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not feeling well at all, lots of brain fog

no one to help me, i tried , but to pay ppl, doesnt work

i wind up doing more of the work, exhausting,, 

one person went shopping for me ,but turned into huge event,  he was taking pics of everythign when i had specfici details

ieasier to do it myself

my body crashing, no one understands this

its getting too tough , this disease

i ask the universe to send me right ppl to help me

i keep trying to distract, wtch stuff on you tube, i am so sick

i take cold and hot showers,  for years,  to get through herximer reactions, 

a bunch of us are trying to write letters to the  a show, but millions have this diseae and no cure

for all of us

the suffering and struggling is real, getting difficult, 

someone write something pls to distract me, thanks 

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They meant herxheimer reaction. Check this link for excellent info on it: https://www.chronicillnessrecovery.org/5-public/about-it/161-herxhe... 

Yeast and sugar detox.
U can take amino acid supplements to help.

Hello allowingabundancealways,

What is the underlying disease you are dealing with, and what antibiotics/detox therapies are you taking that is causing the herxheimer reaction?

thanks all, my versedfriends as well,

i dont know why, was going down, down,  but i took doxycline,

 i still need a small army temprorarily to help me, 

i dont have a sim card, people say they will help but dont

i am struggling healthwise,    i hate this disease, tryingto get better,   i am watching  the blind side  for thousandth time to distract

intentions, for brain fog to lift,  to hire some ppl to help me pack and re organize,  and to get  sim card, i been trying to get for months

its too much to handle,  i am grateful for doxyclinine, but i dont have much left, and it destroys my gut and cant be out in the sun and its sunny ,   

i want to get myself to church tmrw moring, but i dont remember the way , and i dont have a way to get an uber

too much on my brain, would i get back okay

its difficult to do this alone,   thanks for leeting me get through these reactions here, 

many are protesting in usa for change,  cause its criminal what this disease is,  but i just want to get better enough

i cant do this by myself right now, or write proeprely 

want to gete better thanks 

Ok, so you've been taking doxycycline, but what have you been taking it for? What is the original disease that you are taking antibiotics for?

There are support forums if u gooe them and the word forum.

Hey believe it or not I'm meant to help you. 

I randomly came on today just to switch tabs from the peeping eyes of someone coming up behind me that could view my screen, and I randomly clicked on this thread. Turns out I'm very familiar with this situation, and it wasn't JUST by chance that I clicked this specific thing as I'm also fighting something off at the moment. I've been having Herxeimers symptoms a LOT for the last 2-3 weeks. Feelings of fatigue, sleepiness, brain fog, confusion, nausea, etc. The whole 9 yards. The doctors honestly dont know SHT...

I'm treating myself at this point after seeing several doctors and specialists I've come to the conclusion that they realllyyyyyyy dont know their stuff when it comes to things that even slightly beyond the average, or usual cases people come to the doctor for (like upset stomach, flu, etc). Common things they can treat, but who cant...??? Seriously..

I've went to SEVERAL doctors (And I graduated with an honors in biochemistry so i know my sciences) and they were all Very flawed. So much so that it was frightening that normal people actually come to them with their health problems. They all assumed several things without asking me, eliminated certain things because of assumptions etc. Soo many things they did that I dont even care to get into because thats neither here nor there. Let me help you out because as soon as I started treating MYSELF, using the knowledge that i have and my intuition my symptoms started getting a WHOLE lot better. Today i only have one symptom left that I'm trying to fight off, all others are gone. At my worst (which was 2 months ago) it had gotten to the point where I was losing memory, had brain fog, joint pain (in knees, shoulders, wrists, elbows, etc), muscle tightness and aches, head aches, nausea, gut problems, stomach aches every day, bloating, indigestion, confusion, heart pains, etc. It was really all over the place, and I felt like my body was just falling apart. It started off with only the stomach and then spread to everywhere else. But like I said, today I cured ALL of the symptoms but one, slowly but surely they went away when I started treating myself and following my own advice and my gut instincts and intuition.

So many things these doctors dont know. Molds are common, low stomach acid is common (not high like is thought), gut microbiome, etc. But let me give you some advice now. I see that you are taking an antibiotic. I would honestly HIGHLY consider stopping it. Idk how long you've been taking it but maybe the damage is already done. All of my problems started after i took a 2 week course of an antibiotic which was wrongly prescribed to me because it didnt even fix the problem. The problem eventually resolved on its own several weeks after i stopped the antibiotic but it resulted in my gut microbiome being effected dramatically. Thats when the gut problems started for me and it just spread everywhere like wild fire. So i would HIGHLY consider getting off the antibiotics thats the first thing.

Second thing would be you need to reintroduce good bacteria into ur system preferably, but even before that we need to deal with all the invaders since we're not taking antibiotics. You need more of a holistic and safer approach that wont eradicate the good bacteria from ur system. Look up these alternative remedies. Turpentine, MMS, diatomacious earth, food grade hydrogen peroxide etc. I've been using the first 3 i listed, although im not too sure about the diatomacious earth, but ppl seem to have good results with it. I am feeling much better after taking these, and also fasting. I fast every day 24 hours, and get all my calories in a 1 hour feeding window. This starves out the candida which i supposedly have. Which i suspected i did and the doctors told me repeatedly i didnt, until the blood tests results came (after i insisted them to be tested for candida and mold) and it turned out i had more than triple the rate of normal candida in the body (aka candida overgrowth). So basically i was right the wholee time. This is just one of the many incidences with different doctors that I've had. The whole system is effed up. Sorry I keep bringing it up. 

Anyways, I know exactly how you feel. The herxing can be hard. And your right I also felt nobody understands me, and knows what I'm going through. Even the family that lives with me see me but they dont realize exactly whats going on inside of me and how awful i feel when it was happening. So weak to the point you feel like falling. Several times i think i was just laying down and i fainted maybe and just fell asleep from it. The detox symptoms can be severe like that. But its much better now that I've gotten the poisons out. I'm still taking some of those things for detox but i dont have nearly as bad herxeimers symptoms, most of the toxins are out i guess. Oh i forgot to mention one important thing. BEETS!!!!

I used beets extensively to clean out my system and repopulate my gut with good bacteria. Make sure they are organic. They help with digestion, repopulating good bacteria in ur gut, and detoxes the ENTIRE body, and regenerates all the organs. I'm not even kidding. Take a look at this guy on youtube. He only has 2 videos interviewing him. His name is Robert Von Serbacher. Check him out. Following his beets recommendation definitely gave me a HUGE improvement above anything else i tried, but also gave severeeee detox/herxeimer reactions. But they paid off I guess since i don't have to deal with a lot of my previous symptoms. I also tried the MMS I told you about and turpentine to kill off worms/parasites/candida/toxins etc.

I've given you a lot of info on this post and I almost never write replies to any of these posts. This is maybe my second post I've written and I've been on here for over 6 years. I feel that I came across ur post not by accident, and that I was meant to help you. Especially because I know so much about it and was going through it just days ago, and and still currently trying to eradicate it for good. The way i came to this page and in a split second found ur post and randomly clicked it....I just knew i was supposed to relay all these messages to you. Anyways, I wish you well friend. Do update me on what you decide to do.

I did research a bit about the antibiotic ur taking, and google said it was acne/rosacea type of drug. You should look into some of the stuff i told you. I think MMS and organic Beets would do WONDERS for you. Dont rely on the medical establishment. Take ur health into you own hands and listen to your intuition and do your research. Best of luck!


aw, thank you, 

i love beets,  and i am living in a hotel,  i was too sick to get my food steamer out to steam beets,  but i will trmw, evening ( i cook at nite, so no hotel ppl will knock)

 i am thankful for this

and you wrote by breaking it up , otherwise more difficult for me to read, bless your heart,  

feeling blessed 


ty, cause this subject i dot normally talk about on in this group forum, i was just feeling so extra crummy, 

   thank you  and hope you feel better with last bit of what you are going through soon 

Thank you for your well wishes. I also wish you the best of luck :)

PS  I think it may be best to eat the beets raw ;)


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