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How to be happy? Just fed up with circumstances not changing, yet everyone else in my reality seems fine. Loving partners, jobs, cars, friends etc and i have none of it despite knowing LOA for 8 years. It just doesn’t make sense. I ask people what they believe and how they think and feel and its the opposite of what you would expect to attract things. Moany, negative and have self esteem problems and are always banging on about the same thing never letting ho but they still get it sooner or later. How? And how to be happy knowing you will never get any of it? 

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Thanks ML. Well I am still searching for a dress similar to the one I wanted . :)

Well probably because your searching it hasn't shown up.  Its often times when we stop searching that the magic begins.  Have you ever desired a relationship and the moment you get into one, people start turning up in the most unexpected places and you think where were these people when I was single.  Same thing.

ML...but what if you always stay in the vibration of wanting? Then you won't ever get your desires. And when you think you have let go, it seems you haven't, because if you had, you would have your desires. When you think you're unconditionally happy, but you don't have what you desire, it seems you're not really unconditionally happy, you're just attracting feeling relaxed and peaceful, which is why you don't have your stuff. 

Well think of it this way, when you are in the wanting vibration, where is your focus?  Its on the absence of what you desire rather than having what you desire.  So in the example above about relationship, when someone gets into a relationship they stop the “desiperation” vibe that they had previously and are in the moment and without any resistance to relationship and that’s why all of a sudden they start getting offers from all over the place.  Now it really depends on what we are talking about too.  So if you are happy and have let it go (say a house or a home) it sometimes takes time for the universe to get the best house to you (or on your radar).  Its not that you aren’t happy and haven’t let it go, but the universe is just reorganizing and rearranging itself. 

Now if you are thinking anything you are doing things at the mental level, and we live in an energetic universe.  So you can think you are unconditionally happy al you want, but it may not create that “happiness”.  When you are actually unconditionally happy you won’t go “wow I’m unconditionally happy”.  Its more of a deep knowing that you are happy.  Now if you are unconditionally happy it doesn’t mean you don’t desire things, or that you have what you desire already, it means the journey to having what you desire becomes much easier as a result of the being happy.  

Rather than being unconditionally happy – I would actually suggest you try feeling good instead.  Unconditional happiness means a variety of different things – but even that is just a choice at the end of the day.  If you are FEELING GOOD then life just becomes good as a result.  It’s a natural byproduct of feeling good – whether you have your desires or not, FEELING GOOD means you are happy if they show up, or if they don’t and sometimes it just makes life GOOD.

Thanks ML. It's very difficult to reach that place of being happy. I take medication and I still feel shitty. I have know of the LOA for about 10 years now, and I can't say I have attracted anything I wanted. I know I shouldn't compare to others,but they seem to get it easy. Even friends who I know are so desperate for things. How? It doesn't make sense.

Well you get every thought, emotion is a vibration or order right.  So when you say “Its diffiuclt to reach that place of being happy” that’s an order you might want to try to change and modify.  It gets easier and easier the more you do it (for example). 

With your meds, whats your thoughts about taking meds?  For example, do you dread taking them, do you feel like its bad to have to take meds?  Do you think it’s a whole conspiracy industry taking meds or do you realise they are providing your body with amazing support till its better?  Do you realise these have been loving made to support your physical body?

Also recognise that you say you have “know of the LOA for about 10 years” – is that really true?  I mean you may have read about it, but have you been practising it for that time?  It takes time to learn and master skills, and its through habits that we become masters.  My life hasn’t been all rainbows and unicorns but my ups and downs have been where I have applied the tools.  I still have desires that change and form every day.  I have achieved a life that I love and am so grateful for.  However it doesn’t mean I don’t have any more desires, far from it.  You may never attract every single thing you want (and you may find as things start showing up some of what you thought you desired you no longer desire!).

Now with comparison, its always where we make ourselves wrong.  That’s exactly what you are dong here.  You aren’t wrong in any shape or form at all.  Looks can be deceiving – just because it looks easy for someone else doesn’t mean it is.  Likewise people may think you have it easy too!

It usually makes sense when you look at the bigger picture – but it means stepping outside of the lack viewpoint and that takes practice!  Besides, sometimes things purposefully don't have to make any sense at all.  If your desires showed up - does it really matter if how they showed up makes any sense or not?

Thanks ML. I don't mind taking my meds...they improve my mood, and I am not ashamed to admit I have mental health problems. I think they are supporting my mental health. I meant to say I have been into the LOA for 7 years not 10, sorry, Anyways, I have tried affirmations, visualisation, subliminals, vision board, meditation, letting go, feeling good but nothing's changed much. I think I would like my desires to show up in a certain way for example...winning the lottery for money, changing appearance through mind only etc.

Emmeline, good for you.  Yes the drugs can and do help for sure.  Its just we are so brainwashed nowadays into thinking that all drugs are bad for you - and the truth is that they aren't all the same.  No worries re the 7 years.  Great re trying affirmations, visualisation, subliminals, vision board, meditation, letting go, feeling good but rest assured each time you used one, something definitely changed, although it may not have looked like the change you were hoping for.  These work and are all valid.  Everyone in the LOA at the start has an invested outcome in how things show up, and that takes time to unlearn.  Sometimes the universe has a bigger picture than we can see, and so sometimes it orchestrates things in a more brilliant way than we could ever imagine, but rest assured, each tool you used created a change of some sort.

Also its important to know its not just about "the mind".  The mind is an important part but its not the only part.  Its not the 80's mindpower ruess everything concept.  Its more about using the natural laws of the universe and your mind (which has a purpose) and your heart too to create the life you desire, and sometimes depending on whats on our list, that just takes time to show up.  Most people have 101 different things on their list they aren't even aware of consciously that are needing to show up, but they do show up.

Thanks ML. The crazy thing is, I change the past and shift into parallel timelines all the time, unwillingly lol Yet things I do want never show up...nothing at all...not even signs and synchronicities. It’s because I can’t let go I think...also...when I shift into different timelines or see signs and synchronicities, it really hits me that LOA really does work, however, when I think about the things I have been desiring for years and they haven’t shown up, I get disheartened, frustrated, depressed and angry! Then I shout how the LOA is bullshit. It’s a bit of a cycle.
Maybe the missing ingredient is just gratitude...it's magical.

There is no happiness, no anything.... apart from, in relation to, other-than.... BEING, INDIVISIBILITY, WHOLENESS . 

the very proposal of separating BEING from BEING in ANY WAY .... of BEING non-BEING ....  Ahahahaahahahah ! 


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