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HEAVEN #3031 You Are Your Own Star, March 13, 2009

God said:

The Truth of you is your Divinity. All the humanness you portray is but your disguise. You are Divinity in the guise of a human being. On Earth, you walk two paths simultaneously. We could say that with your right foot, you say, "He loves me." With the left foot, you say, "He loves me not." Of course, your right foot is correct. The left foot is incorrect.

Love is the salt of the Universe. The humanness of you may keep itself at a distance from the love there is. The Divine presence of you doesn't waver for a moment about the love that it is and the love that it receives. Love is never hidden from the Real You. The Divine You taps into love every millisecond. It doesn't even have to tap in. It is already overflowing with limitless love. It knows only love. It doesn't have to focus on it because the Real You is love itself.

And so the humanness of you treads on a board game called Life. Humanness believes that humanness is the little trophy car or house that he moves along the way. He gets lost in thought. He keeps passing Go. He goes round and round. Maybe every now and then he remembers there is more to him than his humanness. Every once in a while he remembers his Divinity and knows not what he remembers and just keeps going around the game board, thinking that is all there is. He is so involved in going around the block, that he forgets Who he really is, that of him that is not so absorbed in the game, that of him who is flying around a Vaster Universe, out of the fray, out of the absorption in it.

We say that the humanness of you has forgotten his ever-present Divinity. It is not so much that he has forgotten as it is that he forgets to think about that which is the very basis of the humanness that happens to often disturb his peace. The right foot isn't heard. The left foot hears itself with dismay.

This is a great sacrifice the humanness of you makes. The humanness of you keeps the salt shaker and throws away the salt. He has forgotten what the salt shaker is for. He has put the taste of Divinity on the back burner. He leaves it for later. Meanwhile, life without the intrinsic salt of love often is without the flavor it deserves.

You have a buddy called the Divine who follows you everywhere and longs to be noticed, longs to be acknowledged, longs to be favored. The Divine would like some of your attention.

Please understand that attention on the Divine is not a penance. It is your release. It is your relief. True is always better than false. Your humanness is not Truth. It is fact but not Truth. Fact has been held high in front of you, and Truth seems to trail along like an orphan, there but not recognized, not fully recognized.

You are so close to the Truth, beloveds. It knocks on the door of your heart. You are never without it. No matter what, you are not without it. There is nothing that can subdue the Divinity of you. It simply waits for you to notice it and the Divinity of All. It waits patiently, always there, always looking out for you. Your Divinity is your Guiding Star, even your Fairy Godmother, We could say. All the time it is you, beloveds, it is you. You are your own Star.

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It is always there......


Just a reminder that we are all stars in the eyes of the Universe: we are all it's beloved children and it wants us to be happy. 


All we need to do to awaken this inner divinity is to recognise that it’s there. Recognise that we have it in us and to believe that. Once our minds pick up this belief, everything else falls into place.  Affirm many times a day: I HAVE THE DIVINE SPARK. 

Thank you Michael


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