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Hello all,

First, let me thank you all for your positive and uplifting energy that you have been giving me as I lurk the past few weeks. You're a wise group, so I have a few questions that havent quite been addressed.

I recently went through a devastating break up.  Met a woman, fell madly in love..she moved in. 8 months later in what seemed like out of the blue ( I realize now it was something I was attracting for who knows how long) she decides to move out.  I have been going through the most difficult period in my entire life, and have devoted countless hours to reading all about the LOA, and many many of the books that you have all recommended in these forums.  I have tried very hard to stay upbeat, I am staying busy, I am working on myself.  Now here is the kicker...I WORK with my ex ( insert life lesson on dating a co worker here).  SO I see her EVERYDAY.  UGH.

My question is...though I have tried to remain upbeat and positive, I have also been going through the roller coaster of emotions that go along with having your heart torn out of your chest, shown to you....thrown on the ground, stomped on, lit ablaze ( you get the idea)...I have released the intention of manifesting her back to my life and am using daily affirmations, meditation and visualization to manifest other positive things to me.  How will these negative/depressing/hopeless/lonely feelings that sometimes crop up, affect the outcome of my work?

Thank you in advance for all your sage words of wisdom!


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aw Ive read your post and cant help but find it sweet to see a man so madly in love. Well of course you attracted it for a reason, now only you know the answer. some people do attract their ex back into their life but in any case I'd say that you have to put yourself first, look after yourself, love yourself and really go to that place where you decide that there's nothing and no one that have the power to make you feel bad. not easy though I know.

Also the "right" one is out there for you wether its her or someone else, the work now is not her but you. love yourself, be gentle to yourself, soothe this pain which is actually nothing less than being disconnected to who you are.

 send you loadsa good vibe and love

Fish, I might not be sensitive enough to answer this question. But here is my approach: Think of it as the Law of Attraction saying to you I know it hurts but it's the only way of telling you that this is NOT the right person for you. I have someone who is perfect for you and who you are perfect for them. So suck it up thank the girl for being a part of your life. Concentrate on other parts of your life like Financial success etc. Think of this girl as a trial run so you know what you need to do when the RIGHT girl shows up. what are my credentials for this advise? When I was in the Army I received two DEAR JOHN letters from two different girls ON THE VERY SAME DAY. When I got back from the Army I met Marge my wife and we have been together for 55 years.Trust the Law. Len

Thank you Len.  Every moment I am getting  closer to releasing it all.  I have thanked her for the wonderful time we spent together and am healing expodenitally everyday.  I am visualizing positives in other areas of my life, just as you mention.  Thank you for the response and congratulations on 55 years!  That is fantastic!


Fish, here is something that may help you. I live in the penthouse of a 17 story Condominium. When I first moved in there was an old house directly in front of us on the beach. It must have been 30 years old. In its day it probably was something to behold. Well 3 years ago they torn it down in 2 days. Today there is a 13 million dollars mansion sitting on that spot. Look for your mansion, she is out there. Peace, Len 

Thanks a beautiful sentiment, thank you Len. Penthouse huh? Sounds like a sweet pad. Let me know if you need a roommate ;). Fish.

Len that is a lovely response and just goes to show that LOA always has something better lined up for us.  

I agree with Libbi that was such an eye opener again for me to remind myself there is always something better right around the corner.

Fish you are on the right track just stay focused on you and all will fall into place =)



You may not see it now, but this may turn out to be a wonderful thing (and it will you believe it). "Nothing is good or bad in itself except that our thinking makes it so" (something like that). Sometimes things have to be torn apart in order to build or make room for something way greater. :)

sometimes a loss is a gain 

*HUG* for you

Thanks Zewin...thanks everyone.  Today has been tough but reading all your comments have been  a wonderful affirmation to the tiny little voice inside myself that knows it is all as it should be.  As days go by, that little voice is getting louder and I am sure in no time it will as loud as a  lions roar.

yes, I agree. Nothing is good or bad. Right on the nose.

Hiya Fish74 and Welcome to our wonderfully eclectic family! :D

You're doing incredibly well and I think that you sometimes lose sight of just how much you have achieved in a short space of time. Don't worry about the negative feelings. Whenever you feel something, allow yourself to feel it, let the feeling be there and then, when you are ready, breathe it out and let it go. The key here is not to wallow in any of these emotions, just simply acknowledge them, feel them and then breathe them out and replace that feeling with a slightly better feeling. Gradually move yourself up the emotional scale, one step at a time :)


To answer your question about how the negative feelings will effect your work, I assume the work you are talking about is the work you are doing around manifesting particular things. Abraham Hicks uses the analogy of a journey from one place to another. When you are feeling good you are in alignment with what you want and so you are headed towards your intended destination and when you are feeling negative emotions you have turned around and are moving in the opposite direction. Go easy on yourself though, because sometimes we learn and grow more when we take the 'scenic route', than we do if we go directly to what we are wanting. 


Be gentle with yourself always, allow yourself whatever time you need to heal. Remember that you are worthy and deserving of all of the wonderful things that are in the process of becoming, and no-matter what, know that the best is yet to come! :D




Thank you Charlie.  That is precisely the work to which I refer.  I am reading " Ask and it is given" now....( as well as "Lucky you-How to get everything and create your ideal life" and have read " The master key system in the last few months".  I am completely humbled by all of your loving responses.  I cant say thank you enough.



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