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Hello you all lovelies. I want to share the drastic shift in my vibration ever since I started using LOA.


Lots of Love,


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Hi All,


I want to share the story of my broken relationship here. I am not going to refer to him as my ex, Instead just call him by his name Gary. Gary and I were in a serious relationship for about 2 years. He is divorced and has a 10 year old son. He wanted to marry me so bad for the past 2 years. Unfortunately due to several factors, I had to tell him to hold to our marriage plans due to his past legal complications, my finances, etc. I assured him that no matter what happens he will be the only one I marry.

Suddenly in October he says he doesn’t wish to marry me anymore because he has found another girl. Initially I thought this is a revenge thing so I let a day go by without contacting him. I called him for the next 3-4 days and literally begged and pleaded with him. I also had my father call him to assure him that he will get us both married. But he din’t budge. In about three weeks a mutual friend sends me a picture of Gary and the new girl getting engaged.

I was so shocked. I couldn’t register what was going on. 3 weeks ago we had a huge argument over the phone where he said things are over between us. Since then I haven’t called him. He keeps telling everyone that I am the reason he had to take such a drastic step, but the fact is that he was seeing this girl while he was with me.

The fact that he chose a 21 year old girl did not hurt me as much as he saying its over. I did go through a lot of emotions for a while but I somehow gathered the strength and started practicing LOA. I also started saying things Like, “I’am irresistible” “ Any man would love to be with someone so supportive and loving as me” “ Gary cannot resist talking to me” and so on..

I have observed a sudden shift in the energy and I feel so good now, like there’s love all around me. I also went on a casual date with an old friend last week. I just needed one suggestion from all you lovelies out there. My last conversation with Gary wasn’t so good. We ended up blaming each other a lot. Should I send him a sorry message or let it be and rather have him catch on to my positive vibrations? Looking forward to your replies.


Lots of Love,


Hi Cleo,

Sorry to hear this! I understand as I have had a similar experience in the past. 

If you want your own 'closure' I would say sorry in a letter etc. and walk away. You deserve SO much better than this guy and what he has to offer. If he was 'the one' he would have waited no matter what. 
I myself have recently been shocked by the man I love (he left me in early Nov), so I can really relate to you at present. Its hard to admit but we must move on to better things that we are more deserving of. 
We have to think of ourselves first and be happy. If you can, practice the Secret often and also the other books too!! 
I hope this has helped?
There is another post that I would urge you to read too - I will IM it to you but I don't want to give you false hope. I just want you to be loved and happy!!

Love, blessings and gratitude. 
H x

Hi Cleo, here is my advice on this. It seems that any further contact with Gary will lead to drama and sadness and yet I can sense you are needing closure ona more positive level. There is a technique and I apologize because I have forgotten who invented it but here it is- a technique to communicate on another level- a souls level. Also check out the Hopoponopo Prayer.

Ok perhaps when going to bed imagine Gary on a stage. It is dark and there is a light on him. In your heart speak every word you wish to say to him. Tell him you are sorry for the drama and that you are wishing him happiness and whatever else you wish for him to understand. Then go to sleep.

TRUST that the universe has delivered the message! TRUST that now this is behind you, that ALL IS WELL!

You will find the peace you are looking for and this will allow you to move forward.
In doing so you must focus on your SELF and what you need and want and enjoy and really fall in love with YOU. You are beautiful, unique and unrepeatable and deserve the best! Keep your focus on this thoughts! Love and hugs, Flowerpatch xxoo


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