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Every time a woman is interested in me and begins to seduce or attempt to get close to me, I vibrate intense fear (or rage if I try to move up the emotional scale) and she backs off. The attraction then fails at this point, and we end up going home alone. I just checked my phone and noticed I have like 10 women that are blocked, and I went into work one day and noticed 4 different women over the past year that were giving me dirty looks and looking depressed. I am a very attractive man, and I am NOT doing this on purpose!! This is coming from a trained vibration I practiced myself into years ago due to being in a religious cult, going through other issues such as racism, my father dying when I was a kid, and the list goes on.

I really just want this to stop. I'm tired of the games, and since women at work are doing this, it has become a distraction to the point I now have to distance myself from them in order for me to focus. In fact, I don't even attempt to date or show interest on my job anymore, because this has become too much, and I am seriously sick of this. There is NOTHING wrong with me, I'm just having trouble focusing my thoughts, and I have to get rid of this vibration causing this!!! Is there any advanced spiritualist on here that can guide me on what to do? I have read hundreds of books over the past several years, have gone to multiple therapists, traveled out of state, the list goes on. There has to be a way to resolve this. I am not rejecting these women, it is FEAR that is repelling them.

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You need to examine your core beliefs and fears about your interactions with women from your past. And rewrite those and consider them as temporary bumps in the road of dating. Then imagine your best relationship with a woman and it will be attracted in instead!

The pattern I have noticed is that there's typically a form of rejection in a sense that either she goes back to her boyfriend, or just loses interest in general. I had a talk with my family about this, and we realized this rejection thing happened not too long ago with a male friend, and a group of people at a university. The reason why this is happening is because my father and mother both had divorces, so I was rejected by all my brothers and sisters on both sides. That's actually 9 siblings in total, and that's a very high number for a child growing up. As of right now, I'm doing Abe's processes to get rid of this, but the damn negative emotions/thoughts continue to flare up, so I meditate every morning for 15 minutes.

Trying to control thought-link-ing with more thinking would be like a doggie chasing it's tail. The faster, more complex and cunning the means of the chase, the more elusive appears the tail..... as it the tail knows exactly every move before it's being made by the "head".  Doggie is One Whole Doggie , not in "parts" or particals or degrees or any implication of dis-Unity.

All the thinking in the world could never find a "source" of the thinking as there isn't one .... thinking is the very thought that thought thinks. The thought is the think as the think is the thought.

ISness.  Inseparability .... Indivisibility.

Which is why I'm doing the processes. Scripting seems to be working wonders, but I still see the emotions/thoughts continue to repeat, so this means I'm going to have to focus more day by day.

I swear to God I'm so sick of this. First this shit about them going back to the boyfriend, now it's just bringing the asshole around in my face. I'm not dating anymore women at my job.

OK guys, I figured out what's going on here. This whole thing that's been going on such as the woman going back to her boyfriend or bringing another man around is just a "default" that the girl does, because the fear repels her. One of the girls came back and she's been taking interest in me with no guy around, and I'm already seeing signs that the other one isn't bothering me either. I agree with Laura that I have to change my beliefs with women, because it's not the women, it's the belief that's causing it to happen.

However, I will say this. Going after single women still seems a bit easier, because if you do date a woman with a boyfriend, you may have to be concerned about it. Typically, a woman should not mention this in general if she's interested. This is why social skills are a requirement when you're around people, and you can't just make general assumptions or beliefs based on insecurities. Confidence is required in friendships and relationships.


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