometimes!) as getting into alignment and then watching what happens. In that sense it's not even possible to NOT get what you want, whether it's this or something better! Everything shifts into place with your better feeling thoughts.

Thanks for sharing your story! So excited for this journey you're on. 

Thank you! It's crazy but this journey has actually really turned me into a "go-getter." I used to be way more passive in life and just watched it "pass me by" until I learned that I have full control, which has been such a huge revelation! I used to think I have no control, and went to believing I have FULL control. I wish I could share this with everyone in my life and make them see it, but I know from my own experience that they have to believe it themselves too. 

thank you ALL for being a part of this journey with me!


Leila! I was at coffee with another LOA friend today and my love's bday is next week, she asked if I was going to reach out. I had contemplated but I feel I just want to trust in the universe, send him love energy that day - but not really reach out. What are you thoughts? I have reached out several times since we parted, but now that I am feeling so great about myself, I just feel I don't need to! lol 

Secondly - amazing things are happen, I FEEL IT COMING!!!! I trust so much, more than EVER! Another ex reached out saying something that I visualized my love saying!!! can't wait to share my success and hopefully inspire others, like you have!

Hey Meoewmeow!

Personally, I wouldn't but it depends on your relationship and boyfriend and how you think he'll react. If you're asking from an LOA perspective, sending him love energy is a great idea and since this is your desire, he is already on his way, it shouldn't affect him. But if you feel inspired action to do so, then trust yourself and the universe! I do believe every circumstance is a little different. :) 

And YAY! That's so great to hear! I am so excited for you! Keep on being positive!


Thank you! It's amazing the things you can appreciate more when you really decide to put yourself first

This thing about talking to your friends about your goals... Well, my mother and grandmother have always taught me not to tell anyone about my goals until they come to fruition. They told me that what I do and/or want is no one else's business, and that not everyone has good intentions when it comes to you. Some of them may secretly hope you fail. And boy, were they right! And even now, on my journey about the LOA, I've read some articles that advised me NOT to talk to my friends or other relatives about my goals, since, even though their intentions may be good, not everyone thinks like you, and some of these people may have negative opinions, and, without you realizing this, you get influenced by their negative points of view, you come to a place where your vibrations are so low that you start doubting about your desire, you no longer feel like you can make it, like your desire is worth pursuing or trying to make it come true. Been there, done that. Even now, with my guy, I was down after the break-up, and I would always talk to my friends about the break-up and about how I wanted him back. Some of them were supportive, but some others just told me that he would never come back, to stop thinking of him because there are plenty of fish in the sea, that there are better men around, that he didn't want me any more, and that I should just be realistic and move on. This really killed my faith and my vibrations. I started crying a lot, thinking that there was no chance of me and him reconciling again. I would often contradict them by telling them what a great guy he is (he is, indeed), and that they knew nothing about our situation. And they compared my experience with theirs, saying that their exes didn't come back, but WTF? Every story is different, and just because their exes didn't come back, doesn't mean mine won't come back when the time is right. In fact, I attracted some exes in the past when I didn't think too much of them or of their return without even knowing about the LOA, but I didn't get back together with them, because I was the one who didn't want that at that point, but I will get together with this guy when he comes back (I think he will come some way or another). A little time ago, I decided to stop talking to my friends about my desire to attract my guy once again, and honestly, I feel better. I only talk about this with my mother and some people from this forum. In fact, one of the articles I mentioned above advised to talk about such things with someone who knows how LOA works. I will tell my friends about this only after me and my guy get together again.

And about the so-called Christians that Rackie mentioned... please! She is right. I think they are the most unfaithful people, maybe more unfaithful than ordinary people. They really are faith-killers. I cringe a lot when I hear someone say that it's not God's will to have what you desire or the person you desire. C'mon, as someone on the forum said on another thread (and this is my belief as well), God wants only what's best for you! If you have a desire, it's because God KNOWS that you can manifest it if you have faith and truly believe that it's going to happen, and then act as if you already have it. God gives you whatever you want, but you just have to help Him by being positive, having faith and believing with all your heart and soul that your desire is coming. All those things that God doesn't want you to have this and that are just bulls*it. God wants you to have everything you desire, so don't give up, and don't listen to anyone! As long as you know deep inside your heart that your desire is manifesting, then no need to worry or listen to others' opinions, especially if they are negative.

Have a good day! ^^

Hi Leila! I love your name by the way.

I loved reading your story and it has given me a lot of hope and inspiration.

I was wondering what you did when you were becoming impatient? If you ever felt that...

I’ve been working and focusing on myself- self love affirmations, meditation, gratitude lists and everything! And the last two weeks I started to feel amazing and detached. He even started texting me every day last week!

However, him texting me every day made me become attached again and now I feel blah lol. I’m also away on a trip by myself- which I came on to clear my mind but it’s having the opposite affect and I feel worst than I’ve felt in a long time! I feel trapped and alone and impatient. Any advice you can give me? Thanks in advance :)
Okay so I’m feeling much better this morning! As Abraham says, momentum stops when you’re asleep. I’m actually reading The Power of Now too so I should just take his advice and live in the now :P hard to do though when momentum increases rapidly and you start becomming obsessed with everything!

The Power of Now is an AMAZING book! I love love love Eckhart. The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer is also one you'd probably like if you like the power of now. 


Thank you! The funny thing is it's not my real name, it was supposed to be but my parents went with something else at the last minute..I just didn't want to use my real name on this forum in case someone I knew came across it, especially my boyfriend! He's aware of the law of attraction and has used it himself...so I didn't want him to know what I was up to :) 

I understand feeling impatient. The key is creating a life where there is no room to feel impatient. Stay busy, work on yourself...I used to tell myself that he's on his way back and he's just not here yet because I'm working on myself, and I used to think about all of the exciting things I'd share with him when he was back. Also, my boyfriend went on a lot of business trips, so I used to use those to imagine him on an extended vacation, because he wouldn't have had a lot of time to talk to me anyway. I also, personally, did date a lot of other men, and this helped me because it kept my energy up and made me feel more desirable and good about myself. I eventually realized that I don't need my boyfriend, and that any man would be lucky to be with me! That was right before he came back. 

Him coming back into your life is a little bit tricky and it's where I started tripping up myself. I would take comfort in the fact that if this is your soulmate and the two of you are meant to be, there is nothing that a couple of days or weeks of you on a trip is going to do to keep the two of you apart - you have your whole life to be together! And just focus on the great and fun things you're doing on your trip that you'll get to share with him! I took a trip myself and had so much fun telling my boyfriend all about it when we got back together.

Also, from an actual just relationship advice perspective...make sure to not fall back into the same relationship. I made that mistake and my boyfriend and I have been going back and forth trying to figure out how to have a healthier relationship when we've already fallen back into similar patterns. Show him that you are strong and committed to creating a NEW relationship that is healthier for the both of you!

I hope that helps <3



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