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"nothing is impossible....Impossibility is just in your thinking and imagination"

guys have you ever thought that there might be a real magic school like hogwarts from harry potter...
Actually i strongly believe in it because i think its possible...
There is no proof that it cant exist...
And as i think its hidden from humans...

if any real wizard is reading my post than pls contact me...I wanna join that school..
I will leave anything for it...
What do you think guys...?

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I think its on earth but somehow hidden from us by a spell or anything...
Or maybe its in parallel universe..
I would like to go there and have adventure....
Its too cool going there besides living this shit boring...Non magical and non adventurous life..
there is much that we don't yet understand. In the past we did not imagine ourselves even flying with machines.
at the moment we don't clearly understand infinity. Some day we may look back and laugh about it, so i think anything is possible.

I think we need to expand our minds and think about things that don't seem real at the moment - that leads to our development.

I have actually started to meditate on morning and on evening, because there is much more in us that we do not yet understand. And to figure out something about ourselves, we need clear minds.
I sum it up this way --

Nothing impossible is imaginable . . . therefore nothing imaginable is impossible.

The impossible resides in non-existence, and both terms abide with us as abstract concepts, neither of which can be experienced or imagined. That only leaves the possible.
Of course it is possible. Magic is nothing more than having the ability to harness the energy of the universe to create what you want. Just like some are born with talents for music, art, mathematics and such, some are born with the knowledge and ability to use the energies around them. I am sure there is such a school, maybe not quite like Hogwarts, but a school none the less. A magic wand is only a tool used to focus energy into a single point, just like a laser.
Hmmm, that is really subjective. James Randi, a magician, has been trying to find any form of paranormal, or psychic traits in humans. He even offered $1,000,000 to anybody who could show it him. Lots of phonies were caught including Uri Geller, but he could not find any true cases of this.

If a school like Hogwarts did exist in a material way, then I doubt that the government doesn't know. Anything like that, and the government will want to know more to use it for the benefit of the military.

However, an alternative to a current Hogwarts, is the Hogwarts of the past. There have been many ancient anomalies which baffle archeologists, and scientists alike due to their advancement. From the worlds fist computer built in ancient times, to the pyramids themselves. Then there are the Nazca lines which can be viewed from the plane, but not so vividly from the ground. Plus, a map showing Antarctica even before it was discovered is also astounding. A lot of these may have simple explanations, but some still intrigue me.

PS. If real magic existed, ie. forms of paranormal powers akin to anything science has seen yet, then I am sure that we would have known by now. A person possessing such qualities would not hide, but use them to benefit his/herself in blatant way unintentionally.
Hi Hacker,

Thanks, for putting this out there. :O)

I'm sure it's a common thing those on PI wonder about. I'm so glad you put it into words. Also, I love the outright pleasure you take in considering it. Great attitude!

I'm also so glad to see so many open-minded responses. Yay! :D

Of course, I believe it's all possible.

However, I also think there's some stuff to unpack in the question itself.

First of all, what in the world is magic?

Sure, we can say it's the focusing of energy. But that doesn't satisfy me. The funny thing is I was a magician, myself. The type who entertains you with coins and cards and a little of what looks like mind-reading.

Also, Amdy's point deserves a few words. Amdy, the real problem--to some degree--lies in Randy. His attitude makes it impossible to appreciate anything magical. Again, what IS magic? The Amazing Randy is curiously like Woody Allen's character who "could never join a club that would have him as a member." Basically, Randy says that it's only magic if he can't reproduce the effect. Well, that's silly, as it requires him to be limited and he can always rise above his previous limitations. Human ingenuity knows no bounds. Instead of seeing that as evidence of our infinite nature, he sees this as evidence that infinity does not exist. Illogical, really.

However, Both Amdy and Randy are dealing with some real concerns. Obviously, there are outright frauds. But, further, when we seek magic, we're also seeking something else. There was an episode from one of those anthology series--the newer version of THE TWILIGHT ZONE, I think--where a much hated dentist is visited by a man claiming to be the Tooth Fairy. The dentist holds an x-ray and wishes the tooth involved could be fixed. The tooth fairy says, "Done," and the dentist says, "Oh, that's it? So we dentists get cheated even of that!" In other words, no magical moment of excitement.

The magicians I hung around with called this "mystification." It's that puff of smoke, that glint before a coin vanishes, that tingle in the air as you realize things are no longer the same. It's why the Tesla automobile turns Americans off. Oh, it drives very quickly and looks great--but it makes no sound! Where's the fun in that, Americans complain.

A big part of magic is SATISFACTION! (Did the Earth move for you?)

That's why some parents used to go into the pond at their kids' camp and drop big cubes of dry ice on certain nights to create an amazing magical atmosphere. And it's why lovers drop rose petals on the bed and play beautiful music.

Furthermore, these ways of elevating mood create new possibilities. Even IMpossibilities. As a magician, when I was in a zone, the impossible WOULD happen. I still have no explanation for some of the events. And some of the impossibilities were PLANNED!!! (I look back & can hardly believe it.)

So, if you want an impossible school, start schooling impossibly. See DEAD POETS SOCIETY. See art that makes you fall in love. Read about the forest school in Russia where the kids create the curriculum and conquer high school in one semester.


Bring together everything that thrills you about knowledge and learning. Surround yourself with the answers you want to memorize and have little parties where you get to enjoy this knowledgeable version of yourself (Great way to learn a new language, for example). Have kaleidoscopes around. Blow bubbles. Play instruments. Pet puppies. Enjoy acrobatics. Break personal and world records. Tell stories. Tell jokes. Read children's books. Dream together.

Isn't all that magic, Hacker? Isn't that how we begin to "hack" life? And it's only the beginning. (Read some of E J Gold's stuff for a clue.)

I like you! :O)

I see you having a ball!

Sunshine & Blessings,
"Greetings from FacebookCashInsider!"
Hi Giovani!

Your points are very insightful. I am a fan of The Amazing Randi, only because his quest is not only to find the real magic, but also to disqualify those who claim to possess some form of higher power to help others, while conning them due to their naive nature, and misery.

Sure the moment of mystification may be magical. While Einstein himself was an Atheist, he still marveled at the universe, and all the things he could wonder about. Tho him it was religious, since he was the observer, and wanted to uncover all those secrets the eluded him. However, whenever we discover something, have found newer inventions which does the unthinkable, we patent it, and get to know it. Once we know it fully, it is not as enticing as it were when we first heard about it, or saw it. That is the magic which is subjective in nature.

I do believe that the quantum universe is able to magnificent things from forming virtual particles out of nowhere, and then disappearing just as easily. These virtual particles at times could even be real particles just like that, and it does make us wonder a lot. Regardless of all that, we live in a world which follows conventional physics, and I have yet to see anything in the world defy conventional physics to astound us. Randi has been in a quest, and even though he has tried to find the real deal, he just couldn't.

Randi may be biased, and I do agree with that. However, when you look at him in all those shows where he tried to uncover the secrets of so called psychics, he was able to found fraudulent, and lots of them including Uri Geller. Weather a real form of magic or alchemy exist or not is debatable, and will probably be left unanswered, but I can certainly assure you that there are a lot of conmen who use these phenomenon to get rich, and use naive people to take advantage.

Since I see that you have gone into the philosophical or spiritual aspects of magic, I must say that it does exist. It is not really impossible, but marvelous. I am an existentialist, so I am all for finding meaning in life. However, I have yet to find God, or magic that goes beyond human understanding to find meaning that way. I would love to be a soldier in a cosmic war, making all the difference, or be born more superior to my previous incarnation, but have yet to find any evidence regarding that field. To me, this is all I have, and what I observe is what I know.

As physicist Victor J. Stenger said, "Science looks for the simplest of explanations".

PS: I don't think Randi disqualifies anything he cannot redo. He just wants to find something he cannot explain, and is genuine. It is then his burden to try to find out why certain people have it, and others don't.

PSS: I have also tried Street Magic, but don't do it often enough now since I want to find a stable career first.
Well said! :D
Thank you. You are very insightful too. I hope you get what you want.
i have changed my username
can I be a hogwart too?

(and is that a good thing?)


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