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My boyfriend and I broke up two months ago and finally got back together this past weekend! :) Prior to our breakup I had never intentionally used the law of attraction and actually did not know much about it. I realized that a couple of my closest friends had been using LOA to manifest many of the things already in their lives, so I decided to try it out. I was so skeptical but gave it a shot. BOY DID IT WORK!

I also want to say that our breakup was terrible - I mean TERRIBLE. I honestly thought we were over for good from how terrible and downright evil we had been towards one another towards the end of the relationship, so I promise whatever the reason for the breakup, the law of attraction WILL work. 

So this is how I did it!

1. I cut off all contact. I blocked him on facebook, instagram, snapchat, everything. You personally don't have to do this, but for me, seeing his profile only made me obsessive and jealous and that will make you enter into a state of desperation which is not conducive with getting your ex back - it'll just create resistance.

2. I had to take a step back and assess and accept why we broke up. IT WAS ME! I was obsessive and crazy and had unrealistic expectations. I accused him of cheating and sent SO much negative energy towards the relationship. In the same way that you can manifest success in a relationship, you can also manifest a breakup, which, go figure, I did exactly that.

3. I took back control of my life and I focused 110% on ME! I already KNEW he was coming back so I focused all of my energy on becoming the best version of myself and being the person and the partner that I wanted to be. I got into shape, took care of myself, read a lot, spent time with my family and friends and focused on my career. I laughed a lot and developed a true love for my life. I put myself on a pedestal. I mentally created a beautiful gold pedestal and would get up on that pedestal, and envision myself as my most beautiful, happiest self. In this life, we only have ourselves and the sooner we begin loving and appreciating ourselves for everything we are, the happier we will be! I realize now that my lovely boyfriend was never able to make me happy because I wasn't happy with myself. When you are unhappy inside, nothing external can make you happy. But when you find happiness within your soul, that happiness will spill into every other aspect of your life. 

4. I lived my life in gratitude. I wrote in my gratitude journal every single morning and would take a walk outside each day and think of all the things I'm grateful for. I shifted my perspective to an abundance mindset. I saw all of the beautiful blessings in life and oh my goodness, the amount of love and generosity I experience from life now still amazes me. Just this morning, a stranger bought me coffee because he said that he could feel the love of life in my heart and wanted to do something kind for me. TRUST ME, people can feel your energy!

5. I visualized at least once a day. I visualized every single morning after writing in my gratitude journal, as my heart was in a good state, ideal for visualization. I also visualized if I felt like it throughout the day, but did not think too much about it. You do NOT have to visualize all the time for your manifestation to come to life! If anything, visualizing a lot could potentially be detrimental, as it could lead to feelings of desperation and lack. 

6. I sent him lots of loving thoughts and lived "as if." Whenever I would think of him I would tell him loving things and send him thoughts of love and warmth. I NEVER EVER sent him any negative thoughts. I believed he was already mine. I never called him my ex and only called him by his name or as "my boyfriend."

7. I let go. I KNOW. It's SO hard. But doing all of the work on myself and focusing on my own growth made me realize a few things: 

- I am not the only lucky one! My boyfriend was also lucky to have an amazing girlfriend like me! 

- If he is the one, then he is the one. If he is truly mine, then the universe will bring us back together.

I know it's hard, but you have to trust that the universe is doing the absolute best for you. 

So here's how everything went down. The week before we got back together, I knew that he'd be coming back soon. I have no idea how, but I knew. I changed his name in my phone back to the pet name I had called him and looked at a picture of him and spoke loving thoughts to it. I cut off all the other men I had been casually dating and told my friends and family that me and him were back together. I needed a favor from him that week so I casually texted him asking if he'd help me out. He happily obliged and asked me to get dinner.

He picked me up and could not stop staring at me. He said that I looked different - that it was like happiness was just radiating from me. At dinner, he also mentioned that I seemed a lot calmer and happier. Eventually, he broke down and told me that he missed me and couldn't imagine his life without me. I laughed it off and changed the topic. He brought it back up and said he missed me every single day of our breakup and thought of me non-stop. He said he constantly felt my presence around him and that being with me in person made him realize he doesn't want another day without me in his life. He asked me to please take him back and I said okay, maybe I kinda miss you, let's try again. We are now back together and honestly, we are so happy. Also the breakup was the best thing in the world because as much as I love him, it made me learn to love myself! I learned how amazing and wonderful I am and that I am the star of my own show, not him! 

Also, my boyfriend is not the kind of guy to EVER go back to an ex, or "try again" or anything like that. He is the most stubborn man in the WORLD. He is also not an emotional person, so I'm telling you that this was definitely the work of the universe. If I got him back, you can get your ex back too!

Also, I'm happy to answer any questions if anyone has them! Just remember, the universe is working FOR YOU!!

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Hello again, everyone! ^^

As I said, I come here quite often to read Leila's story and tips to keep me motivated, as well as other success stories that I find here and on "The Secret" website.

I have a few things to say:

1. Since yesterday, I've been having such a great mood and a sudden burst of energy. I've just been feeling good lately. I feel like I am about to manifest my guy, and I think the Universe gave me the power to believe with my whole heart and being that he is on his way to me (I even asked the Universe two nights ago to help me keep my faith and to help me stay positive, to assure me that my guy is about to be manifested). And yes, I'm actually starting to believe more and more each day in the manifestation of my guy in the physical reality, I am slowly starting to act "as if" (maybe this is the reason of my sudden burst of energy). I've just been in a good mood in the last two days for apparently no reason, but there is a reason: maybe my guy is closer than I think, and I just need to have faith, to be as stubborn as possible (if I can put it like this), and keep believing in his return. And I kind of FEEL that something good about me an my guy is on its way to us. I don't know what it is or how and when it will happen, but I just know it will happen soon. I have this deep feeling that he is going to contact me soon. I've started to visualize a text that I would like to receive from him, and after that, how I would like things to be with us after we get together as if we were already together. I am quite confident that I am going to receive a text from him soon, and I somehow started thinking of what I'll wear when we meet, as if I had already received his text in which he asks me out because he misses me and wants to give our relationship another try xD Is it wrong that I'm thinking of what to wear when we meet as if I have already received his message? As I said, I don't know how and when I'll receive it, I just know I will, and that something good is about to happen to us. And I have that state in which I cannot stay in a place, the same state I have when I can hardly wait for an event. As I said, I don't know what it is or how and when it will happen, but I can hardly wait for it. I just KNOW that something good is going to happen, and I cannot wait for it. I am happy, as if it had already happened, just that.

2. I've been seeing repetitive numbers more often than usual (such as 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 777 - these are the numbers that I have encountered the most; in fact, even today, when I was in the bus going to the faculty, as I was staring through the window of the bus, I saw a car that had the number 777 on its license plate pass by; and when I looked at the clock in the bus, it was 11:11 AM). I started seeing my guy's family name more often lately (on Facebook I saw people with the same family name as his; I am not talking about his first name, since it is a common name here in Romania, just like mine, so I wouldn't see it as a coincidence). And I started seeing a bit more ads or posts about his hobbies (i.e. video games; today, I saw a big ad on the street about games, and one game that I know he plays caught my eye on that ad).

3. Last Friday, I went to a mall with some friends, and I felt like I was about to lose my faith. While I was waiting to order my food, I found a coin there. At first, I ignored it, but then, it kind of caught my eye, so I took it and thanked the Universe in my mind. I've read that if you're about to lose the faith in your desire, the angels and/or the Universe will send you small gifts, such as coins or feathers to reassure you that they support you and that you should never lose your faith, because you're on the right path towards manifesting what you want. Then, the music from there was set on a radio station that plays rock music (the kind of music me and my guy mostly listen to), which was unexpected for me, since I had never heard rock music in a mall. Then, they played Bon Jovi's song "Keep the Faith". At that moment, I didn't realize that the song was asking me not to lose my faith, I just enjoyed the music. On that evening, when I got home, I saw the number 222, which advises you (from what I know) not to lose your faith. The next day, I wanted to listen to some music, but I didn't know what song I should listen to, I had no inspiration. Then it struck me to listen to Bon Jovi's "Keep the Faith". As I was looking for the song on YouTube, it suddenly hit me that I had listened to it the previous day at the mall, when I was about to lose my faith. I was like "Wait a sec! 'Keep the faith!' KEEP. THE. FAITH! OMG, it was the Universe's message for me last evening, but I didn't get to hear it, and it gave me the chance to do it now, in silence!". So yes, I guess this was Universe's way to tell me "I offered you this song as a response to your doubts last evening, but don't worry, I'm not mad at you for not hearing its real message last evening, since you were in a crowded and noisy place with your friends doing your thing. Now, I've just given you the chance to listen to this song more closely here, in your room, in silence, and understand its message." Now, every time when I'm about to lose my faith, I play this song ^^ So I was asked by the Universe 3 times in a day to keep my faith  (the coin, Bon Jovi's song and the number 222).

4. I am not a fan of Ed Sheeran's music, but for 2 weeks, his song, "Perfect", seems to be following me. During these 2 weeks, I've RANDOMLY heard this song 6 times, I guess. This song describes exactly what I feel about my guy, what I would like our relationship to be like, and the video does the same thing: it shows the exact actions I want to do with my lover, and they even have a cute cat in the video, and both me and my guy love cats. The first time, I was at a friend's house and this song started playing on TV, the second time I heard it in a bus when I was coming home from the faculty, two times I heard it in restaurants, and today, I was at someone's home, and the TV was on a music channel, and again they played this song and its video. And even when I went on YouTube yesterday, I saw the video of this song among the recent trends. And now, I googled Ed Sheeran, because I wanted to make sure I spelled his name correctly, and the video of "Perfect" just appeared there.

5. Small manifestations started to speed up somehow, and started happening more often than usual. For example, every time when I leave home, I say that the bus is coming soon and I get to the faculty on time or even earlier, and this is what happens: the bus comes soon, and I get to the faculty on time or earlier. Sometimes, when I think of a friend, he/she would soon call or text me. My friends started taking me out more often, and I see these things as opportunities given by the Universe to raise my vibration and receive the love of my guy. And last Sunday, me and a friend happened to wear almost exactly the same outfit, and we hadn't even talked before about what we were going to wear xD

6. Last night, I visualized a text message from him, as I said above. And my reaction was very real. I almost cried of happiness as if I had received his message and told myself "I knew it!! The Law of Attraction DOES work!! I knew it!!! I'm glad I didn't give up on my love! Ahem, now, Ana, calm down, and reply calmly xD", as if it had just happened. And before I went to bed, I visualized me and him meeting and how he tells me that he missed me, that he's sorry for leaving me, and how I am trying to calm him down, and make him stop putting the blame on himself, and forget the past, because it's gone and that I forgave him some time ago already, and we are about to start something new now. At first, I couldn't fall asleep, because, as I said, I felt happy because I cannot wait for something good to happen, but I did fall asleep in the end, and I dreamed of him. I don't remember the whole dream, but I remember I dreamed of him staying on a kind of a small sofa, and I came from behind and put my arms around him, and he raised his glance at me and smiled. I then kissed his forehead, and he closed his eyes as he enjoyed my little kiss on his forehead and smiled even more. Could this mean something?

So, Leila and the others that are active on this thread, what do you think about what I've said? I think these are huge signs that I'm manifesting my guy :D What about you? ^^ Thank you in advance :)

Ana! I think you're on the right path. in fact... I KNOW YOU ARE!

The most important thing is how you feel and what you believe. I too am in an AWESOME place. I place of knowing it will happen in best timing. Therefore, I do not focus on the why or how! But universe has provided signs for me too :) feel it.believe it. ITS YOURS <3

for me the past week:

-manifested a text from a family member that I haven't spoken to in a while!

-manifested money OUT OF NO WHERE! 

-another ex came back saying things I visualized my love saying!

-I was thinking of my love and our song came on  (haven't heard in months) while driving and the car in front of me plate was SOULM8 = soulmate! LOL I'm not attached to any signs, but I knew this meant something

- saw a friend I was thinking of reaching out to and today saw them in the most RANDOM place (another city, a small coffee shop) 

Thank you! ^^

Another sign for me happened 2 or 3 weeks ago. I asked the Universe to hear from an old friend that I hadn't talked to for some time (it didn't matter who that friend was - I have some old friends that I haven't talked to for a while) in the following 24 hours. Nothing happened in 24 hours, but it happened after 48 hours (this taught me that there is no time in the Universe; there is only the right time in the Universe, not the linear time that we know). A girl that I hadn't talked to since September last year when it was her birthday finally replied to a message of mine from then. She told me she was sorry for not replying for so long, but she hadn't been doing too well mentally, and that she was still trying then to get better (I guess she also went through a tough phase as well), and that she hoped everything was fine with me. Another friend of mine that I hadn't talked to for more than a year sent me a follow request on Instagram 3-4 days ago, and I accepted his request (it was a guy). He didn't say anything, but at least, he followed me on Instagram. Then, 2-3 days ago, a girl that I hadn't talked to for like 3 years or more (we were classmates in high school) contacted me on Facebook. She just asked me to help her with a "like" for a photo with some children at some kind of a contest (maybe some acquaintances of hers). It was not much, I know, but she sent me a text, and I'm glad she asked me for help.

I am glad you're also getting signs that everything is going to be alright ^^ And sometimes I still have doubts, but I'm slowly managing to fight against them. When a doubt or a fear comes, I'm like "Nope, nope, nope! Go away, you're not welcome here, I've chosen my reality, and you're NOT part of it! So, please, go away! Thank you!", and I try to come back to what I really want. Sometimes I even say to my brain something like "C'mon, brain, focus on my desire, please! Thank you!" xD

And I'm not attached to signs, either. I mean, I don't look for them. I came across all the signs I listed above randomly, out of the blue. :)

LOL love it! "nope nope nope. You're not welcome here!" 

I do the same. It actually is kind of funny when you think of it. You tell your brain to shut up and move along, good thoughts only! ;) I am so glad I started commenting- I use to be silent on here. But I love knowing we are all on the same journey and can really uplift each other!

Yes, I am trying to do what Leila said in one of her comments: to give my negative thoughts a personality, to talk to them as if they were real persons, so that they will go away faster xD And it's funnier this way xD

And today was the day of repeated numbers for me. As I was in the bus on my way to the faculty, and staring through the window, I suddenly felt the need to look back, and when I looked back, I saw a parked car that had the number 111 on its license plate. Then, at a traffic light, I saw another parked car with the number 111, and a few moments after that, a car with the number 777 stopped at the same traffic light (the funny thing is that I had just finished a visualization about me and my guy before seeing these two cars xD). Then, as I was getting ready to get off the bus, the bus passed by two parked cars with the number 222. Then, as I was walking towards the faculty, I saw another parked car with the number 222. And I don't remember where, but I remember I also saw a car with the number 888 xD And I saw on FB a post with 111 comments xD

YES! Isn't it so amusing? I actually got this idea after reading The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer & reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle - they talk about these ideas a lot. 



THAT'S SO AMAZING! I can feel the love and energy through your words! I'm so happy to see that things are looking up. :) Those are all such clear signs that your desire is on its way for you!

Also, I have read that dreams are actually great in telling you whether you're on the right track and will usually give you glimpses into the reality that you're creating, but I have not read extensively on this, so if anyone else has insight that'd be awesome. 

Also, the smaller manifestations coming to fruition is a huge sign! 


Thank you a lot :)

Today I was a bit down, I still have doubts creeping in, but as I said to Meowmeow, I try your method of talking to my negative thoughts as if they were real persons. But I still felt good, I still had that little feeling that something good with me and my guy is going to happen soon. I don't know when, where and how, but I feel it will happen. I have the feeling that he is going to invite me somewhere in order to create that better and new relationship that I want. Maybe he will, even if we haven't talked for a month, but it doesn't matter. We kept the communication lines open, so we can contact each other any time we want. There are people who haven't talked to their lovers for a much longer period of time and still they managed to get back together.

And I also have doubts regarding the length of the relationship (it lasted two months). My mother told me that it's not the length of the relationship that matters totally; the feelings that you two had value more. And I guess you also said something like this in one comment here (you said that you spent some years with a man that you didn't really love, but you spent a couple of months with your boyfriend, and you two had had great feelings for each other since the first date). This is what happened to me as well: I was in a relationship with a guy some time ago for one year and a half. I thought I loved him back then, but I realized that I didn't love him that much, that he really wasn't the one for me. With this guy that I'm talking about I spent two months, but I felt a lot of things for him. We fell in love on our first date, we knew that this was the relationship that we both had been waiting for. And we had quite an intense relationship. If I didn't think he is perfect for me, I wouldn't fight for him that much, and I would apply the LOA on someone else. With my other exes, I don't want them back, because I know they weren't fit for me. So, I prefer to think that the break-up with this guy was just a misunderstanding and we are going to solve it, that he is far away or busy with his contests and his work (he really is busy with such things), and I prefer to think that as soon as this thing is over, he will be back, and I will have so many amazing things to tell him :) In fact, every time I do something, I imagine I am telling him what I'm doing or I feel like I cannot wait to tell him all these things when he comes back :)

And about dreams... this is my view of them: I think our subconscious mind shows us the things we desire, because it wants us to focus on that, it wants to show us how we would feel after our desire is achieved, so that we can focus on those feelings. When we dream our fears, our subconscious mind wants to show us that we're not on the right frequency, and that we should change our thinking if we don't want our fears to come to life; it's like a warning for us. It shows us our fears also because it wants to show us how we would feel if our fears came to life, so that we know how we should NOT feel, and on what we should NOT focus our mind. This is my view, I don't have too much insight on this, either, so yeah, it's just my point of view.

Yeah, there are small manifestations such as the bus arriving soon and me getting to the faculty earlier or on time, thinking of a friend and he/she would call me or text me at some point, saying something that someone was about to say and vice versa and so on.

I wanted one week ago to see a cat on the street, and yesterday I saw one cat, and today I saw another one. I live at the 6th floor of a block of flats of 10 floors, so having pigeons coming at my window is not something unusual for me. One day, I asked the Universe to send at my window a pigeon of a different colour than the ones that usually come here. A few days ago, as I was reading something about the LOA, two pigeons of a different colour (and a bit bigger than the ones that usually come here) came at my window :)

ahhh!!!  I love all the signs from the universe! I also really like that you affirm that length time isn't a problem. A lot of people stay stuck on that, but if you were living your life normally, you wouldn't be counting the days!

ALSO today I had to go to the Dr - and I had a thought of someone (yesterday in fact) who I JUST MET at work about 4 days ago. (I travel for work, so it's not common to run into certain people that often).

When I came out of the doctor, this person was walking by!!! They don't even live in this neighbourhood but I learned they're main office is here. 

HOW BIZARRE!!?!?!? I was like OMG! WOW. There is absolutely NO other explanation except L O A! :D 

I said that the length of the relationship shouldn't really matter more than feelings. It is said that you can be in a relationship for 2 years and feel nothing, and you can be in a relationship for 2 weeks or 2 months and feel everything. My doubts mainly come from this thing with the length of the relationship. I keep saying to myself "How can he love me? We were together for almost 2 months, so it's nothing...", but I'm trying to redirect my thoughts to think positively (that the length of the relationship doesn't really matter and it's the feelings that matter) until I do this effortlessly. I remember some years ago, I was with my first boyfriend ever for a month, and we hardly met during that month (if we met twice, it's OK xD). He left me for another girl (and I feared he'd leave me for her, since she was flirting with him before he was with me, and they went on a trip for a project together, so yeah), and he spent a month with her until he realized they weren't a good match at all. During that month with her, he would talk to me normally, as a friend (he told me when he left me that he cared a lot about me, but not as a girlfriend, but as a friend that he could get along with very well), as if nothing had happened between us. When he left the other girl, he would ignore me for a while, but after I kind of let go and really minded my own business, he slowly tried to come back (I still wanted him back, but I wasn't obsessing over this). We got to a point where he would call me to ask me for homework (me, that girl and him were classmates in high school), but we always ended up talking for 2-3 hours on the phone for other reasons. Really, I wouldn't get rid of him! He was trying to find out indirectly if I was with someone. When I got together with that guy that I was for one year a half with, he was a bit jealous. He kept asking me for that guy's FB profile, he would ask me if I was still with that guy or if I made love with him and all such stupid things that were not his business at all xD

And the fact that you saw the person that you thought of is not bizarre at all. In fact, it is indeed the LOA in action :D


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