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I have a family member going up to prison for 10 months because, he went and did something stupid. And, possibly has been under drug influences. And, also bad influences in his life. How can he manifest his sentence even though he did get sentenced today to get it shorten down to maybe 8 months or less Or getting any time off his sentence? He has a child that needs him and manifest not needing parole afterwards but to keep himself on a better path. Please help im so upset over this and hoping things were going in the right direction. Thank you.

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What can he do while he's in there to get his sentence reduced more? To where he can come home and start supporting the family because, his daughter needs him her life and shouldn't go without him. To me he needed drug rehab and to get out of town. His uncle did it before and it helped him a lot. 

He wanted his sentence to be rehab and vocational training to keep him out of trouble and give him some skills he needs. 

Do you have an idea of a book I can have sent to him? Like what is the best one to start with? And, with what he did was only up to 1 to 4 years. 

I don't know what book is the best to start out with.

I do but, I am not the best at finding books There are people out there that are better at selecting books better than me. Im not really the type that reads books very often.

Nonsense, you are just being lazy.  You can easily find the right book, its just about holding the intention and allowing the universe to deliver it to you.

A google search for example can provide some interesting recommendations:




This is also a good one I have given several people as gifts which I am told they love and its short and easy and quick to understand the basics:


Lazy is not a term to use. Its unknowledgable about good books. Im a hands on learner, therefore I am not lazy -_-. Plus your spreading negativity by being rude. 

It is "not unknowledgeable about good books" nor am I being negative.  I am simply recognising your unwillingness here.  Did you read any of the message above (as to holding the intention)?  I

For what its worth I did actually recommend some books to you but guess you missed that because in your mind I am being extremely negative and rude - but the person being both of those things in my world is you. 

Have a nice life and good luck and good bye..  

See this is why I left a few LOA groups, Robert Zink's group was one of them for asking us to only post our pictures in profile pictures plus, some of us got bullied so that right there is why I stopped coming here. Because of people like you making LOA look bad. -_- Also asked in another group about manifesting Vaccines to go away and to be banned or for preserving medical freedom in this crappy country that we call America. And, still got bullied there. So seriously delete your comments and get off this post and move on. I am 0 tolerance for bullying in any community. I am a hands on learning I don't really like reading books end of discussion. Not a lot of people learn by reading. They learn by seeings so stop being a bully.

The person doing the bullying here is not me but you. I have responded to your posts with suggestions. Even down to where you asked about a book I made suggestions. Please stop trying to make yourself out to be a victim here and act responsible for your words and actions and stop projecting onto me with this nonsense. I’m making LOA look bad? How – by encouraging you to own your power and follow your guidance and encouraging you to use the resources you have available? Yep that definitely sounds like bullying (not). I too have zero tolerance for bullys and will not be responding any further to your nasty and negative comments. You keep on saying you do hands on learning – but when encouraged to do just that you then seek to blame. As I said previously I made a book suggestion – which you didn’t even acknowledge. I also gave you an option and produced some hyperlinks from google for you (again a great source for hands on learning of all sorts and information). Again something you missed completely. Who said anything about people only learn by reading? Not me – again another projection of yours as to what I’m saying (which wasn’t actually said). Even at the end I said “good luck” and you missed that too.

Sod off your the one calling me lazy and other names. :) how about suggest books to those who don't read books for those who are wanting to send something to their loved one as a gift to teach them to use their gifts better. I barely know good books as it is I am learning via youtube videos. Since im hands on. That does not make me lazy it makes me learn differently than others. That's not lazy. And, yes I am being bullied I already left 2 groups this week because of bullys like you.

differently than others. That's not lazy. And, yes I am being bullied I already left 2 groups this week because of bullys like you.

I did call you “lazy” as I had suggested a way of you finding a book for your partner (and you missed it but I was suggesting that it was possible to reduce the sentence etc and trying to keep your momentum going).  However that is the only name I did use, and it felt justified from my perspective at the time as I had already shared with you how to tap into your knowing.  I suggested ways you could find information (i.e. google and even showed you some of the searches I did – which are still visible above).  What is more is that I did actually recommend a really short and nice and easy book about the LOA.  So I fail to understand any of the points you are saying above, because they are FALSE and UNTRUE. 

Having suggested to you two ways (which are still visible above) and you choose not to do them, does to me make you lazy.  Sorry but there is nothing at all wrong wth learning differently – and I have never said anything to the contrary.  I recognise and appreciate we all learn differently.  You are making yourself out to be a victim here, and you are not.  You keep saying I’m a bully – yet the person here doing the name calling is you.  You have repeatedly thrown shades at me, and keep on making accusations – even down to accusing me of things I have never said.  I have previously affirmed you are powerful, and you do have resources and you can find the information you need and repeatedly suggested ways you can do this – which you have chosen to ignore.  Stop being a victim here. 


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