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Hi Kids!

I, like a lot of people watched The Secret a few years back but have only in recent months turned back to look at it and more in depth sources again and give the Laws a wholehearted application to my life. A few weeks back I had a few blocks that seemed insurmountable for reasons at that time I had no idea about. However right now i'm back on the track & racing ahead. If I have an internal, or even an external problem, I have any person right at my fingertips who can help. Even though my bank account isn't the most pristine example of it, (I'm still living very comfortably though) I believe I'm one of the richest fellas out there at the moment. Life is so brutally awesome.

Anyhows, it's time to give this thread some meaning. A few weeks ago, when I had that seemingly unclimbable, invisible wall in front of me, I looked into Joe Vitales Miracles Coaching through a sent email. My eyes lit up on the part that said "FREE consultation". I filled in the little questionaire & sent it off and no real stroke of eagerness for a callback. A day or three later I kicked down that invisible wall in brilliant style on my own (Haha. Picture that one in your head.) Everything was clear & for the first time in my life I was able to truely ALLOW.

Now don't get me wrong. Ol' Joe is a fantastic bloke. I have learned a lot from his teachings & audio programs and I am grateful for every speck of them. I get the call yesterday from Miracles Coaching. Now this is less of a free consultation & more of a bullet-train HARD sell. There were questions about my credit card limits and heaps of other near personal material stuff. There were one or two useful things said so it wasn't all a bad phonecall or anything. Thing was, I had no problem in that particular point of space in telling ol' mate in America the whole kebab. Which after the phonecall brought up a new challenge for me: TO INTEND NOT TO BE A SUCKER ANYMORE. Really I am. Put me on the phone to these guys and i'll be like a freakin' marshmallow.

I really, really believe I don't NEED coaching. At least not the kind of coaching Joe has to offer. Reaseaching it a bit on the webs I found the cost of the coaching to be about 3000 - 5000 dollars. If i'm going to pay that much then i'd expect at least a few calls from Joe himself. Man. I really don't need that much help with this. I'm doing so well my head is going to explode & i'm gonna love that too. I appreciate all the offers for help I receive and I will see what everyone has to offer, pay my respects & move on if I find it not what I am looking for. I like to be free to make that choice myself. Now my buddy from Miracles is calling me back tomorrow morning & I know that if he's read "Think & Grow Rich" before then i'm in for quite a challenge. Does anybody have any advice as to how I can simply and politely say "I'm sorry,Can we take this consultation no further?" to one of these guys. Seriously. They are that good at what they do.

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That sounds very effective. It's much easier to keep your cool with something worded exactly like that. Thankyou. I'll give that a shot.
So right you are. And I believe that wholeheartedly myself. It's one of the fundamental laws we share. Which makes me wonder why Joe's associates have make you feel so much like you do "need" it. Actually the company that does the coaching is in no way run by Joe Vitale himself i've found. That kinda takes a lot of sparkle off the package.
Yeah. And there is sooooo much out there which is honest to goodness, pure FREE.
So if you think this guy is preparing himself for the call tomorrow, ask yourself what are you doing to prepare for it?

You are expecting and anticipating a scenario where they do the hard sell and you fold like spineless marshmallow.. But we all know you have a spine - you tell us by your name!

So do the prep they are doing. Just anticipate it being easy. And I would suggest, from my experience, to "just say no". If you leave a door open with indecision, a good salesperson will stick their foot in to keep it open and keep coming back to you.

It reminds me a little of conversation I frequently have with my mother. I catch her having these long drawn out calls with telemarketers where has no intention of buying anything and she's not interested but she just doesn't come out and say it. I tell her to just say "no thank you" and hang up and she tells me she doesn't want to be rude. I try to explain to her that rude is swearing at them or otherwise abusing them for just trying to do their job and make a living. It's actually more inconsiderate of them, given the quotas and KPI's they have to work to, to keep them on the phone when you have no intention of taking up the offer. The most considerate thing you can do is to not waste their time or yours and to just politely say no thank you and then leave.

So just picture yourself getting the call, thanking them for their follow-up but that you really feel and think it's not appropriate for you so no thank you. And then you hang up the phone effortlessly and easily.

You are absolutely right, you don't need this if - there are so many resources out there that you can use to find your own way forward. And if you did need this, you will feel it and know it as the right thing for you, you wouldn't need to be convinced.

So trust your instincts and know that it doesn't have to be difficult or dragged out. Just withdraw your energy from the situation, don't see it as a big deal and who knows - they may forget to call you or you may not be around when they do.
I think you've taken this even deeper into the understanding I am looking for. Thankyou.
I've formulated a good way of doing it from the information i've recieved here. I'll let you all know of the positive outcome.
Glad it helped.

Matt - you are a spine! Rigid when needs be, yielding when it's appropriate but always supportive and keeping it together.

You can do this just fine. You know when to bend and give and when to brace yourself and hold your position.

It can be easy. Don't be afraid to hang up the phone. They will get over it and far faster than you will watching your credit card be debited each month!

Just feel good about saying "No thank you" and don't engage with the other stuff, otherwise you are just feeding energy to the situation. The rest will flow from there.
Whoa! You just gave a real meaning to my DJ name when I wasn't really looking for one. SPINECODE. My previous DJ name had personal attachment for me at that point of time in my life & you have just, out of the blue, blessed me with new meaning. Thankyou.

As I wrote it, I assumed you had a secondary meaning to it, probably around your DJíng like "spinner" or something that I didn't see. I assumed you didn't mean it so literally but at the same time, in the way it was presented, I felt like it said something on another level that was useful to talk about.

But glad it's given you something else to consider and give meaning to. I love those moments and am so appreciative that I was part of one!

Thanks for the thanks.
Hi Matt,

I did the same, saw a chance to get a 'free' coaching session and then forgot all about it, until I got a call. At first I was overjoyed and thanked the person, and answered all the questions with great honesty and integrity, including my then credit card limit. He then asked me if I wanted to be rich and I said absolutely and I told him I was very into the Law of Attraction and PI. Then he said I needed to pay several thousands as an investment to making a lot of money in the future. I declined saying that I was about to close my accounts to pay off my debts once and for all. He then told me I had NO interest in making money or being abundant. Then the conversation became more like a criticism of my interpretation of LOA. I told him I am healed of an incurable disease because of the LOA and he kind of dismissed that. I said that I believed that with the LOA we didnt need to make investments or take risks with money, we simply had to Ask and Receive and do the work around those concepts. But by now he was really using hypnotic repetitions of how I would NOT succeed and that I DID not want to be rich. I was still giving him the benefit of the doubt that he would now Coach me into a better understanding of the LOA, but his coaching was more a coaxing me to pay for his service.

I had some trouble ending the conversation or the sales talk civilly and so it left me feeling very uncomfortable.

The funny thing is that he called again about a month later and had totally forgotten that he had spoken to me and this time, I cut him off more abruptly as I recognised this time that it wasnt a coaching session, but a Hard nosed Sales pitch.

But it DID teach me a lesson, and that is what so many others have said here, that we have all the Coaching we need here on PI FREE, and all the material from Abraham/Hicks free on Utube, to achieve all that we can with LOA.

What Joe Vitale is doing is not 'helping others' but tapping into a pool of people who are in the vulnerable process of learning the LOA, to catch them like fish in his BUSINESS of making money for himself. With LOA there are many ways of attracting money, we can attract it just by asking and letting the Universe find ways to bring it to us, or we can set up a business and ask the universe to bring us clients. And another thing I learnt is that Joe Vitale IS very successful at making money, and I am not yet. But Joe Vitale is not out to help me, he is out to help Joe Vitale ....and that is ok ...that is GOOD. My job now is to become good at attracting abundance for ME !

I would be happier if people like Joe Vitale aimed their sales talk at people who have a lot of money already, but my getting caught in his net is not his fault, that is his strength. It is my 'fault' for getting caught and now it is my job not to get caught again, but rather believe more in myself so that I dont go looking for people to coach me.

At the moment because I dont have much money, I enjoy that all my coaching is free. But I do look forward to paying big prices for seminars and cruises when I DO have a lot of money. Spending money is fun, when the flow is even. Spending beyond our means puts us in a bad place, but spending when the flow is good, is a great and fun place to be.

If Joe wanted coaching from me ...I would suggest to him to aim his sales at wealthy people as they will pay for his courses with ease and happiness, and when he comes across clients who have little or no money, either ignore them or provide a more philantropic service to them, that way only good vibes will flow from all his clients to him. Just food for thought ! (but perhaps so he can appreciate it I should charge him 5,000 dollars ..lol)

love and light Gen
You are completely on to it. You inspire me completely. Incidentally it was the works of Abraham/Hicks that really broke down those barriers for me.
Thank you Matt, it was also very helpful for me to know I wasnt the only one here who got caught by both wanting something Free from such a well known personage, and then being disappointed that the Hero wasnt living up to the pedestal I put him on ...and finally the realisation that all we need is right here, with our friends and inately WITHIN each of us.

love and light Gen


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