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Has anyone deliberately used LOA to get rid of a serious skin condition?

I have severe eczema and I've tried everything from changing my diet to different creams and ointments and I even did a few eft sessions on myself for a few days..i've tried it all! I've always truely believed that skin problems are caused by the mind and can be healed by it too but I'm not sure where to start.Any suggestions?

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Thank you for replying, Laura also said i should pretty much ignore it, so basically I'm just not gonna give it any energy.

I know this might sound a bit out there, but it could be that eczema has been caused by happenings in a past life.  In his book The Aleph, Paulo Coelho mentions that certain forms of the disease stem from either being burnt or scalded in a past incarnation.  Apparently, there is even a form of eczema which is named after burning hot coins used to torture people in Roman times.

If this is the case, then forgiveness of the past is the answer.  Forgive all past events and continue doing so.  It will heal the soul memories of the past, and if nothing else, you will be forgiving any people in this life who get under your skin.

Thank you for your reply, this is very interesting, Queenos also mentioned forgiveness, any suggestions on how you would go about forgiving?Queenos suggested making a list on a daily basis.

Yes, Queenos' reply is very good because the suggestion is made to make a list of things you appreciate about certain people.  If these people annoy you and get under your skin (so to speak) and you complain about them, then the annoying things will just get worse, and so will the eczema.  But if you start appreciating them, they will pick up this energy on an unseen level, and begin to act accordingly.  They will get under your skin far less, and by reflection, the skin condition will improve.

In this context, forgiveness works in a similar way.  Instead of resenting someone for annoying or aggravating you, you are forgiving them.  You are choosing to cease being angry and resentful, and adopt a more peaceful attitude.  Forgiveness is very powerful because the process takes the energy which would have been used for anger, and turns it into positive energy.  That can then be used for things like healing.  

You can do this by using forgiveness affirmations during the day, and also be doing a visualisation each night as you go to sleep.  Imagine the person you are annoyed with, standing in front of you.  Thank them for being in your life, and then state that you forgive them and set them free.  What you could also do is to visualise a chord which links you together, and then visualise that chord being cut.  Do this for a few minutes each night, and keep on doing so until you can feel that the condition is healed.  I have written a post on here called LOA AND THE POWER OF FORGIVENESS, which goes into the subject in more detail.

In the here and now, look at your diet and drinking habits.  Keep hydrated as that will hydrate your skin, and maybe speak to a nutritionist about foods you can eat or should stop eating.  Certain foods may aggravate the eczema (particularly ones which are salty or processed) whereas others (such as water-based fruits and veg with antioxidants) will help your skin.  Have a look at the chemicals in your world as well, and see if there are any you use which are harsh on skin - things like cleaning products.  Finally, see if you can get some exercise each day, especially in sunlight.  The movement will create blood flow which is good for your skin, and the sun will help your body to produce vitamins B, C and D.

I'm subscribed to the Hippocrates Health Institute's mailing list and they sent me a email yesterday that might be helpful for you.  Here's the email:

Derived from the same family as mint, but with a musky, earthy, and spicier aroma, patchouli oil is commonly used in perfumes. One whiff and you may pick subtle hints of notes of your favorite perfumes and scents. It's for this reason that patchouli can be dabbed under arms as a natural deodorant, and because of its anti-bacterial and antimicrobial properties it's very suited to such a task.

However, whilst everyone likes to smell nice, its patchouli's potential in medicinal terms that really excites us at LifeGive and makes it one of our recommended essential oils. Here are just a few ways that patchouli can support you towards both physical and mental wellbeing...

  • Skin conditions - patchouli can combat eczema, dermatitis, acne and inflammation just by being rubbed straight onto effected areas in a carrier.
  • Mental health - patchouli is commonly used in aromatherapy, and it's not hard to see why. It promotes uplifting and positive thinking patterns by helping to release positive hormones such as serotonin.
  • Stress - linked to this, patchouli can have a relaxing effect on stressed individuals, promoting calmness and peace. Due to this, patchouli is commonly used by yoga practitioners as a background aroma during practice to help bring about calmness and relaxation.
  • Anti-aging - patchouli has powerful impacts on dry, aging, and wrinkling skin. It can help to reduce wrinkles over time.
  • Scar tissue reduction - patchouli can support the body to repair scar tissue over time. Mixing a few drops with a moisturizer and rubbing it onto scars can see them heal for good.
  • Vibrancy of skin - thanks to patchouli's ability to promote minor muscle contractions, it can keep minor muscles strong and active which results in fuller and more vibrant skin.
  • Deeper sleep - especially when combined with lavender oil, patchouli can lead to deeper and better quality sleep.
  • An aphrodisiac - well, need we say more! Patchouli can stimulate sexual glands and has been used in many cultures for generations as a natural sexual stimulant.

There are a whole host of reasons to try patchouli, and a variety of ways to use it. We just love its potential as a way of optimizing your body and supporting with natural processes.

Our patchouli oil is wildcrafted, meaning we source it from the most natural environments in the world. No soils that have been tampered with, no human made fertilizers of any kind - just the natural plant in its purest form.



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