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It's been a month since I joined this site, and I really notice a huge change in me, I'm now more confident and I have been attracting new friends into my life. I originally came here with the intention of manifesting my ex back, but I learned he is no good for me. This is not bragging, but honestly, there are four guys (courting)? me, I mean, they like me, two of them are so direct they told me they like me and want to be more than friends, the other two, are doing things slowly, but I can feel their intentions are not friendly only, the problem is I don't like either of them, I like another one I met at a wedding, and from the start I felt so much chemistry between us, I have only seen him once, but we chatted and he seems nice, but like he has built a wall and it's hard to break it. There's has been a lot of progress between us, because I has been in alignment and in the vortex when we talk, but sometimes the fear of rejection overcomes,

How can I faded those feelings?


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Get happy and do vibrational work. Also, only act when you're certain that your love will be reciprocated. Just get to know him, build trust, show him that he has much to gain from being with you, and before you know it, he'll feel the same, too. I hope this helps.

Thanks so much =) 

Check youtube Gaby, and look for EFT(Emotional Freedom Technique) to release that fear of rejection. It can take you few minutes only to dissolve that fear.

Gaby, the fear of rejection comes when we don't believe in ourselves and don't love ourselves enough.

I know you've made a huge progress with your life, and I think it's time to work on self-love and trust.

Don't push on yourself and don't try too hard. Remember what you asked for and stick to it. The other part is have fun and let go - BELIEVE! That's all, and don't try to be too precise that it has to be the guy from the wedding. I mean - it might be him, but it also might be a hot guy, whom you haven't met yet ;-)

And by the way - if someone doesn't like me or doesn't want to be with me, it doesn't mean I've been rejected. We simply were not meant for each other ...and sometimes it's better when things end sooner than later.

I think I´m lacking on trust, self love I´m on my way, but that's true, rejection isn't that and at least we are getting closer and becoming friends.  Letting go is the hard part for me jeje :$

Thanks Karolina =)

Hey Gabby!


You are now officially A BABE!


Be honest: you know you're being naughty! You've got four guys looking you up and down, and you KNOW you like it! And you SHOULD! (Oh, no he DIDn't! Oh, yes I DID!)

In other words, the universe is bending to your request.

The least you can do is get your happy dance on! In a way, it's a test, Gabby. (Okay, I the Uber-Gabby will give my adventuress-in-the-mundane-Gabby just thiiiiis much in diamonds, rubies, and gold coins and see how she reacts. If she's all happy dance about it, I'll give her more. but if she looks down her nose on it because - you know - no pearls? To hell with THAT!)

Why in the world would you care about the details about how everything's not at maximum volume, this early in your fantasies coming true, Gabby? As Abraham-Hicks like to put it: You don't want to eat everything you'll ever eat, right now, during this meal, do you?

Rampage on the miracle, already!

You know those tall tales? Where someone speaks heroically about beating the hordes back single-handedly and feeling the powers of the universe settle within just before the final awesome swing?

Where's THAT Gabby hiding?


Well, she peeked out a good bit during your post.

But it's time you coxed her out fully, don't you think?

I'm teasing you, of course. Because you're doing great.


Sunshine & Blessings,

Okay, here's the thing: men love confident women.  At least, most of the awesome guys do.  Confidence is sexy and let's face it you're an attractive woman and there's nothing wrong with being proud of that fact :).

I used to be afraid of rejection.  I used to think I was the ugliest woman on the planet and no man would ever want me.  I used to wear hoodies over my head because I thought I was doing the world a favor by hiding my ugliness.  Guess what?  I was wrong.  I discovered after 21 years on this planet that I was a very beautiful, smart, funny, talented, etc. woman who deserves a guy who notices this.  And, like you, I discovered LOA and started attracting better and better men.

As for rejection, one way to handle it is by asking yourself, "What's the worst that can happen?" and refute it.  Every time I lost a guy, I would end up very upset at first, but then I would realize it was their loss and I would manifest a better guy.  Each time, I thought to myself, "There's no way I can find someone better than this."  Then, when I let the thought go and decided to be single and enjoy life, the Universe replied, "You haven't seen anything yet!"  And, sure enough, I manifested another guy who was better than the last.  It's been a gradual process for me, but I think I've manifest a guy who is closer to what I want.  Maybe he'll turn into what I really want later on or maybe I'll find someone who really fits what I want. 

Also, you would be surprised by what men want.  I've had crushes on guys who I thought were "out of my league" but when I started talking to them it turns out they were very interested.  Alas, later on I found out some were interested in only one thing and I dumped them before they ever got that one thing, but I've also manifested guys who ended up becoming better friends than boyfriends.

As for the walls, well there are many reasons for those walls.  Some people are just naturally more closed than others.  Some people have had rough relationships in the past and it takes a while to coax them out of their anxieties.  Some people want to take their time and make sure they are with the person they want before opening up to someone.  He may seem closed because he's evaluating you to see whether or not you are as interested in him without giving away that he's interested in you.

Just remind yourself that rejection is not the end of the world, because it isn't.

Hey Mod!


You have really blossomed!

Your description of what goes on with men hits the nail right on the head, & I hope Gaby takes your advice seriously, because it is 100% excellent!

Sunshine & Blessings,

I'd turn the phrase backwards that you say to yourself over and over from, "What if he rejects me?" to "what if he likes me unconditionally just for who I am at all times?" or something similiar and like Louise L. Hay says, repeat, repeat, repeat.

Lauralight could not love your reply more!
All of these replies actually


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