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When it comes to my ideal partner, I'll go thinking "I like this and this and this and this" but I end up liking different kind of men. Is it possible to just let the universe "surprise me" with the perfect concoction? It knows better after all? 

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That's what I like to believe. Otherwise I'm just overthinking, trying to imagine even the smallest of details making sure the universe knows. I think my part with the asking is pretty much done. Another thing is when inspired good feeling thoughts come on their own, I try to conjure them later but it feels so forced and I start over thinking aagain. They always come when I don't try to make them happen.

Well over thinking I always am reminded of the rhyme when your thinking your stinking - stuck with me and helps me remember not to do it.  Your part is done, the Universe deals with the "how".  

Great re inspired thoughts.  So instead of trying to reconjure them, I'd suggest getting right into the present moment and practising gratitude!  It is one of the biggest ways of receiving out there and usually you find that the moment you step into gratitude the world shifts!

Yes, the first paragraph is pretty clear to me. Sometimes it feels like I have things to consider in order to manifest, but it's a habit after all. If it feels good feed the thought, if it feels any less than good let it go, but with the latter I tend to question it sooo much, step 1 all over again. When my mind is blank literally living in the moment everything flows to me and I feel invincible.

Great question!

I have had this doubt for the longest time and this is what I have concluded ..

Only focus on the specifics that have naturally come to you already . Add specifics only if it feels exciting. Don’t pressure yourself into describing all the details. Be open and excited about the unknown specifics, sort of like saying have trust in the benevolent,magical, abundant,wise nature of the universe. 

Focus on the already inspired general feeling which in this case would be the joy of having a great partner or the excitement of meeting someone special etc. This creates that ‘fertile ground’ like space that the universe needs to surprise you with things you never knew you liked or would like. 

Once you’ve done this, forget it and focus on some other desire. So you don’t add anxiety to your manifestation. 

Another thing I like to do is go back and recall things that I didn’t like and think about what I would like instead. I am not saying you put a lot of energy into this but this works very well when it comes to consciously breaking unwanted patterns. You don’t even have to do the second part of replacing it with your ideal reality. Just you becoming aware is powerful enough. The universe will fill up that space with something awesome . 

Just wanted to add that I have had great success with this method.


Loove this reply!! Yes, this is what I believe to be true!! And it feels amazing just being general and receiving ecstatic visions naturally, but these past few days I've been overthinking the specifics, it seems as though as I move forward I keep finding new patterns of resistance that weren't there before. 

I’m not so convinced you have to decide exactly which one you desire or it won’t manifest.  I think its important to be clear on the kind of relationship you actually desire (because relationship means different things to different people and it used to amaze me when I was searching for one, I had a completely different idea to some folk!).  I have been to a few Abe seminars, and the one I mentioned (with the 700 potential soul mates) always sticks in my mind because they are rarely number specific ever.  Even when people ask about how many incarnations they have had etc and whether they have had lifetimes with Abe – they rarely give answers in number format so it really sticks out in memory. 

The end feeling is a great place to focus on as it will actually help you identify who is more matching towards that and who isn’t.  For some folk, they have really strict boundaries, and age can be a factor in helping them decide, but this doesn’t sound like it is for you (which is great means more choice) but getting clear on other factors is important. 

That is a very amazing concept that Abe has introduced us to. Thanks for reminding us. It takes off all the pressure and the unnecessary fear revolving around the topic of “the soulmate”.

I too distinctly remember listening to that recording, that idea just stuck with me .I am not sure but I have this feeling that ‘700’ is an arbitrary number .Esther is trying to vocalize a message from an energy source. It may not always be interpreted exactly. Although it could be the exact number, I don’t know!

Nevertheless, I really really love the idea of having so many potential ‘soulmates’ out there. You get that feeling of being ‘taken care of’ by the universe. 

Also what fascinates me is that these soulmates each have a unique combination of our desired qualities. So there is no single specific formula for the ideal person. 

Well I have heard people repeatedly ask Abe questions relating to numbers - and they rarely answer it in numbers terms, but was at the seminar in New York where they covered this in relation to Margaret's question and the whole weekend seemed to be on Soulmates.  I have not heard them use any other number in relation to Soulmates, and that weekend they seemed to consistently be repeated the 700 number over and over again (in fact at one point they even joked it wasn't a good idea to sleep with them all at once!). 

With "soul mates" you can even go to Edgar Cayce's teachings, which take it even broader and further in that he says a Soul Mate isn't necessarily a romantic relationship but a soul who has agreed to help you grow and develop.  In his readings, he used to say that parents or siblings could be soulmates!

Yes!! :))

I've had sneak peaks of manifestations, and this one time I got caught off guard when this very attractive man kept making eye contact with me, staring with his eyes barely squinted as in curiosity. He was around 27, can't tell, he had tattoos in his arms and a nice body and beard. The point is I never imagined someone like him in my visions, and I was pleasantly surprised by everything about him. And this surprise factor of the universe knowing what you'll love best is what makes me feel so ecstatic. But my mind goes "Oh, what if there are things I'd like better!? I NEED to imagine them!" And then there I go being not present focusing on an endless path of uncertainty.

He wasn't as you imagined, but as we have talked about before, attraction isn't initially based on looks. What you pick up a split second before you see what someone looks like, is their energy vibration. You tuned into this guy's energy vibration, and liked it. 


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