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Has anyone had an unavailable romantic interest fall back in love with them permanently?

I don’t mean getting an ex back. Looking for real experiences where someone interested in you but mentally and physically unavailable (because of being in a committed relationship with someone else and/or because they were a parent) fell back in love with you, and you believe Law of attraction had something to do with it. I’m curious because I keep reading things here that make me want to hope but reality is so so different. I desperately miss this person who had a lot of interest in me... we had incredible soul connection that neither of us could fully ignore despite knowing it won’t go anywhere.

We never really crossed any line. At the most we talked over the phone for a little while. We met in person only once, barely for an hour. Shook hands and then held onto each others’ fingers for maybe a few seconds. And that was that.

I don’t have words to explain what he meant to me and still does. I won’t attempt to either.

I know for a fact that he feels intensely about me too. Atleast he did..

But the reality of our lives are forcing me to giving up on this after years of agony. He has his responsibilities and so do i, although much lighter than him. There’s zero communication unless I initiate it. He’s seemingly living a happy content life and I want him to be happy even if we never talk again. That’s God’s honest truth for me.

I never intended to steal him away from his family. I’d never in my dreams imagined feeling something this strong for a committed guy but my heart and soul had other ideas. But even when in the middle of being pulled into the surreal magical world of my feelings being reciprocated by him (even if for a short while), I knew I wanted him to be with his family. And I still do. I don’t know how to explain it as how I envision is being in each other’s lives is not conventional at all. I’ve received judgements for sharing my feelings here before and am probably going to get some more of them again.

And yet, I’d like to hear from people who actually had unavailable people fall back in love with them through LoA. And what exactly happened, or what exactly did you do? This is sort of my last hope before I decide to finally give up maybe... (although I don’t know how to stop my soul from missing him)

Thanks in advance for your understanding and kindness.

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You can have everything you want, actually you are here for that! ;D

You just need to focus on YOURSELF, YOUR happiness, feel good and have total trust that the Universe will orchestrate all in the perfect way. Be patient, all will happen when you are ready, divine timing :D

Blessings & quotes:

"Without contrast, appreciation does not exist.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, holy smokes. I LOVE appreciation, my road to bliss. So contrast now has a whole new feeling. The grey bottom to a puffy white cloud. The traffic jam to my wide open highway. The poverty to my expanding prosperousness. The aggravating confusion to my heart exploding clarity. "Cause the grey really illuminates the white, I see and hear birds that I would have otherwise missed while I am waiting in traffic. My path through debt and worry has made this new financial world of mine warm and cozy and clarity tastes much better when I am hungry for it.
Love Madhuri" 

L'immagine può contenere: nuvola, cielo, spazio all'aperto e natura

Yes, my x husband and most recent x boyfriend too.

Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts. Looking forward to more people sharing their exact experiences. Thanks 

You're welcime. p.s. i manifested an ex back by simply focusing on myself and feeling good but i discovered i did not want him anymore...Anyway i think it's a fun process, maybe you would love it! Because you would realize your independence & your power.

Thanks a lot Dorothy. Yes I’ve read that advice before. Guess that’s my big thing to heal. How to stay consistent with my focus on self love and self worth. Seems like there’s major deep imprint on my subconscious. I don’t know why else it gets so hard for me to practice self love and prioritize my own happiness above others’ :S

Don't worry it's such a common thing..it's something we all struggle with, self-love and being selfish in a healthy positive way can be very difficult even if it's So necessary for your well-being and the well-being of the people around you. Anyway it is a process that gets easier and easier until loving and respecting yourself will become your new normal.
p.s. As regards getting your ex back you can find plenty of great videos on youtube, the best ones are probably the ones by Abraham Hicks.

Thanks Dorothy

You're very welcome


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