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Hi Kids!

I, like a lot of people watched The Secret a few years back but have only in recent months turned back to look at it and more in depth sources again and give the Laws a wholehearted application to my life. A few weeks back I had a few blocks that seemed insurmountable for reasons at that time I had no idea about. However right now i'm back on the track & racing ahead. If I have an internal, or even an external problem, I have any person right at my fingertips who can help. Even though my bank account isn't the most pristine example of it, (I'm still living very comfortably though) I believe I'm one of the richest fellas out there at the moment. Life is so brutally awesome.

Anyhows, it's time to give this thread some meaning. A few weeks ago, when I had that seemingly unclimbable, invisible wall in front of me, I looked into Joe Vitales Miracles Coaching through a sent email. My eyes lit up on the part that said "FREE consultation". I filled in the little questionaire & sent it off and no real stroke of eagerness for a callback. A day or three later I kicked down that invisible wall in brilliant style on my own (Haha. Picture that one in your head.) Everything was clear & for the first time in my life I was able to truely ALLOW.

Now don't get me wrong. Ol' Joe is a fantastic bloke. I have learned a lot from his teachings & audio programs and I am grateful for every speck of them. I get the call yesterday from Miracles Coaching. Now this is less of a free consultation & more of a bullet-train HARD sell. There were questions about my credit card limits and heaps of other near personal material stuff. There were one or two useful things said so it wasn't all a bad phonecall or anything. Thing was, I had no problem in that particular point of space in telling ol' mate in America the whole kebab. Which after the phonecall brought up a new challenge for me: TO INTEND NOT TO BE A SUCKER ANYMORE. Really I am. Put me on the phone to these guys and i'll be like a freakin' marshmallow.

I really, really believe I don't NEED coaching. At least not the kind of coaching Joe has to offer. Reaseaching it a bit on the webs I found the cost of the coaching to be about 3000 - 5000 dollars. If i'm going to pay that much then i'd expect at least a few calls from Joe himself. Man. I really don't need that much help with this. I'm doing so well my head is going to explode & i'm gonna love that too. I appreciate all the offers for help I receive and I will see what everyone has to offer, pay my respects & move on if I find it not what I am looking for. I like to be free to make that choice myself. Now my buddy from Miracles is calling me back tomorrow morning & I know that if he's read "Think & Grow Rich" before then i'm in for quite a challenge. Does anybody have any advice as to how I can simply and politely say "I'm sorry,Can we take this consultation no further?" to one of these guys. Seriously. They are that good at what they do.

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Hi Matt,

I was just reflecting on this phenomenon of LOA, that everything we get in life we attract. So there is an element of WHY did I attract something that didnt feel good, like for me, why did I attract the call from the Joe Vitale salesman and the put down I got. ANd of course the answer has to be that that is what I was vibrating. Something in me was feeling like I was NOT understanding the Law of Attraction enough to attract money and so when I saw the add for a Free Coaching from someone who makes millions every week, I must have felt that HE was going to open a 'spark' in me that would set me right on the money front.

So why did my encounter with the Guru NOT bring in money ....and I think I see it clearly now .... I was 'thinking' money but 'feeling' lack ...and of course the twist in LOA, is that it is the 'feeling' state that manifests. NOone goes to a free consultation with a rich guru, really FEELING that they will now be rich, they go 'hoping, hoping, hoping ...but it is still based on lack' ...and so LACK is what happens.

Now Joe on the other hand, sees these calls as MONEY, as bait for more clients, he is not interested in the people who want a Free consultation, he wants people who can pay 5,000 or more for a course ...and he GETS them because that is what he is vibrating.

Its a hard lesson to learn but a useful one. The only person who can invite money into our lives is ourselves. Any teacher who is asking for money IS doing exactly that seeking money for themselves, they may have great information about how the Universe works, but so do YOU, the difference is they believe it and you dont or at least not yet.

But I learned another lesson here too and that is HOW people invite money into their lives. With LOA we can ASK for money without involving other people, or we can ask for money to come through other people. At the moment most people ask for money to come through others and through products because that is the way the money game is currently set up. But it is not the only model, the UNIVERSE is abundant and its ways infinite, so money can come without products or selling things to others or having to buy from others, and without needing to employ thousands of peole working under you in a pyramid type earnings scheme and where you will skim off earnings from each of them, the universe is ABUNDANT and this is the abundance that we should all be tapping into. We can 'create' an abundance in our imagination, and when we can feel it it will come into being. This for me is true Philantrophy, it is GOD or SOURCE giving us exactly what we ask for with no strings attached, just giving for the love of giving, no need to exploit another human being, or destroy the earths resources.

I am grateful that I have been a Parent for the last 17 years and now am beginning also to see the amazing lessons I learned as a Lone parent, in that I was doing an amazingly wonderful 'job' for no money, I was being a philantropist in the sense of giving without needing to receive in exchange. Now had I known about the LOA earlier, I might not have had to parent without any money as was the case, I could simply have Asked, imagined my life with financial abundance and it would have appeared. My limiting beliefs were that we have to charge for our products to earn money, and I had no products to sell, my products were living wonderful children. Precious priceless gems that needed tending, needed love, but there was no one to care for the carer, no employer offering a salary ...or was there ...NOW, I see that the Universe was there and IS there to tend to all people, to offer abundance to ALL people who simply ASK, not in a longing or begging way, but just by using their imagination to SEE in their minds eye the abundance they want to have ...and then so it will be. SO simple and yet SO difficult for us to accept and to put into action.

love and light Gen
It brought me to a pure realization of what I can really do just on my own.
I have found this to be really simple.

If I am in alignment with the person, thing , or idea, than I am passionate and all about inspired action.

If I am not than I feel resistance.

Som one trying to "sell me" always feels like resistance to me, and the minute I feel like I have to push back at that than I am going uphill.

When I first heard Abraham-Hicks, I was totally aligned and drawn to them.

Som one had sent me their free intro tape.

Notice that was a "free offer. A friend sent it but Esther and Jerry have always given those out for free with no sort of follow up of any kind. No strings, no nothing.

I was so excited, I hunted down their stuff and bought more, and more, and eventually flew from Hawaii to Florida to see them.

They never , ever tried to get me to do this, I actively seeked them out, and was excited about it!

I think you can feel the difference between asking and allowing and being in alignment and inspired action,
verses, resistance, being sold etc.

And I will say there are many people that I love some of their stuff , or things, or ideas, but certainly not all of them.
So I go only with what attracts me, but just because I like something they offer does not mean I want everything they offer.

I promise you, you already know what aligns for you or not, in any given time!
You are wonderful Marcy, because you have evolved beyond the 'making mistakes' part of life and I love that in you.

When we can trust ourselves and take fullest responsibility for all that we encounter/attract in our lives, it all starts to work out smoothly, and then even if we do make an occasional mistake in life, we dont go down a whole rabbit hole about it we merey pull in our antennas and say 'oops, i did it again" ..and get back to happy manifesting !

love and light Gen
I appreciate the compliment AND, I am hardly beyond "making mistakes"!!!!

I make them every day!

But since I never get it done, it really doesn't matter! :-}
Abraham/Hicks work really spoke to me & connected those spiritual experiences of years ago that I had with all of this L.O.A. stuff I was taking in recently. Before coming across these works I often questioned how these experiences I had years ago had fit into this whole package. I once only wondered if there was an explanation for it within the L.O.A. Since then I have begun to re-investigate these realms, truths & entities with a lot more confidence & maturity to what I once had toward it in my past. It's made my study of this stuff 50 times more exciting than what it already was.
There isn't any information a coach, a book, or anyone can give you that will help you more than paying attention to the way you feel. In the law of attraction, the way you feel is your point of attraction. If you pay attention to the way you feel, and you deliberately give your attention to that which makes you feel good, you will be a master at the law of attraction.
Actually, a good coach does some very helpful things, especially assisting you in "awareness"
and most especially assisting you to alignment, where you can than get all the answers you need.

That, to me, is the definition of help and support!
Wooshing's got a good idea, if you can do it -- it's called "broken record."

I make it simple, w/o making up any stories (though you can if you wish): "Thank you for calling, but I'm not interested."

"But if you miss this, we'll never offer this special deal again, and you'll die of starvation!"

"Thanks for calling, but I'm not interested."

"But we'll upgrade your request with a free Nose-Picking Machine from Amalgamated Snot & Snerd Co., Inc.!"

"Thanks for calling, but I'm not interested."

"If you don't take up our offer today, this is the end of life as you know it. The planet will blow up within ten seconds after you hang up the phone, and you will be responsible for the destruction of this entire planet. Can you live with that responsibility?"

"Thanks for calling, but I'm not interested."

No excuses. They have an answer for every potential thing you're going to say, except for repeated statements that let them know exactly how you feel: "Thanks for calling, but I'm not interested."

OK, that may be a little bit of a lie. You may indeed be interested, but overall, you're not interested in the expression of appreciation they wish for you to dole out...and

you know that you have the wisdom inside you to pursue your own journey, with your own wisdom, in your own way.


Repeat after me ten times:

"You know you want it."
"Thanks for calling, but I'm not interested."
"But...I'm gonna sic the Wicked Witch of the Southwest on you!"
"Thanks for calling, but I'm not interested."
"We'll send Angelina Jolie directly to your house within five minutes after you hang up the phone if..."
"Thanks for calling, but I'm not interested."
"We have an autographed copy of the Bible for you if you purchase within 30 seconds!"
"Thanks for calling, but I'm not interested."
"We'll feature you as the main character on 'Hoarders: Buried Alive'..."
"Thanks for calling, but I'm not interested."
"You'll receive a lifetime supply of toilet paper..."
"Thanks for calling, but I'm not interested."
"Paws4Thought will send you a photo of your favorite teapot..."
"Thanks for calling, but I'm not interested."
"Wes will invite you to his abode in Hawaii at your expense..."
"Thanks for calling, but I'm not interested."
"You'll feel the lovely Wooshing of the Power of the Universe..."
"Thanks for calling, but I'm not interested."
"Betty Boop will make a personal call, directly to your door, and when you open it, she will stand there with hands on hips, saying, 'Boop-Boop-e-Doop..."
"Thanks for calling, but I'm not interested."

(The caller hung up.)

Oh, wait. That was 11.

Of course, if the dude/dudess keeps replying, the "click" could be on your end. Joe will not haunt you -- after all, he has no clue you're calling; he's out rolling in his dough.


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