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Here's the Top Thing About the LOA I've been REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY wanting to Ask

I was a bit hesitant about asking this LOA question, because it's something that millions of people who study LOA would consider "unrealistic." But now I feel ready, and I just want to end this hesitation and wonder once and for all.

Using feelings and emotions, is it possible to just magically make stuff magically appear out of nowhere like a magician, like immediately (or not)? I'm not asking for how to do it, I'm not asking for specific actions, I'm just asking if it is possible. And has anybody had any experience of it happening?

And since LOA is subjective, that's why I asked, and I am aware that some answers will be no (from an action-oriented point of view) and some answers will be yes. But my focus is to get myself to feel and believe thatr such LOA power exists, and take the necessary inspired actions of practicing the beliefs (via meditations, etc).

Thank you so much for understanding.

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Yes, but it’s using thoughts to create, not feelings. Your feelings indicate the belief and allowing you are doing with your thoughts.

So is the key to creating just...being in a good-feeling mood while you think about your manifestation?

Yes or feel good thinking about something else.

Great replies 

Brian, cool.  What kind of thoughts are you using?

Any thoughts that feel good.

“I like bunnies.”
“Ice is cool.”
“My toes are pretty sexy.”

But those affirmations are using emotions no?  Even the ice is cool to some degree is invoking  particular emotion and sensation. Same with others.  So you are using them to construct youyr desired state of being rather than mirroring the present moment?  Interesting.

I’m not saying them to feel good I say them because I feel good.
I’m not using them to evoke emotion. They come as a natural expression to emotion that has already been evoked.

Oh okay.  I find that explanation confusing but its obviously working for you, which is the main thing.  

Jesse, anything is possible. You do have to allow for it to be possible, though. If you believe it is, with no reservations and zero doubt, then it will be. 

Think on this. Everything that has ever been created, did not exist until it was created. Someone had a thought about a thing, then they decided "Well, why not?", then they decided there wasn't a reason not to, and then went about creating the thing.

When someone says "No" or "You can't" about anything, you are dealing with their opinion, and nothing more. They're free to have that opinion, and you're free to have yours. =)

That is very helpful advice, Tolemac. Thanks. Also thank you Brian.

True. And very Empowering.


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