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Well in a context it is good, because in general 99% of the planet's population is full of it, and being honest and taking care of "Numero Uno" is advisable.... But, in the general sense of the word, it is the notion lack of conscience with crushing people that are in your way that most people don't like, or makes them feel bad.


Let me also add that Hollywood is a very politically driven place, and left-wing to boot. They mean to make it sound like all rich business men are evil/greedy.



I use it as a means of inspiration and it looked like the forum is not as busy as it once was, so out of fun, I felt like sharing this. 


Whenever I think about people and scarcity mindset, I use this movie to give me the ups. I think we are all responsible for our own wealth, and so forth. If we accomplish these, then people associate us with being a cheat, a fraud, or a thief. I am against that, but I think its that kind of mentality which makes us wealthy, and not struggle. I have seen my parents struggle all their lives, and all they did was complain. They are still in the same place as they were a while ago, and I just think what they could have achieved.


Greed isn't bad. It is through capitalism that we create jobs, and keep the economy going.

Well, it's important to check the "ecology" of our goals, are they helpful to other too.


And I agree with..."It is through capitalism that we create jobs, and keep the economy going." Some people with businesses hire others to work for them and YES that creates jobs and YES that feeds those people and in many cases helps feed whole families too.  And many of the richest people give millions to charities which also makes a huge difference.  Many of the people I know who want to be rich, including me, plan to give to charities even more and even start their own.  When you are richer you have more TO give.  Plus ENJOY your life it's best to do things you want, not to always have to go for the cheapest option.  


So, it's not bad to want and get money!  It IS bad in my humble opinion if you are pushing drugs for e.g. to get it BUT MOST jobs people do actually HELP society and help others in some way, almost every job you can name helps someone.  Other jobs help people in a much smaller way than others one might argue but it all adds up.  And yes, if you can get the money doing a job you LOVE too, wow, you've hit the jackpot, baby! 

Yeah, thats what I think too. However, for me a job is to work for someone else where people get to judge me and undermine my qualities to get the end results. As a human, I find that to be absolutely insulting, and instead want to open up businesses, and have others work for me.
True. A whole bunch of people went into brokering, and so forth since they idolized Douglas. I think there are better ways of becoming richer than manipulating a company's profits. Modern day insider trading is not nearly as sexy and byronic as it used to be back in the 80's black and white mentality. Now a days, you actually have to read a company's annual reports, predict the products future, look at the existing CEO, look at management, and costs to determine if the company will do good or not. Its a lot of hard work, and quite tedious too, that people like Buffett have patience for. But then again, Buffett is awfully cheap even when it comes to giving money to his children and lacks the aesthetic appreciation for life that we take for granted. He is a machine of sorts.

For me Greed, is a bad thing, it is when we take more than we need from someone else, or deprive someone of something just because we can.  But in LOA, we can Manifest what we want, so that is not taking from anyone and hopefully it will also inspire us to GIVE rather than TAKE.


I dont think there is a need anymore to see Capitalism as a way to improve the world via jobs.  There is much research at the moment showing that we really dont need to work anymore because there is enough abundance in this world for us all to have most things FREE.  Have you seen the experiments in modern living called the VENUS PROJECT, it is a village, that runs on all the latest technology and provides food and products free, and only those who want to work work and they only work at what they really enjoy, like the scientists, or the teachers etc. It seems we have the technology to provide enough food and clothing and power etc for everyone in the world today, but in order for some peole to have a LOT more than others, the systems carries on as it is, making all comodities very expensive so that huge profits are taken off for the few.


I think also that as more and more people start to really Manifest wealth, there will be no need eventually for actual MONEY, even though at the moment we all really LOVE money, but when everyone can manifest wealth, money will become less important and it will become more about sharing the technologies and the fun of what we and others are inventing.  The world will not have to work on a time schedule as it does because of business, but will run more in line with when a pilot wishes to fly, people can then travel with him/her.  it will be more like a permanent party or celebration !


and much and all as I really want BIG money NOW, I can see a point in the future where money will have little or no value, but we will all be abundant, fulfilled, happy, and enjoying the wonders of all corners of this Beautiful Earth !


love and light Gen


and with LOA, Greed is greed, if you are greedy about anything, money, relationships, health, it will come back to you, so better to be generous and have that come back to you, you cant cheat LOA !

Well, we can survive on our own, but that won't make us happy. We won't have our mansions, super cars, private jets, speed boats, travel costs, etc. etc. which we call luxury. That is what drives human souls. In a way, we are all like Tony Montana from Scarface looking for that American Dream. We can manifest it, but the more we work on it, the more likely we actually feel a sense of accomplishment. After all, bragging about what I did to come where I am is more heroic than to simply say I inherited it, won the lottery, or even manifested it.

Napoleon - "Henry Ford that created modern day industry, (assembly line), increased his own workers salaries so they would love the company and work harder. That is greed but not in an evil way."  Very interesting!  


Gen I LOVE your post!  And your vision! 


Also I think the word is more abundance and prosperity and being rich rather than greed.  Greed can also mean hording, lack, stealing - there is no need for ANY of those things!  Many people get money because they give value (or if you will perceived value) and in some way make others feel better, make their lives easier.


Well, didn't Ford practically have a monopoly when it came to cars? He only produced Model T's in black, and the customers could have any color as long as it was black. This way he kept the cost low, and sold it to the average buyers. Now a days, a monopoly is illegal, and even Gates faced trouble with that. Ford was at a revolutionary phase whereas now we are in a phase of excess. Entire car companies get wiped out from one recession so it shows where we have come as a user of supply and demand. 

Soo true! Thank you for sharing!

I think the OP meant abundance is good. Greed is what you have described in the quote. 


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