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Hi Kids!

I, like a lot of people watched The Secret a few years back but have only in recent months turned back to look at it and more in depth sources again and give the Laws a wholehearted application to my life. A few weeks back I had a few blocks that seemed insurmountable for reasons at that time I had no idea about. However right now i'm back on the track & racing ahead. If I have an internal, or even an external problem, I have any person right at my fingertips who can help. Even though my bank account isn't the most pristine example of it, (I'm still living very comfortably though) I believe I'm one of the richest fellas out there at the moment. Life is so brutally awesome.

Anyhows, it's time to give this thread some meaning. A few weeks ago, when I had that seemingly unclimbable, invisible wall in front of me, I looked into Joe Vitales Miracles Coaching through a sent email. My eyes lit up on the part that said "FREE consultation". I filled in the little questionaire & sent it off and no real stroke of eagerness for a callback. A day or three later I kicked down that invisible wall in brilliant style on my own (Haha. Picture that one in your head.) Everything was clear & for the first time in my life I was able to truely ALLOW.

Now don't get me wrong. Ol' Joe is a fantastic bloke. I have learned a lot from his teachings & audio programs and I am grateful for every speck of them. I get the call yesterday from Miracles Coaching. Now this is less of a free consultation & more of a bullet-train HARD sell. There were questions about my credit card limits and heaps of other near personal material stuff. There were one or two useful things said so it wasn't all a bad phonecall or anything. Thing was, I had no problem in that particular point of space in telling ol' mate in America the whole kebab. Which after the phonecall brought up a new challenge for me: TO INTEND NOT TO BE A SUCKER ANYMORE. Really I am. Put me on the phone to these guys and i'll be like a freakin' marshmallow.

I really, really believe I don't NEED coaching. At least not the kind of coaching Joe has to offer. Reaseaching it a bit on the webs I found the cost of the coaching to be about 3000 - 5000 dollars. If i'm going to pay that much then i'd expect at least a few calls from Joe himself. Man. I really don't need that much help with this. I'm doing so well my head is going to explode & i'm gonna love that too. I appreciate all the offers for help I receive and I will see what everyone has to offer, pay my respects & move on if I find it not what I am looking for. I like to be free to make that choice myself. Now my buddy from Miracles is calling me back tomorrow morning & I know that if he's read "Think & Grow Rich" before then i'm in for quite a challenge. Does anybody have any advice as to how I can simply and politely say "I'm sorry,Can we take this consultation no further?" to one of these guys. Seriously. They are that good at what they do.

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Hi Matt :)

You've had some great advice here already, and I just wanted to add my support..
I used to have the same problem and have spent a fOrtune - in money and time - on things that I really didn't need but just kinda went along with it and it seemed like a good idea at the time and then I felt bad to pull out...

Now, I've found - very much like Daydreambeliever has suggested - it works well when I say, really politely and kindly "I've decided it's actually not for me, but thanks anyway, goodbye" - the trick, I've found, is to not let them get a word in if possible lol - and to hang up before they have a chance to respond. But because you're saying it kindly you're not being rude.

Also, the other point Daydreambeliever mentioned about preparing for it by pre-paving is very important - and I'd take it further by deciding that whatever the result, you love it. No matter what he says and no matter what you say, and no matter what the outcome is, you'll love it and you'll feel good. Because feeling good is a choice you make inside you.

And however the call goes - it will turn out to be good. :)

Love and Light and Magic xxx
Illusions, I love what you say because it comes back to an issue that I've really been mulling over and that's how many forms resistance takes for us and how easy it is too not see it as resistance.

The moment we judge or pre-judge or try to avoid or fight against a situation...it's resistance. And as we all know, what we resists persists and then keeps getting bigger. When we accept all possibilities, allow all possibilities and don't worry regardless (even though we have a mindset of things working out for the best regardless) well that's non-resistance which is also true allowing.

It's a fabulous point - that when we choose to find nothing to fear or worry about, all that stuff just seems to dissolve away and the good stuff, which creates "miracles" flow.

I guess it comes down to the fact, if you hold a mindset where you believe you can't lose, then you never will!
I get so dissapointed when people charge so much to make the world a better place. It's all free for you right here and on the internet you tube etc. maybe now and then spend about $30 on a really good ebook or something but not 3grand
well done for deciding not to be a shmuck anymore :) :)
My favorite response is "I'm all good thanks. See ya." I'm respecting them and respecting myself because I'm not wasting anytime talking when I'm not going to be buying.

On the same lines, I make efforts to spend money on things that actually increase my knowledge base or skills. These are experiences that I hold to have high value to me. They often happen not to be courses on the law of attraction but they are other things that I enjoy doing, want to learn more about and in almost all cases improve my quality and experience of life. Sometimes when people tell you to "invest" it's just a scam cloaked as wise words. Other times and this is generally when the action to invest is initiated by myself through reflection and discernment the investment turns out to repay itself many fold - sometimes in money and sometimes in a multitude of other ways.

The truth for me at least seems to be that when I gain skills, knowledge or experience that result in real, deep inspiration, insight personal development or growth I almost always will gain in all of the other areas of my life be it monetary, personal or spiritual(even if incremental). The problem with many so called "gurus" however is that what they offer doesn't elicit much if any depth of growth in me (unless severe aversion counts as growth!). I think the reason for this is not necessarily because they don't have any skills but because they've comprised their desire to teach with greed and the desire to just make money. As a result all these courses seem as watered down and with as much no value filler as McDonalds beef. Still, good teachers are around and I do have gratitude for the ones that have really helped me.
Matt this is what you wanted to say, "I'm sorry,Can we take this consultation no further" I would simply tweak it by saying:
" I do not want to take this consultation further, please do not call me again, I thought I requested a free consultation and the LOA mistakenly gave me this pay for it consultation, so I am hanging up, and making my intention clearer."
The hard sell makes me puke sometimes too.

I have experienced the hard sell and argued against it many times, all my life really. I even point out Tv commercials and why they bug me, to our kids. Then last week I brought them to the optometrist, and my 11yr old son started pointing out all the up sells the optometrist and her secretary were pushing with all the clients while we waited our turn.

It is the job of a sales person to sell. We can't shoot them for trying, even if that thought occurs to us.

Funnily enough, I am the guy in the blue picture over there on the right. ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->

John Assaraf is now our Sue and Steve business coach. We pay him $2500 per HOUR. Yes we talk directly with him. He always gives us way more time than we expect him to. But I have crossed over that hump, of worrying about what LOA consultants or coaches cost. Because I know the benefits. How things are working out for us right now, is nothing short of frikkin amazing.

Jo Vitale is probably not RIGHT, for you at this time. But maybe someone else will be, who is not asking you about your credit card limit. Or not. YOU will know.

And if you need help with the sales guy, tell him you work for the better business bureau and you have 50,000 fans of you Facebook page about Spiritual Development.

He'll back off.
Thanks guys. Well it all went well save for the fact that I was having a chance coughing fit from my coffee going down the wrong tube when he called. I said my little thing or two, no more (in between hacks). He was pretty relentless so I had to hang up on the poor guy but I kept appreciation for what he was doing the whole time, which softens the blow a lot. I'm certainly not going to take this as a reflection of coaching in general, But snapping onto what you are saying Steve. If I am sincerely looking for a coach, i'll be shopping around. The one I will most likely choose is the one who makes me comfortable with my discomforts right from the word go. It may not be their intention but the hard sell is not very welcoming at all. When I want to improve my spiritual and personal development the last thing I want in a consultation is a box full of questions about my financial life. I have no issues with money and i'm sure i'd be able to pay for the course if that is what I really wanted. I would find a way. Everything I need now is right here though. I know that & I am so happy in it.
I wouldn't worry about hanging up on the guy. In fact, he's probably used to a lot worse. I'm working on a degree in marketing communications and I've learned a ton from it, but I never want to do sales. One time, I offered to work at a "thank-you phone-a-thon" for the college in exchange for money to support the Forensics Speech and Debate team. I was supposed to do two nights of it. The first night wasn't bad in comparison, but it was bad enough. After a few hours of people yelling at me, begging me to leave them alone b/c they do plan on donating money again, telling me their family member is dead, etc. I had enough.

I walked up to the speech and debate coach and asked him if I had to work a second night. I even offered to pay for the second night out of my part-time check. He said I didn't have to work a second night and I was relieved. For some people, it's a good living or a good job away from fast food. To me, it felt like I was bothering people. However, there are good and bad people who work in sales and some can be very manipulative (as Gen described). Sometimes, you have to play hardball with them. However, I hope you will not manifest anymore phone calls from them. Also, I can't remember if you said whether or not you gave them any credit/debit card details, but if you did then make sure you alert the credit card companies and/or bank to make sure they block any money being withdrawn by that company.

Don't worry about being too rude. Try to be as polite as possible, but remember these people are sometimes being paid very good money and they want more, so it may take hanging up a few times or ignoring their calls to get them to back off.
Nah. No cards given. I may get sucked into the spiel but there's no way i'm giving that number over recklessly.
I was really into reading Joe's stuff a few years ago. I bought or got as many books from the library of his as I could. I read him online, and I ordered his clearing audios.

I found that:
A) Joe repeats himself a lot in his books - one book is pretty much the same as the next
B) Joe is always selling you on his next thing
C) The clearing audios were soothing but didn't do a thing.
D) Joe copies a lot of other authors' stuff (and he admits it - says he's a copywriter)

I lost a lot of respect for him after reading his stuff after awhile. One time he talked of an online course he had, that he did because it was free for him to do. People signed up but didn't "attend". He didn't have to do any work and he didn't refund money. I can't remember the book (Attractor factor maybe?) but it felt so unethical the way he put it.

I love the story of how he "came to be" but don't think he knows much more or can help more than your average study of the subject of LOA and manifestation.

I think he has a few good things to say but after reading his books, I wonder what else is he going to coach you with? Same with James Ray (went to his seminar to the tune of $1200) - he taught me nothing. you probably already know all you need to. Don't let the "teachers" try to teach you more. The theory is quite simple and can be summed up in just a few sentences and in a few minutes. The people here will do that for you for less than $3000 ;)
I'll do it for $1,999. That's a savings of over $1,000! Okay, I'll behave.
I really should add in Joe's credit that I can't recommend "The Awakening Course" enough.


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