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Hello all,

First, let me thank you all for your positive and uplifting energy that you have been giving me as I lurk the past few weeks. You're a wise group, so I have a few questions that havent quite been addressed.

I recently went through a devastating break up.  Met a woman, fell madly in love..she moved in. 8 months later in what seemed like out of the blue ( I realize now it was something I was attracting for who knows how long) she decides to move out.  I have been going through the most difficult period in my entire life, and have devoted countless hours to reading all about the LOA, and many many of the books that you have all recommended in these forums.  I have tried very hard to stay upbeat, I am staying busy, I am working on myself.  Now here is the kicker...I WORK with my ex ( insert life lesson on dating a co worker here).  SO I see her EVERYDAY.  UGH.

My question is...though I have tried to remain upbeat and positive, I have also been going through the roller coaster of emotions that go along with having your heart torn out of your chest, shown to you....thrown on the ground, stomped on, lit ablaze ( you get the idea)...I have released the intention of manifesting her back to my life and am using daily affirmations, meditation and visualization to manifest other positive things to me.  How will these negative/depressing/hopeless/lonely feelings that sometimes crop up, affect the outcome of my work?

Thank you in advance for all your sage words of wisdom!


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Look in the mirror, smile at yourself and know that you got these responses because you attracted them, you manifested them! :)

You are a powerful creator and you're doing just fine :)

Fish...You are about the same age as me. I went through the same process that you are going through. Actually It's been a year and a half and It still pains me. Different situation with me though. It was a divorce. I am at a place now where I'm just kind of numb. I've turned down a few opportunities to date other women. Im so picky now though. Ive never been single so long since high school. I like my freedom right now to work on myself as long as I need to. Friends have told me that I will meet someone when I least expect it. I'm sure many have heard this also. Seems like it works from loa. Many things come as soon as you forget about them. Best of luck to you. This just helps you learn more about yourself and what you truely need. Maybe some things you may not have been aware of. Maybe there are things that you need to get right with yourself. That way you attract from a more whole you who knows more of what he wants but also knows what he needs:)
Thanks Colin. I'm sorry for your divorce but happy to hear you're using it as an opportunity to work on yourself. I'm doing the same, concentrating on doing things that make me happy. As you know, it's a roller coaster of emotion with some good days and some bad. Take care. Fish.
Fish - I am sorry for what you are going through. I know I've been through pain and loss and it's heart wrenching. I know the feeling of wanting to move past the pain. But I also think we learn most about ourselveswhen we have these experiences.

Interesting, I had been off the boards for several months, but I came back today because I wanted to share something I came across recently to help people who want to let go. I will post it here, but I will post it again in its own thread so others can find it too. I recently ended a relationship it had been ending or a year now, it was just that neither one of us could let go. I wanted to finally let go and move on with my life. Even though I ended the relationship for both of us, I had what felt like a dark cloud hoovering over me. I was feeling very meloncholy. I was wondering if I was picking up what he was feeling? I did some research on the internet and found out about etheric cords that bind us to one another. These cords are filled with all of the negative energies from the relationship. Below is an article which explains is much better than I can. But we must cut these cords/attachments so we can move forward. I tried it later that night asking Archangel Michael's help. I visualized myself telling my former love all the things I could never tell him in real life and I said good-bye. As I cut the cord with Michael's sword, I could actually feel it emotiinally inside me being cut. Then I felt all of the negativity lift from me. It was amazing! So freeing. The next day I still thought about him, but I didn't feel as emotionally attached. I know I need to do a longer session to keep it permanenet. I will say, I don't feel joyus yet. I just feel neutral and detached, but I think that is a good thing. Today, I search cord cutting on Youtube and found a couple of videos. When I did one prayer/meditation with Archangel Michael again and I could actually feel a tremendous feeling of love and myself being lifted.

I wish I had found these sooner, but nevertheless, I am glad I did.


I hope they can help free you to move forward too.

Good luck to you!

Light and love

New Dawn
Thanks New Dawn....I'll try this! Fish.
Thanks Clover,

The responses you received were indeed helpful. Its nice to be reminded there's light at the end of the tunnel. The good moments are starting to balance out the difficult moments. Slowly but surely....thanks again for your kind response. Fish.
You got it Donna. I'm in Boston for business a few times a year ;)

Hi Fish,

First, my compassion to you.  I faced a similar situation in late September (heart torn out & all the works)--only not quite as bad as I didn't have to work with him (that totally sucks btw).  But it truly was the most difficult period of my life up to that point.  Second, luckily I found this post here in the PI forum that really helped, so I offer it to you if you haven't already seen it:


More than getting the ex back, it has important advice about getting yourself back.  For me that was the work.  And realizing I had centered waaaay too much of my energy around this guy.  The lonely/negative feelings are normal and can actually help your work.  The negative feelings, some of them are just from your mind dwelling on the issue-- these you can halt when you're aware they're from a mind spinning on itself--but some of them arise due to issues that were never dealt with in the relationship.  And I think these will positively affect the work because they bring these issues to the surface where you can deal with them. 

Some time (soon!) from now, I hope you will find that while this has been a most painful period of your life, it will also be one of the most fruitful in your work and personal growth.  It really does take time, and you deserve to give yourself that luxury.

A hug & many blessings to you!


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