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Laughing to Health:

Laughter connects us on a deeper level with other people.  Laughter can be likened to a spiritual connection with other individuals that we seek to know better or build relationships with.  It’s impossible to feel the damage and tension that comes with stress and anger when we are laughing with friends.  You always feel better after a good laugh with friends!


In fact, research even indicates that laughter is good for relieving stress.  Having a series of heart felt chuckles a day, can lower the levels of stress hormones in the body and increase the endorphin levels in the brain.  These are the same ‘feel good’ hormones produced in the brain after having an exhilarating and intense workout; whether at the gym or having a walk or run at the park.  Interestingly enough, laughing is also free.  You don’t have to pay a monthly fee to laugh…you can feel good whenever you want to!  Ironically, the more you feel good the more you attract more things that make you feel good into your life, and the more you are likely able to achieve your short term and long term life goals. 

Science Behind Laughter:

Overall, the process of laughing provides an internal exercise to your body, brain, and immune system.  It’s an excellent emotional and physical release from stress.  Something that is not largely known about laughter is that it exercises our stomach muscles and our diaphragm, and relaxes your body; improving posture, relaxing your shoulders, and providing healing to the heart.  As a result, laughter can be the hidden ingredient to abundant health and success in our lives.  It can provide us with that feel-good support on a mental, physical, and emotional level. 


The fact of the matter is that when it comes to dis-ease; the condition of feeling out of ease, it means that something is going array in our body chemistry.  What many do not understand is that the body is not a machine that can be fed any type of food, or sustain any type of outside input, without also attaining the consequences; whether it be good or bad.  The body and brain is an organism, and thus it functions at a cellular level.  In order to improve health, you have to meet your body and brain’s requirements at a cellular level.  This means, that besides proper nutrition, exercise, supplementation, and positive associations, you also have to provide it with relaxation and joy. 

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Have You Laughed Today?!?!

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I've often stated that Joy and Humor are conjoined twins.


Laughter truly IS the Best Medicine, for as the level of humor goes up, so does the vibration of joy, and vice-versa.  Have you noticed that the happier you feel, the more humor you find in everything?  Likewise, the more you can find humor and have a good laugh, the lighter and happier you feel.


This translates directly to improved physical, mental, and spiritual health.  No doubt about it :-)

A customer told me the other day that whenever he is down he just makes himself LAUGH out loud. He just does it until he is just laughing and laughing and then he says suddenly he feels wonderful. Works every single time he says!!!!

TRUE!!!! :D

Love it!

Thanks Nicolas!

Love this one!!


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