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Has anyone noticed that things sometimes seem to get worse before they get better?

When I let go of a negative belief and start believing something the more positive things, the negative things tend to have small amounts of "evidence" or signs manifesting.


Is this because I've sort of let go of "resistance" to the negative beliefs (even though I still don't want them, I stopped believing in them) by focusing on something else?


And afterward the positive signs start manifesting, which is awesome.

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Yea, ive always sed its the full circle. You go thru the bottom and around to the top

Last year my life was out of controll drinking and using drugs destroyed me, i ended up in rehab

then on the street becuz i left rehab then in and out of 2 other rehabs before

i finally started getting my life bak together




But in time everything went full circle im here now in my owm apt.

something i didnt think could have been possible in jus a year!

and i went thur experieces that i had 2 go thur! i would have never made myself do it on my own

but i had 2 grow outta my old self and into my new self


You have come a long way, that's for sure.

Glad you're on the upswing now.

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SUPER CONGRATS TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!  You are WEARING your NEW SELF quite WELL!!!!!


"God never closes one door wifout opening another,

but the pain that comes wif change is becuz

u got ur finger stuck in the door hes trying to close!" lol!

Hi Mistress

Ask yourself how much time is invested or how frequently the negative belief comes through. Resistance that is built-up over time may interfere with one's strength or concentrated attention to desire. I was constantly asking myself, "How badly is a thing desired?"

Lots of good feedback on this thread. Thanks!




And how badly you desire a thing, the worse it comes? My experience with this is, the badly i want a thing, the faster it melts on my hands. It dissolves itself until it is no more. And the more i let go, or not give importance to the thing i choose to have, the faster the manifestation comes. I am happy i am learning this. 

Which ever works best for the individual along the lines of lest resistance right?

Good to see ya EJ!



I don't know if this thing happens to everyone, but it certaily has happened to me and my family.  


BUT, I have also learned that "feeling" is just temporary, and I can see now exactly why the universe arranged the events for my family the way it did.  We have lived through some hard times for the last year, they might not be completely done yet.. and I'm positive more shit will hit the fan for us in the next 50 years.


Funny thing is, I was just talking about this on Facebook with someone....this is what I wrote...

Every time I have ever lost something, had it stolen or it disappeared... what has replaced "it" was more fun and better for my life. Every single time, without fail.


I see AWESOME herself here, a shining example of going through hell, to get to heaven.  


I love her and I feel her presence when I visit here every day.   


We are all becoming AWESOME. 

Thank you Steve for the share. 


May i ask, do you think the plunge happened first because of the difference of the belief system between you and your wife? Although you may have the same goals but emanating two different emotional vibration? Would it also be possible that it looks worse first because you are making space? These are thoughts i have in mind now.


Strange that you ask that, yet again, not strange at all...  I was just thinking about that very thing.... Sue's in Vancouver right now for 3 days, and I have the kids for the weekend.

I just feel so in sync lately with what's happening on this forum. 


I think the plunge was a result of a couple of different forces.  DEFINITELY the different vibrations that each of us have, are becoming more noticeable, as we move closer to our relationship's, and individual goals. 


We also didn't diversify enough about 2 years ago, and I kinda pulled back a bit because we had a difference of opinion on the subject of inspired action. 


And the concept of clearing space... resonates deeply with both of us, we both have seen quite a few old habits fall by the wayside.  We're both currently in the best shape of our lives, the kids have more going on than ever, we're in a very small and active community now... the town also feels very spiritually centered for us, especially me.  I think we're also at a point where we're more willing to reveal even more about ourselves, plus our kids are getting very familiar with everything we do... and their friends are now checking us all out because we're the new family in town.  


And I think most of all, financially, we can see the steps that will take us up the ladder now.  We used to have a lot more of a lottery winning mentality when it came to making money.. I think that had a lot to do with the internet marketing gurus we were studying.  We're much more into expanding our understanding of the LOA now... as opposed to creating products and selling them.... although I'm not saying we'll never do that again.  I have a sports coaching thing I want to create, and a special version of teaching piano... Sue has a few other things up her sleeve as well.

Right now, we're just focused on next Tuesday's get together... it should be fun   

Your openness is a treasure Steve! You just dont know what resistance is released in me in receiving these perspectives. Thank you so much.


Firstly i believe that the plunge is more of exposing what has to be exposed before the breakthrough. Old belief systems has to be brought in the light before total freedom will take its place. The plunge is necessary to test ourselves whether we will react or respond to an event. Any reaction is the indicator where we are at. It is like the Universe is giving us a chance to choose again whether to stay in the old beliefs or move on to a new life. The plunge the way i see it, is also to show us how deep the not workable belief system is. BUT ALL IS INDEED WELL. And i have not even seen this few days ago! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Got this this morning! I love it!


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