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I had recently broken up with my boyfriend and thats when I came upon the law of attraction. Though I knew this existed, I had never given it much a thought.

But after the break up I realised that it was my negative thoughts that led to our break up. My previous relationship never lasted for a long time and i had a fear that this one would also be like them. Sometimes when these thoughts come, I push them away. But sometimes I was unable to do so. Even I had dream of our break up and it eventually happened.

So after I started reading about law of attraction I realised that it was because of my co stant thoughts of breakup that might have led to this. So I decided to use the same law of attraction to get him back.

I know my guy loves and I know I matter so much to him. And when I think of these I get a positive feeling that it will work out. But sometimes all my negative thought surface again and no matter how much I try to push them away, they wont go. What should I do to remove this negativity

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Th reason I want a relationship with him is beacuse i have this feeling that it will workout. Like I had thought my previous bf was the right one for me but I was wrong. Then I met this guy and I felt as if I had known him for a long time. We clicked from the beginning. Conversations cameeasily. Also the feelings he gives me no one has ever given me. I feel at home, safe and secure with him. 


You don't need to remove any negative thoughts/ feelings, just replace them with positive and happy feelings.

Imagine a bottle with capacity of 250ml, you can fill it up with any kind of liquid, be it water, petrol, coke , diesel etc, same is with the brain, your dominant feelings and manifestation bring about manifestation, simply BE HAPPY & CONTENT. 

Now, comes the HOW TO BE HAPPY?

I am big on SELF LOVE is the biggest KEY to successful and content life. Love yourself as if your life depends on it, imagine hanging on the edge of cliff with your hands firmly grasping for your life while holding the rocks, love yourself like that everyday and every time.

When we love ourselves and respect ourselves, it automatically becomes visible to others. Right? A happy and content heart is a magnet to every happy things and manifestation! 

You can do - 1. Self Love/Worth/Confidence meditations - I suggest "AGNES VIVRALLE" youtube videos 

                      2. Self Love/Worth/Confidence affirmations- Google them  and choose the ones that resonates best with you and keep on repeating it mentally whenever you remember

                       3. Practice Gratitude- Make a list of 50 things that you are grateful for, eg- running water, your pet, your fav  tshirt, your fav shoe, a beautiful flower, etc and do mention the why too, as in why are you grateful! Like- I am grateful for this beautiful flower because it soothes my eyes and makes me happy while reminding me of beauty around me.

Choose yourself before choosing anyone else- that is choose your happiness and peace of mind first.

When we work from this frame of mind, we manifest everything beautifully and effortlessly!

Do these things first, reclaim your internal power by making your internal self happy and empowered then watch your external life follow the same!!

Take care and Much Love!

Hey Jagriti

Thank you for your beautiful words. Even I believe in self love and I also have my own set of affirmations and listen to videos of Agnes Vivarelli, Leeor Alexandra. They always keep my vibes high. I have learned a lot about LoA and I believe that whatever I desire and the things I have asked the universe are on their way. I am seeing many signs too and try not to think too much on these signs.

I think having negative thoughts is kind of natural based on previous patterns of thinking. So really I think maybe the key is to not dwell on them. Also that dwelling on them will make them behave that way or bring that out in them just like dwelling on something unwanted will make that become your reality.

My situation that I can share in similar lines is my relationship with my mother. We had not got along well in years. It was really awful. At one point all I did was focus on the history of abuse and it seemed  to get worse. Then I worked on it from LOA perspective and changed how I perceived it. That worked for a bit until she got sick and stuff came up again for me because the history was so old and bad. Then I had to refocus again on things from that different perspective where I started seeing the better in her. A year later I see her as just this sweet mom that I love. A year ago I hated her and pretty much wanted her out of my life. Now, things are good between us. We get along well. I genuinely care about her. It's like I rewrote my 25+ year history of really bad stuff and magically changed the whole of the relationship. 

Now the thing here that I can help the most with is that it was all me. I mean yes she did stuff, but I can't say who started what. I don't know anymore. I believed it was her, but what if it was me with my insecurities who started it and blamed her? What if maybe she simply wasn't as attentive and I was in the low end of the emotional scale and needed to blame someone so I blamed her? What if my insecurities put stuff on her? In the end, I ultimately made her the way she was, but not by forcing her, but rather by focusing on her in a negative way with doubts, anger, dislike, mistrust, and blame. She was the problem and so she really did become the problem. So the answer was to make her not the problem anymore. That was the tough part. But this was decades of history. Now I had to change it in my mind to change it in my reality. Took a bit of work and refocusing on different aspects but in the end, or rather now, I have the sweet nice mom I always wanted. Whatever traits she had all those years that were troublesome for me that I may have created are basically gone. She quite literally is a different person from my perspective. A bit more like my grandmother who I remember as a sweet old lady, almost saint like. LOL

So my point in sharing this (sorry so long) is that you can make any relationship be how you wish and if you are sloppy in your thinking (read: not wise in focusing on the best and reminding yourself not to focus on things you don't want or you will make that stuff happen) then you will see the worst and create the worst. Also, remember that if you make the worst, you can clean it up. I never thought this relationship would be good. I mean, to me this is like magic, something impossible that I never believed could happen, and here we are, in a good relationship where I actually do love and care about my mom. Go figure. LOA at work. 

You have more power than you know. You just have to remember that and remind yourself when your thinking goes to places you don't want to change back to places you do want. Don't let fear worry or doubt take over. Remind yourself that it's just fear worry and doubt because you want good stuff. And really only fear worry and doubt can create the stuff you don't want. Or more specifically negative focus. :D

Ok, maybe this helps: http://www.naturaltherapycenter.com/why-sugar-is-toxic-to-the-body/

from article:

The NEGATIVISM, hyperactivity and obstinate resentment of discipline are absolute indications for at least the minimum laboratory tests: urinalysis, complete blood count, PBI determination, and the five-hour glucose tolerance test.

It also makes life more positive if you think positive :)

I write about that and law of attraction, not sure can I post it here? Ok, I dont post my book here, but write little what I discovered. If someone is interested my book name, can ask. Sorry, English isnt my language, but I make my best :) I was boring and write book :)

From my book:

Cool thing. There is law of attraction what helps make people dreams come true, actions and perhaps also in those things that they to not really want. Humorist and writer Andrew Matthews writes in his book named Being Happy and talks page 95-96 about man whose secret passion was to watch horror films. Man fell victim to an assault 15 times.

The law of attraction is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts people can bring positive or negative experiences into their life. It's like graphite, one of the laws that will help our planet work properly.

The law of attraction can make work for you, attract what you want: desired relationship, dream job, send mother-in-law to vacation. It is only needed to be mentally healthy to make law of attraction work for you.

What they tell about mental health? Today doctors all over the world are repeating: nobody should ever be allowed to begin what is called “psychiatric treatment”, anyplace, anywhere, unless and until they have had a glucose tolerance test to discover if they can handle sugar.

You can find more info if you search from internet: Dr George J. Georgiou, Ph. D. Nexus Magazine, Volume 7, Number 1

What else? TV, video games etc. can screw your mind and make addcition. If it isn't nice film, song that makes good mood, educational game, then don't screw yourself. 

That easy it is. Have fun!


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