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I had recently broken up with my boyfriend and thats when I came upon the law of attraction. Though I knew this existed, I had never given it much a thought.

But after the break up I realised that it was my negative thoughts that led to our break up. My previous relationship never lasted for a long time and i had a fear that this one would also be like them. Sometimes when these thoughts come, I push them away. But sometimes I was unable to do so. Even I had dream of our break up and it eventually happened.

So after I started reading about law of attraction I realised that it was because of my co stant thoughts of breakup that might have led to this. So I decided to use the same law of attraction to get him back.

I know my guy loves and I know I matter so much to him. And when I think of these I get a positive feeling that it will work out. But sometimes all my negative thought surface again and no matter how much I try to push them away, they wont go. What should I do to remove this negativity

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Negative thoughts likely didn't manifest your breakup, so you don't need to worry about them. If you encounter one, acknowledge it and let it go. Worrying about it only causes you to be more fixated upon it.

Instead of worrying about that, try diverging from your current set of expectations. The reason I think you fall down the pattern of thinking negatively and then worrying about that, is because you are unsure of your ability to attract. Keep building your faith, and focus on yourself. Don't track your progress, just live your life as you usually would.

Thankyou for your views.

The reason I said I feel my negative thoughts led to my break up is that this might have happened before as well. My last two relationships didnt last long and it was because of this reason that I have the feelings that this wont work. But right now I have this positive feeling that things will work out.

You’re welcome!

You are probably right in saying that your feelings towards the relationships led to their endings. It wouldn’t be a sign of your relationships necessarily, but maybe of your own beliefs related to relationships. Perhaps that is also worth exploring further.

Maybe. I dont know. Like I said my past relationships made me think that they would never happen for me.

However right now I have started to think in a positive way. I want to work it out with this guy. I have started pushing all my negativities today. Even we chat sometimes and somewhere I feel he is not over me yet.

I wouldn’t advise you to push your negative thoughts or feelings away. Just let them be. Try and think of where they come from, and work on that instead.

U have to "Turn the other cheek". Abe teaches. Focus away from your fears, affirm until you believe it. "All is well for me romantically, I have peaceful, dependable, great boyfriends that are there for me at all times. And they are faithful."

Thank you for your words. Appreciate them a lot. I have tried giving up my fear and it had actually worked well for me. But this guy, I feel is the one for me and thats why all my fears suddenly popped up.

Right now I am focusing on getting my life back on track and getting myself happy. And somewhere there is this positive feeling that we will get back.

Once again thank you

Exactly Laura !!

I just watched a great video by Abraham Hicks, "Releasing Overwhelming Anxiety, Fears and Negative Thoughts", maybe it can help you.


To me it definitely sounds like it contributed to the break ups, and at best it's causing you unnecessary psychological torture, so regardless it's something important. Look at your fears. What are you afraid of? What are your insecurities? Get clear about it, become aware of them. Question why you feel/believe that is true.You can try journaling and writing down about it. 

Feel free to message me for more tips, I have a lot of experience with fear.

Thank you for your words. Like you said, right now I am working on fears and getting my life back in track :)
Amazing reply!!!

Thank you Graysen. I am visualising the type of relationship I want with him, the way people are going to see it and what they are going to tell. Also the amount of negative thoughts have also come down. Moreover I dont dwell too much on this.


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