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How to be happy? Just fed up with circumstances not changing, yet everyone else in my reality seems fine. Loving partners, jobs, cars, friends etc and i have none of it despite knowing LOA for 8 years. It just doesn’t make sense. I ask people what they believe and how they think and feel and its the opposite of what you would expect to attract things. Moany, negative and have self esteem problems and are always banging on about the same thing never letting ho but they still get it sooner or later. How? And how to be happy knowing you will never get any of it? 

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Hi Neil, I have focused on the future and set goals for the past  8 years or so, and not one of them manifested. To be honest, the last 6 weeks I have gone back to how I was before reading about LOA and I feel so much better. I just don’t believe anymore. I feel so much better when I don’t blame myself when things go wrong in my life and in the world. I am not hoping for or expecting anything either. I’m no longer being grateful for what I have or thanking some universe for everything I have. I just feel silly doing all that and having nothing to show for it. I did really believe too that I could have, be or do anything and it’s not true. It just led to self blame and disappointment. I even thought I could time travel and change timelines, and believed I had changed the past, when in fact, it was just old memories resurfacing. I also believed if LOA was true, we are living in a subjective reality which made me really depressed and I thought, ‘what’s the point?’ Nobody’s real why live and work in a job where nobody is real? Why work at all if you are having no impact on the world....such as nursing or teaching? Why work and save money when you can manifest millions? Back when I first got into LOA money wasn’t what I wanted, but I put it on my vision board, listened to subs blah blah blah but no money came my way. In fact, I lost money from a company taking it out of my bank and they never refunded it, even after contacting their management. I never seen any correlation between my thoughts, mood, vibration what ever you want to call it, and what happens in my life. I’ve been happy, had negative things happened, i’ve been sad/depressed/anxious/guilty and in some cases suicidal, positive things have happened! I always thought I seen signs everywhere, but it’s not signs, I am deluding myself like I have done all along. As I mentioned, I am almost back into the mindset I had before I knew of LOA. It’s a massive relief knowing that people ARE real, and the way they are towards me and the world, and what goes on in their life is not because of me or my ‘vibration’ as everyone use to say. ‘Everything is you pushed out.’ No it’s not. I didn’t attract the world wars, murders and terrorist attacks. I didn’t attract someone announcing their pregnancy on facebook, or what ever else they write on facebook. It’s also helped my depression by not getting my hopes up and thanking the universe and really believing I have a guide who helps me and then ending up very disappointed and depressed. Why take action when you can change to a timeline where you have what you want? Why should I get glasses when LOA can heal my vision? Why pay for laser eye surgery either? I tried everything for my eyesight and was just left really disappointed again. So now, I am going to save for what I want once I get a job. Save for laser eye surgery and a car and insurance, breast implants, deposit for my own property and some extra cash for holidays as I want to see other countries. I have had travelling the world on my vision board for years. I desired it but it wasn’t a massive goal of mine, I could easily let it go and i did, yet it never happened either. The only way I’ve lost weight is cutting down and getting moving. All this believing and visualising and being happy is shit. I see that now. I spent the last 6 years believing and thinking everything should be easy and will come to me easy! But what I should of been doing is settling for any job to save money up to get the stuff I want, and cutting down on food to lose weight not thinking I can eat what I want and lose weight. I see now I was delusional. I am 95% happy most of the time now, very content and peaceful. Not hoping, wishing, expecting things easy. I am facing reality instead of being delusional. I may never be how I was before but I am getting there. I have come to terms with maybe I won’t get what I want and that’s okay. That’s LIFE! No more asking the universe why is this happening to me when I know about LOA? I’m just settling and I am a lot happier.

I suggest accepting where you are at and making the most of today. This is how to allow in Abraham speak.

I suggest accepting where you are at and making the most of today. This is how to allow in Abraham speak.


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