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i've been practicing LOA since 2009 and have a list of over 300 things i have manifested myself, big and small.  some of them include:

1.  healings in multiple cavities in multiple teeth

2.  manifesting 50k on two occasions

3.  manifesting sudden /unexpected money of about 2-3 k  on multiple occasions

4.  manifest complete healing of my lower back and neck pains (i used to snowboard, skate and bmx and my back was really bad to where i had headaches every day for 3 months straight and had dizziness for 2 months as well as very strange other types of spinal related nerve issues that affected lots of different things)

5.  easily manifest business.  i work 10 hours a month running multiple businesses.  i've never really advertised and whenever i meditate on more business, it starts coming in within1-2 weeks like clock work after having none to very little business when i do not meditate on it

6.  rejuvenated myself multiple times

7. grown an inch past the age of 30

8.  better sleep after years of insomnia - literally, i would lay in bed for 6 hours until 5 in the morning or sometimes when the sun came up.  luckily i did not have a regular work schedule so i could sleep in till noon or so if this did happen, but my sleep is now regular

9.  i used to get up to use the bathroom 2-3 times a night regularly for 10 years.  after doing some meditating, there are now nights that i don't even get up anymorre.  most of the time its once a night, sometimes if i'm not in alignment about it, i will get up 2x.  a definite noticeable difference

10.  make really huge pimples go away in 8-12 hours

11.  i get over flus and colds virtually unscathed.  i only get sick about once every 2 years

12.  i've lost weight and sculpted my body with just intention.  no changes in diet or exercise

these are just a few of the things i've done.  i have lists of these!  LOA absolutely works.  anyone just starting on this path - keep going!! we are meant to figure this out..figure out that we are beyond this 3d reality.  love and light - namaste

here is a video on how i meditate to increase my manifestation success:


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Bravo Jason!!! :) 

love and light!



Thank you for sharing! Can you share with us how you accomplished some of these things?

he Nela,meditation is CRUCIAL in attracting the things you would like to experience, have etc.  the main gist of it is connecting to the Divine through feeling Gratitude and Love.  when we feel true gratitude and love, our hearts open up - literally.  you can begin feeling the energy pouring forth from your heart chakra as if you are in a state of bliss.  in this state, you are so fulfilled in that feeling that nothing matters except feeling that feeling.  from that place, you can then imagine having all the things you desire.  if you can stay in that place more than 50% of the time, you will start getting manifestations or hints of it coming into your life.  if you can feel that feeling everytime you think of whatever it is you are working on manifesting, then it must come to you quickly.   

this video i made, will explain more completely: 


namaste, love and light!

Interesting, I just read an book called "The Door of Everything" by Ruby Nelson.  The book reads like a channeled book and it says that there are three keys to the door of everything.  She also mentioned gratitude and love as two of those keys.  The other one was praise.  But the book is about transforming into a cosmic being -  awaking to our divinity - Christ mind. 

yes, it's actually one and the same.  awakening to our divinity is knowing that we are creators of reality and that we have the infinite flowing through us and we are not separate from it or anyone/thing.  it's all just energy.  when we realize that we create our reality - every bit of it, we are able to detach ourselves from this 3d world because we know that it is not inherently real.

Really fabulous video Jason.  It has such a great energy to it - it really picked me up just listening.

It was also a great reminder to me of how powerful meditation is and how I've completely lost my momentum with it.  I know from experience incorporating it daily really does make a difference with how in tune you become with the flow of energy both inwards and outwards and it's been sorely missing in my life.

Funnily enough the place I had arrived at when I was doing it regularly was very similiar in approach to yours (although I find sitting up more conducive to not not floating off).  So it really resonated with me and has encouraged me to start incorporating it again.  So again, thanks so much for being being inspired to put your message in a forum where I would see it.

Also I'd like to express my appreciation for you sharing it without a push to monetising the experience  I don't have an issue with people making money out of teaching but I frequently find a disconnect between what people profess to believe versus the way they go about driving their business.  It's really refreshing to see someone just sharing something without a hundred and one prompts to join, subscribe, sign-up etc. 

The heart driven energy really came through. I'll definitely be replaying the video when I need a hand getting back into that space.

Yes, i totally agree! You're such a radiant Soul Jason!

Thank you both! I believe this information should all be free and accessible to everyone who has attracted themselves to it. It really is our birthright to know that we are creators of our reality. Society has skewed “reality” so badly which is why our planet is in the state it is now. I am a firm believer that each are nd every one of us on this planet right now chose to be here to go through this awakening process and that we can all figure it out in this lifetime and not have to come back again unwillingly. The reality we are co creating right now is dependent on the number of people Awakening now and to be able to be a part of that as a catalyst is a blessing. The Universe has taken care of me and I know that my path is to help others along their path. Namaste, ♥️✨



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