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Hello All! :)

There's been so much going on in my life - and I'm sooooo far from where I was when I used to post in this forum! :) I couldn't have imagined the life I have now, from there! :)

So, here's my dilemma: I know there are people who want to change stuff (technical term ;) ) in their lives, but I don't know which topic to start with. I can teach people to use FasterEFT to change the subconscious programming that's causing any issue... but what do most people want?

1. I know that everything is about the relationship with the self... but most don't know that, so would they want to address it?
2. Relationships (finding love; improving current relationships - romantic, family, and work?)
3. Health (physical ailments; pain; eating healthier; enjoying exercise?)
4. Finances (having more money; improving financial situations?)

What do you think? I'm sitting here, poised and on the verge of creating an in-depth,personalised live interactive online course, but don't know which topic to start with....? Annnnnnd.... Go! :D

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Cor! This sounds like an interesting project! As you say the relationship with self is of fundamental importance and affects all other areas of life but it's dull sounding!!!

Might it be possible to start clients off with examining their relationship to self as the foundation for all other offerings ... Drilling down into relationships, health & fitness and financial abundance etc ... A kind of stage 1 before bolting on other named specifics at stage 2?

If this is possible, the same introduction ( not called 'exploring the relationship to self') but something more like 'Foundation Exercise/s' could perhaps be used before each separate offering making their stage 2 choice more easily 'tapped' in to?

If there was a order to rolling out the offerings I go:

1/ Financial
3/Health &Fitness
and 4/ If I had to name it for what it is: Relationship to self ( least appealing to the uninitiated as you say!)

It sounds great! Good luck! :)

They probably wouldn't want to address their relationship with self because like you said they don't know that everything is about it.  But if you could convince them first that that is the case maybe with some examples, they might be more open to it.  Personally, I'm not sure how everything could be about my relationship to self, so I would be interested in learning more about that. 

A lot of people, like me, have manifested several things successfully, but have trouble manifesting certain things due to subconscious blocks or programming.  So I think most people would want to know how to change the subconscious programming that's causing issues. 

Health, wealth, and relationships are the three main areas of a persons life.  So why not include all three.  But I'm not sure the order matters as they will probably decide for themselves anyway which one they want to work on first, second, and third. 

First off you were wrong when you said you could nevertheless have imagined the life you have now from where you were when you used to come here! ;) You MUST HAVE!!!

In response though to your question I feel like most of the people in our society sadly are seeking out relationship advice. Even though everyone here knows it all begins with the relationship with our SELVES some people can't grasp that or don't want to be bothered with that. So I think as far as attracting business the best way would be to focus on people seeking relationship stuff. (Just look how much attention getting your ex back gets on this site!) That will definitely lead you to working with them on relationship with self (it's kind of getting them where they need to be but didn't know they needed to be there.) Does this make sense? You do amazing work and just today about two hours ago I was sharing with a friend what I learned about myself from you and how to do EFT. I want to add that I feel blessed that I have witnessed your amazing success and so many others here on PI! (Thank you too Macry from Maui!) Excited about your new work Illusions!!

Number two and four would be the ones that people I guess have most struggle with, but do what you feel attracted to doing the most, what's fun at the time. 

Think of 'stuff' like you would think of the goals in your life. List them all out, and then see if you can prioritise them. Which goals are the most important to you? Which goals make you feel the best or are the most significant to you? Work on the most important goal to you first, and place your mental focus on that. As that manifests, it will probably have a knock-on effect on other areas of your life, or even help you to manifest other goals too.

Thank you so much to everyone for your feedback and insights - very much appreciated!

Here's the update I've just shared on social media.... :)

So, after receiving feedback from social media and forum surveys, we’ve created THREE online courses! :) (Thank you to everyone who shared their input and feedback!)
More Details to follow, but here are a few to go on with…
Each Course Comprises:
* 2-hour weekly webinar sessions for six weeks
* An interactive workbook and progress tracker
* Only 8 participants per course (so that each person can get personal guidance)
* Personal help and guidance for each participant
* Private Facebook Group – for ongoing guidance, support, and community
* Recordings of each session
Finances: Starting 7.30pm (CDT) October 12th - Booking Opens: September 26th
Stress: Starting 12 noon (CDT) October 25th - Booking Opens: October 2nd
Relationships: Starting 7.30pm (CDT) October 25th – Booking Opens: October 3rd
More information to follow soon….
P.S: Every course will address the relationship with the self as a foundation to all changes. :)
Wowzer!!! You have been BUSY!! Just making a little flyer for my classroom takes me forever so I can see how much work you have put into this!! You are an incredibly powerful manifested and IM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!:):):):):):) Truly you're such a great POWERFUL INTENTIONS SUCCESS STORY! xxxxxoooooo

Ahh, thanks, Flowerpatch :) ... I have to admit though, the posters were created by my fabulously talented husband!! ;) We actually make an amazing team - I think in words, and he thinks in pictures! :) I'm good at writing and explaining, and he's brilliant at seeing what I write, in visuals... and then making it happen! :) I've never been able to do good graphics for my work... and now, I have someone who is fantastic at it :D 

Hope all's wonderful with you. Sending lots of Love and a big hug xxxxx


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