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Has anyone noticed that things sometimes seem to get worse before they get better?

When I let go of a negative belief and start believing something the more positive things, the negative things tend to have small amounts of "evidence" or signs manifesting.


Is this because I've sort of let go of "resistance" to the negative beliefs (even though I still don't want them, I stopped believing in them) by focusing on something else?


And afterward the positive signs start manifesting, which is awesome.

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Yeah, great video. Thanks for that EJ!

I love Bashar but this video has only just made sense to me. My life coach has made me realise where I went wrong in life, but now I have found my passion this all makes sense. EverythIng appears the same, but now I understand where I'm going, so I must have changed ... How liberating when the penny drops :)

Awesome bloos!  I love hearing when our perspective change with the same or worse circumstances. Circumstances does not matter, our state of being matters! =)


I thought life coaches makes us realize where it went right with our lives!? I thought, they're like the universe, they would not listen to what you've done wrong, they don't even care and are not interested with your mistakes... but of course, different coach, different process.

Miss you bloos!


Aw Thanks EJ :) it's nice to be missed

'going wrong' were my words, not my coach. She made me do lots of exercises to work out things I like, things I want, and how it is possible to do all that stuff. I realised my passion was inside of me all along, I just needed her to bring it out of my subconcious/higher conscious ??

It's like Bashar says, circumstances stay the same, but now I have changed it all looks different :)

not all coaches use the same methods....


some are willing to push harder than others. 

Lol .... Great clip !!!

Definitely the coach used PERSPECTIVE method! =) He applied it with awesomeness!

the same thing is happening to me now...I used LOA to get back with the girl I love and to have a relationship full of love with her...After 3 months of no contact she started coming back into my life, even though she was with her abusive (ex)boyfriend we started to text each other and bump into each other, and I was very happy because all those little thing started to show me that she still cares for me and I believed that she would finally get rid of her unhealthy relationship and that we would be together...and now when things finally started to be better between us she has to move to another town....

Do you guys think that this is the beginning of manifestation, and that this bad circumstance is the path to my desire to be with her?

What we label as bad sometimes is the very best thing for us simply because we cannot see the future. (This I'm in the process of experiencing right now...).

Everything we experience is a manifestation of the vibration we are emitting. So the fact that you are now having soft little meetings with this person is a manifestation of how you feel and you can see what you are attracting very clearly.

The manifestation won't stop even if this particular persons moves away from you. It might just manifest in a different form. Which could very well be a nice, beautiful girl. Different but still within your vibe. 

Be open and watch what happens next. Life is really quite exciting!

Thank you for your answer
I will continue believing that we are going to be together whatever is happening now because she is the love of my life...
and one more question I have dreamed her several times and always in my dreams she told me that she loves me...I even dreamed that we were married

Do you think that these dreams have something to do with my and her future?

It could be...because anything is possible.  You get to assign meaning to EVERYTHING in your experience.

You could also be dreaming it because your higher self is loving you very much and wants to communicate that in a way you will accept. Because you are, indeed a very lovable person!

Thank you Donna for your kind words...


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