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I have come across a disturbing trend of late and when I compared against the teachings and facts of the LOA I was recommitted to staying as positive and outreaching as possible.

The trend I got a glimpse into was one of not helping others because "their struggles are their own." That is true for all of us. All of us encounter challenges and opportunities for growth. Who among us has not appreciated a helping hand during those times? To not reach out a hand to those who are struggling, whether it is with intangible support such as encouragement, a smile, or a compliment; or a tangible support of offering a hand, assisting with a task, taking a moment to teach these amazing laws that guide us through an email or over a cup of tea.

When exactly did helping people become "disturbing their karma?" We are told that the Universe is limitless, will it be less limitless if we are generous of our time and money to assist those in need? Will it be less limitless if we teach, not just by word but by example the laws that we believe in? Will it be less limitless if we move beyond lip service about abundance into being an abundant resource for others?

I saw a man that I went to school with who committed everything to getting his education. He slept in his car, and ate one meal a day, because that was the best that he could do. Even though he had little faith in humanity or in the Universe, he kept slogging forward. Every day I watched several "LOA people" walk by him, judging him on his lack of abundance and relegating him to the "he attracted this so he can just get himself out of it mindset." I was one of them. One day it occurred to me that I have abundance, more than enough to share. A small room that would work well for a place to sleep and study. The Universe and the LOA could and did work through me to bring abundance into this man's life. He went on to graduate in the top ten of his class. Looking at him now, you would never know of his struggles to find his way into abundance and joy. He is an exceptional EMT and has saved many lives.

Still there are times when I have a cup of tea and wonder, what if I had chosen to not BE abundant, would his path taken a different direction? If I just deal with the knowledge that we are interconnected and we ripple in each others lives in the abstract instead of the here and now, instead of in the people around me; am I truly practicing the LOA? Am I truly being abundant? Am I sharing the LIMITLESS bounty of the Universe? Are you? Do you really practice the LOA in every area of your life and in every relationship or do you judge who is worthy?

Today, let me be less resistant to the idea that abundance for all, really does mean for all and that I play a part in making that manifest!

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There are two sides to this Sara. One of the greatest ways to change our own subconscious conflicts is to help others to do it. LOA was working for this guy because he attracted the attention of someone who could help him and he was obviously working hard to better himself.

There is enough money in the world now to give every man woman and child a billion dollars each. The problem is that because of our internal patterns all of the people who have most of the money (mostly) will have all of the money again in a couple of years. You see this with lottery winners often. If you give someone with money problems more money they usually end up with bigger money problems unless they can change those subconscious habits around money.

Essentially LOA is working all of the time even if people don't know about it. The affects of it are based on our subconscious beliefs to the degree that the DVD's and books don't even scratch the surface of yet. LOA isn't something that you use or apply, it simply just is. What we are doing is changing those subconscious patterns that get applied by LOA as the pattern for our own life.

Giving, out of the joy of giving alone, expresses gratitude and confidence to the universe and is returned in spades. Giving in the expectation of receiving is ineffective and often has the opposite effect.

Great post Kahu.................
Thank you again Awesome :-)
Hey Sara,
Interesting post... Little sour... I like the picture, is that Beauty and the Beast?
Listen... The truth Sara, is the oneness of all truths always...
Meaning that yes obviously you can help someone in terms of giving them material or mental support but at the end of the day everyone have their own cross to carry...
You can indeed give persons some kind of support but you cannot help someone... You can saw seeds but they would only grow where they find the good ground... You cannot help someone if they are not willing first to help themself.( never forget this cause you might be extremely disappointed...)
If you look at your friend Sara... He had a vision... A goal, and he sacrificed everything only because he had the faith... Is not that LOA? Dont you think that maybe somehow he even attracted your support?
But again Sara... Whatever one project into someone else's life always do come back to them... Give then and you will be given... Love and you will be loved... knock and the doors shall open...
Light and Love
I think when you help others then you geht Contacts with People who can inspire you with your Own Struggles. I cant allwas help People because some thigns i didnt expereince but still i try to as offen as i can and it allways comes back. I dont believe in Carma but i think if you help people and then are in Need of Help it comes back.

Gretings Lhiya
To me it seems like your friend attracted the experience of living in his car and within those limits, perhaps not consciously. When he learnt what he needed to from that experience, he attracted a new one into his life, a great person who was able to offer him a roof over his head. His time living in those circumstances will have given him a new perspective, even as difficult as it was.

I ran away from home when I was 17 and I lived on the streets for a few weeks before my brothers found me and took me in . They mediated between my parents and I until I was ready to go home. At the time I felt I had no choice(arguments & ultimatums over a boyfriend) but I can see how I attracted that situation, totally. I met people I would never normally had spoken to, learnt to really look beyond skin deep to the person within. As a result, I have since worked as a volunteer with prisoners families, the homeless, young people making the transition from homeless to a stable environment and am always working to change the stereotypical view of the homeless. For those (and there are many) who I encounter who think that people "choose" to be homeless and that begging is fun, I am very vocal and tell them how it really was. Too scared to sleep, the smell/lack of self hygeine, being looked at as a non-entity, the anger on the faces of passers by as they are forced to see the stark reality of the division between the have and have nots. And the cold-I could never get warm.

I have been been priviliged to be able to share this experience with people who were really aggressive about homelessness and it has helped them see the other side. Some have joined me on soup kitchen runs and others have gone on to work in the field. It was one of the most degrading, dangerous and frightening experiences of my life but it made me who I am today and shaped my whole life.

I believe that when a person in difficulty is ready in their subconscious to receive that help, they will attract the right person. Your friend learnt from it and then attracted you to move onto the next stage of his manifestation and he'll be able to use every experience to help others in his work. I bet he is a wonderful EMT.
I appreciate a great deal of what you are saying. Carrying it out exponentially however, seems to be an attempt to avoid having compassion and caring for those who are less fortunate. I am becoming concerned about the Marie Antoinette syndrome... they have less because they wish it to be so, let them eat cake! It concerns me. Practicing the Law of Attraction for me means having the abundance to help create change in myself, for others and for the planet, to have the ability to teach a different way. I am glad that your brothers were willing to stand in the gap for you and it is a wonderful thing that they did. You have learned from experience that lovingkindness and compassion are never out of date. There are some that have no one and kindness is never wrong. Some of the LOA folks I am seeing are a reincarnation of the 80's Wall Street greed is the only way to live mindset. It feels a lot to me like the blame the rape victim mentality. It is an amazing Universe that we live in. In a limitless Universe, do we need to limit others? Can we stay in vibrational alignment when we mentally are condemning people as unaware or unenlighted and do not make some attempt to teach a different way? I don't think so. I'm certainly not saying we should go out and preach, or even that we push LOA onto other people, that is kind of goofy, and truthfully our life illustrates it whether we want it to or not. What I am saying is that when the opportunity presents itself to be an active catalyst for change, do we not have some obligation to the Universe to give as it was given to us? The reponses to this discussion have been really interesting, thanks to everyone who has posted one.

Yes Sara

If you believe your value from helping others the universe will show you many others who are in need. It is just like the belief that certain fish are now extinct. They just swim elsewhere and no human sees them due to this agreed upon belief  But once in a while there is a crack in someone's belief that they are all gone, and they see them again and it appears a miracle!



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