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Has anyone noticed that things sometimes seem to get worse before they get better?

When I let go of a negative belief and start believing something the more positive things, the negative things tend to have small amounts of "evidence" or signs manifesting.


Is this because I've sort of let go of "resistance" to the negative beliefs (even though I still don't want them, I stopped believing in them) by focusing on something else?


And afterward the positive signs start manifesting, which is awesome.

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Hi Mistress,


When you let go of resistance, your vibration raises; so when you start doing this kind of work relative to your desires and beliefs, it can seem that things get worse or even that all hell breaks loose because as you're adopting the new perspective, not only does it initially highlight your old chronically practiced vibration and everything related to it in a way that is very noticeable to you, your world starts morphing to accommodate the vibrational shift, and it feels like things are falling apart rather than coming together. But actually the complete opposite is happening; because fundamental shifts are taking place, lots of things are being affected at the same time; but they do eventually settle down.


This tends to happen in the beginning of doing vibrational work in general but happens less often the more the individual does it, as the shifts become smaller.





I needed to read this Shembu! :-) thanks.

EJ, can't see where the reply I posted is!!! I'll see if I can find it..

Hi shembu! I find what youre saying to make a lot of sense.. I have a question for you if you would like to help me...

I have a situation in my life, which is my main situation haha. I want to get back together with someone.. its been a long awefull time.. and then i discovered loa. What I've been doing is trying to be positive.. so this person came back into my life but as friends, then as i got more confidence things started to get better and we havent talk about getting back but we have been talking almost daily, seeing each other frecuently, kissing, stuff like that.. This person is someone i trust wouldnt hurt me. Last night we were having a great time. The best we have had in years. and then suddenly this person tells me that cant forgive me and trust me anymore and we werent fighting, just talking...  So it got me very confused... Could this be because of what youre talking about?

Hi Barbara,


Your "main situation" is YOU.


Everything you choose to focus on or make your priority in terms of how much time and energy you give to it, either allows you to BE more, enjoy more, love yourself more and connect with yourself in a deeper and more meaningful way; otherwise, it leaves you feeling more miserable, more "disconnected" from YOU, coping with life rather than relishing and enjoying it.


This is the only thing at stake here and, to make it absolutely clear, the only aspect of your experience that you can completely control or really know what's going on with it. Everything else is coming your way in response to what YOU have going on with you.


Who knows why this person said what they said? Only they do. You might have your plans, but they have their journey and the way they feel about things. Your being positive doesn't mean that they suddenly will be, if they weren't. That said, however, yes it is possible that your new desire to stay aligned highlights their misalignment and makes them feel uncomfortable. All you can really do under those circumstances is continue to focus on your alignment and leave them to decide what's important. You can't force them to do that; not for very long, that is.


Remember that you attract what you give focus to without resistance. It does not say that you attract what is best for you or what makes you feel good. It says you'll attract WHATEVER...


You've decided that what is most important to you "in your life" is to attract this person back into having a relationship with you; this might not apply specifically to your situation, but that kind of decision suggests that everything else comes second; whether this person matches your ideal relationship or how you want to feel about other things or not.


So yes, as long as you are both a match to what you're offering, you will match and will think of each other, talk to each other and, if you can, meet up and spend time with each other. However, at some point, whatever else you have going on with this subject will surface and that will either allow or disallow your relationship in the long run. Unless the resistance is soothed, it won't allow for an ideal relationship, because it won't match it.


What I'd take from what this person has said is that you are getting the clarity about this that you've been seeking. This person is not ready to forgive and trust you, at least for now. That is a shift they have to make on their own. They're not ready for the relationship you want. Not yet.


So what does this mean for YOU? How does this feed into your desire to experience emotional wellbeing and to allow and be allowed?


You are doing extremely well I think. You are getting answers. Very clear ones. So, what's next for you?





ok, so this could not be about things getting worst before getting better...

well for me i think is about just being in the flow and enjoying as much as i can of life!!

thanks shembu!!


Well, things never get worse, they only seem so, because of the evolving perspective; but things are always getting better; it's up to the individual to line up with it.


Enjoying the flow sounds wonderful; being in it will lead to surprising and exciting new territories.


Have fun!

I'm not sure about the exact question in your post, but I do know that many LOAers tend to experience metaphorical storms in their life before seeing a pretty rainbow and sunshine.  So, I do believe that things sometimes become worse before they get better.

modesttreasure, do we really have to experience the worse before they get better? Or can we get the good without knowing the bad?

The level of contrast isn't important. It only needs to be a "bab" as it takes to get your attention.

So, no, you don't really need to experience the very WORST side of something. You can even notice the example of contrast in someone else's life and make a choice for the better from that.


The "storm" or upheaval is just an interpretation of events.


It might help to note that your interpretation of events will always be based on your most practiced vibrational perspective. 


Yes, that sneaky vibrational perspective thingy, it seems to show up everywhere! :-)))


Our vibrational point of attraction is all pervasive; it informs how we view things, what bits we hold on to and the bits we dismiss; it determines what we think is happening and whether we feel things are "falling apart" or "coming together". 


Because physically, we will ALWAYS be playing catch up, it means that EVERYTHING we experience will be the result of an OLD vibrational stance, one that has been practiced long enough for evidence to start showing up in one's physical perspective. 


Once one starts acknowledging and appreciating what this means, it becomes more apparent why there is often limited value in analysing how something is unfolding; because as your vibration shifts, you might even find yourself in a situation in which you are still half living the aftermath of your old vibration, while evidence of your new vibrational stance starts showing up. Giving too much focus to what is physically happening can actually start being counter productive, because it could end up keeping the old unwanted vibration active for longer than you would want.


The rule of thumb is, only observe what's going on around you if it SUPPORTS what you desire to experience; if not, go back to focusing on your vision, because it is too early to start using the physical evidence you have as the basis for the vibrational perspective you are wanting to cultivate.


Finally, remember that as you experience contrast, your preferences keep shifting too, affecting your vibration and what you are attracting. How many people have thought at one moment they want something one way and then, as their focus on it starts to bring evidence of it, combined with the way their ever-shifting perspective is changing, the emphasis of their wanting makes a little shift, bringing its own evidence with it too, leaving the individual with lots of evidence that seem to contradict each other?


The key is to keep regularly releasing resistance and cultivating the aspects of your wanting that you want to keep attracting.


You are an ever-evolving being; this process does not end. You never "arrive"; and you can't get it wrong. Your perspective just keeps shifting and so does the evidence. 


Eventually, you will get to a point at which a particular perspective would feel more settled to you and your consistent focus on it will bring you more consistent evidence of it.


But nothing is wrong here and there is no storm; you are in the driver's seat and your vibration is what is doing all the evoking. If one wants a ride of ease and consistency, one has to cultivate a vibrational perspective that reflects that.




Yes, there is nothing wrong and there is no storm..in this i agree. Thank you Shembu!


Let me expound in more detail:


I and my wife had a wonderful time away from each other for 4 weeks. I needed this and i think we allowed this to happen. And in our time apart, i manifested wonderful things in my life, beautiful people and awesome experiences. My wife on the other hand had a bit stressful time. But all in all, we saw this 4 weeks being a part a very healthy step for our relationship to grow. 


And last weekend we got reunited and our relationship were never the same. Everything awesome! Up to this morning, everything was ok, and then the bomb exploded! We received a bill out of nowhere and is demanding us to pay it in 2 weeks time. She exploded, she screamed, she wept... and she was in total shock(i never saw her like this in my entire life)! I on the other hand... was so cool, relaxed, relieved in a way, thankful, grateful, and the whole thing did not moved me a bit. There was not at all any resistance with the bill we got. 


What do you think happened here? did we attracted our experiences separately since we were apart? Did we had separate vibrations that caused this manifestation? If this is so, then what are the steps to bring unity in two persons vibrations? 


How funny Shembu, before i read your reply, i told my wife exactly the same words...  "Our manifestations are symptoms "only" of our vibration. "It is an exact copy of our or one our vibrations". =)


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