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Had a very powerful and realistic dream of having an affair with Mariah Carey, and I know nothing about her. Please help!!

Hello everyone,

First, I would like to say thank you so much to the admins for confirming my account, because I've been trying to get on this forum for an entire year. I had problems getting in due to an issue with getting the account confirmed, but anyway, I am glad to be here.

I had a very powerful and realistic dream last night, and I'm going to explain everything I can to the best detail possible, because I want to know if this is a sign. The dream was that Mariah Carey and I were having an affair on top of a rooftop that seemed to be somewhere where a lot of people go, like a big shopping mall. It was night time, we were married, and the sex was very intense. I remember the sweat, the night stars, us hollering real loud, and I swear I even felt her nails digging into my skin. I am a Hebrew, and Torah was also acknowledged in the dream meaning nobody would split us up, because we had the Torah with us.

Here's where I think something is going on here. I am just a guy that plays video games at home, is into Pokémon, and I know nothing about Mariah Carey other than she's a singer. I have none of her songs, am not even into watching TV, or any type of singing shows. I didn't even remember her name in the dream, and had to Google search "mixed actresses" in order to get it, because I only recognized her face and body. When I woke up, I said to myself "I know who that is, but I can't think of her name." When I saw "Mariah Carey" appear on my screen at the very bottom, I said "That's her!" Someone on the internet said to look up her next concert, because she strongly felt it was a sign.

Here is what shocked me even more. Her next concert is appearing in New Zealand, and there has been energy that has been pulling me to this country for years. I have been trying to move there ever since I was 15, and I am currently 32. For years, I tried finding ways on how I could legally move to New Zealand all the way from talking to immigration lawyers to trying to come up with some sort of plan. Lawyers have told me the only way for me to move there would be to get married to someone, because I do not have a degree that the country is looking for like a specific Master's Degree, etc. I have been single for 4 years, but to explain why would be a very long story. To make it short, I got involved in a religious cult that caused me to practice celibacy for many years, and I had thoughts about suicide at one point in my life. I broke out of the cult right after my divorce, and began practicing Torah which teaches universal law without throwing in false man-made teachings.

When I woke up the following morning, I spoke to my mom, and she strongly believes there is something going on here. Finally, I prayed to the creator to ask him what this dream meant, and the two answers I got was "it's symbolic" and "no need for haste". At first I thought this was a sign that Mariah Carey was going to be my wife, but then I did a gut check (and prayed about it). My gut is telling me that the dream does not mean the singer is supposed to marry me, but means that there is a similar occurrence that is supposed to happen. In other words, a similar situation. I think this is a red flag, however, I still do believe something is going on here. This kind of dream doesn't randomly just happen for no reason, especially when it is a random celebrity I knew nothing about, and had no previous interest. I think the other red flag would be that I did not feel any infatuation building upon looking at her FaceBook photos, because if I did, I would have already ordered the concert and plane tickets. I never have dreams like this, ever.

What do you guys think this all means? Am I supposed to be married to someone that looks like her with money, or is it really her if I choose to believe it? Law of Attraction states that whatever is in the dream/imaginary world already exists in the actual world, but it also states that you cannot use the Law of Attraction to get a specific person to fall in love with you unless it was already predestined by the higher power (creator of the universe).

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Interesting. Looks like I'm going to have to investigate.

So cool for you!

I've drempt of dating Patrick Dempsey. Oh, huba, huba!

Yeah, but I'm not a person that's even into TV. I only play video games, and I don't even follow celebrities, period. This kind of dream doesn't happen for no reason.

You pretty much answered your own question since you have created an opinion about it already you have assigned a meaning to that dream, everything is pretty neutral, has no meaning until you decide to give it a meaning, so it is really  up to you how you want to think about it, and the higher power only exists if you believe it does. world is what you think it is, literally. 

I honestly wouldn't mind if the dream meant I was supposed to hook up with Mariah Carey. I'm definitely going to investigate this.

Guys, I wonder what would happen if I went to her concert and proposed to her. I know it doesn't sound realistic, but for some reason, I think it's still possible.

Can anyone else here help me? I have this burning feeling inside me about Mariah.

Maybe it means nothing.  I had a similar dream (very sexy, intense etc) about Leonardo Di Caprio.  I awoke feeling great as if I really did have a night of passion with him.  But there's no way on earth it will ever come true (more's the pity).  I just put it down to me having fantasised about him the week before during one of his movies.  I do love him.  Maybe your dream means your dream woman will be called Maria (similar to Mariah).  

I think it's also possible that it may be a woman that looks like her. The only way for me to find out is that I'm going to have to be patient and wait for a second sign. Her concert is all the way in October.


Back when I made this thread, I asked the creator to give me a second sign that something was going on. Just recently, Mariah reported she had Bipolar Disorder for years, and did not know the cure.

I used to have that disorder, and I was cured by the universe. Guys, this is the second sign!! I'm going to buy concert tickets, and fly to New Zealand!!


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